Biography of Karel Shook (1920-1985)

Dancer, teacher, teacher of ballet and American artistic director, born in Renton (Washington) on August 8, 1920 and died on July 25, 1985 in Englewood (New Jersey).

He began his dance studies with teachers Edward Caton, Cia Fornaroli. He/She moved to New York to expand his training at the School of American Ballet. He/She was a dancer of the Seattle Civic Opera Ballet (1938), the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo (1944-47 and 1950-52) and the New York City Ballet (1949). Started in the teaching of dance in school New York of Katherine Dunham, though soon after, Shook opened his own Studio which became important personalities of modern dance such as Manuel Alum or Alvin Ailey, who worked with classical technique. He/She was master of the Nederlands Dans Theater (1959-60) and the Het National Ballet of Amsterdam (1961-69). He/She held the position of associate artistic director of the Dance Theatre of Harlem from 1969 until his death. For this company said the step two of the Corsair (1974), with Laura Brown and Paul Russell as protagonists. He/She is the author of a book titled Elements of Classical Ballet Techique (New York, 1977).