Biography of Shepenupet II (ca. 710-650 a.C.)

(Shp-n-Wpt) Divine wife of Amon, daughter of Tabiry and the King Piankhi, of the Egyptian dynasty XXV (Ethiopian), and therefore Shabataka sister and half-sister of Taharqa. Shepenupet II had been introduced in that role by her aunt, the influential Amenirdis I, also divine wife. Soon, Shepenupet II, which controlled very well the situation in Thebes at the time of the domination of the subsequent conquest by the Assyrian Assurbanipaland Tanutamon , adopted as a daughter Amenirdis II, daughter of Taharqa, and both women played at the same time the priestly office. However, the political management of Psamm├ętico I motivated Shepenupet II and Amenirdis II to adopt as a divine wife the daughter of such a King, called Nitocris I, known by Estela de la Adopci├│n found in Karnak.