Biography of Martin Sheen (1940-VVVV)

American actor born on August 3, 1940 in Dayton, Ohio. His real name is Ramón Estévez.


Born in a family of Spanish immigrants, Ramón Estévez had to change its name to Martin Sheen to start in the world of the show, given that at that time there were still difficulties in the United States for actors of Hispanic descent. After a period of training in semi-professional theater companies, was able to make the leap to fame in 1964 as the protagonist of a great success of Broadway, The subject was roses. In parallel with this type of mounts in the scenarios, Sheen had strengthened some fame on television, where he participated in numerous TV serials as well known as mission impossible and Colombo.

He also participated in several films, although until 1979 did not get popularity in the medium of film thanks to its role of Captain Willard in Apocalypse Now by Francis Ford Coppola. For the filming of this movie had to be moved to the Philippines, but what at first seemed a simple shooting in exotic scenarios became a constant penalty, to such an extent that Sheen was about to perish, victim of a heart attack caused by the physical and mental exhaustion.

Despite the fact that this film gave him internationally known, Sheen had to limit itself to participate as a supporting actor in many films, on more than one occasion below his interpretive talent. Committed to altruistic causes, it took advantage of its status as Hollywood star to defend socially disadvantaged communities, as well as participating in numerous pacifist and anti-racist activities. This commitment earned him the antipathies of the most radical sectors, but served to rekindle the debate over issues such as the arms race, illegal immigration, job discrimination and attention to urban vagrants.

Martin Sheen is the father of four children, all of them dedicated to the world of interpretation: Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estévezand Renée Estévez, Ramón Estévez.


In film:

1967: The incident. 1968: A story of three extranos.1970: trap 22.1971: No drums, no bugles.1972: Pickup on 101; Furia.1973: When the line goes through; Bad lands. 1976: The little girl who lives lane.1977 the dow: the bridge of Cassandra. 1979: Apocalypse Now; Yo, great Hunter. 1980: Master stroke; The end of the account atras.1982: The king of Prussia; Gandhi; Enigma; When we were champions. 1983: The dead zone; A man, a woman, a hijo.1984: eyes of fire; In the name of the people.1985: Broken rainbow; Promises to keep.1986: A state of emergency. 1987: The believers; Dear America; Fatal relationship; Wall Street. 1988: Da; Judgement in Berlin; Jutst one step: The great peace march; Walking after midnight. 1989: Beyond the stars; Beverly Hills Brats; Cold front.1991: Touch and die; Cadence; The maid; Hearts of darkness: A filmmaker's apocalypse; JFK.1992: Running wild; Original intent.1993: Hear no evil; When the bough breaks; My home, my prison; The killing box; Hot Shots II; Gettysburg; Fortunes of war.1994: Trigger fast; Hits!; Boca.1995: Sacred charge; Dillinger and Capone; Captain Nuke and the Bomber Boys; The break; Les cent et une nuits; Dead presidents; Our Lady; The american president.1996: the President and Miss Wade; The war at home; Entertaining angels: The Dorothy Day story; The elevator.1997: Tudjman; Titanic: anatomy of a disaster; 187: Documented; Truth or consequences, N.M.; Spawn.1998: Taylor's campaign; Stranger in the kingdom; Storm; Snitch; Shadrach; No code of conduct; Gunfighter; A letter from Death Row; Free money.1999: Texas funeral; Ninth street; Lucky town; O; Lost & found.

In television:

1961: The defenders; Route 66. 1962: Naked City; The United States Steel Hour. 1963: The outer limits. 1965-1972: as the world turns. 1966: Ten blocks on the Camino Real. 1967-1969: The edge of night. 1968: The F.B.I. 1969: mission impossible; Then came Bronson. 1970: dan August; Hawaii 5 - 0; The young lawyers; The Andersonville trial.1971: Cade completo County; The mod squad; Welcome home; Johnny Bristol; Goodbye, Raggedy Ann; Mongo completo back in town. 1972: Cannon; That certain summer; Pursuit. 1973: The streets of San Francisco; It takes; Colombo; Crime Club; Letters from three lovers; Catholics; Message to my daughters. 1974: Harry O; The missiles of October; The legend of Earl Durand; The California Kid; The execution of private Slovik; The story of Pretty Boy Floyd. 1975: Sweet hostage; The survivors. 1979: Blind ambition. 1982: In the custody of strangers. 1983: Choices of the heart; Kennedy. 1984: The guardian. 1985: Alfred Hitchcock presents; Out of the darkness; the fourth wise man; Consenting adults; The Atlanta child murders. 1986: Shattered spirits; Samaritan: The Mitch Snyder story; News at eleven. 1987: Conspiracy. 1989: Tales from the crypt; Nightbreaker. 1990: Captain Planet and the planeteers. 1991: Guilty until proven innocent. 1992: The water engine. 1993: Murphy Brown; Queen; The last P.O.W.?: The Bobby Garwood story; A matter of justice. 1994: Guns of honor; One of her own; Roswell. 1995: Carrie on Hollywood. 1996: The great war; Project ALF; Marlon Brando: The wild one. 1997: the Simpsons; Contagious; Gun; Hostile waters; Medusa's child. 1998: Voyage of terror; Babylon 5. 1999: The west wing; D.R.E.A.M team; The darklings; The time shifters.