Biography of Shamshi-Ilu (780-750 a.C.)

(Sham-shi-AN) Important Assyrian character, who lived during the reigns of Shalmaneser IV, Ashur-Dan III and, apparently, Ashur-Nirari V. Such character is documented in the chronic Assyrian eponimica, which makes it turtanu (general in Chief) of the campaigns carried by the Assyrian Kings against Urartu. In addition to controlling the Assyrian army, it was Herald boss, administrator of the temples and Governor of the of Hatti and Qutu Namri, as known by the inscription did record about two stone lions existing in his palace of Kar-Shulmanuashared (Til Barsip), city considered "place of its sovereignty". In fact, acted as Viceroy, arriving even, apparently, to sign a treaty - found in a Sefire stele, in Aramaic language - with Mati ilu, Bit Agusi King. In it, his name appears as Bar-ga Ayah.