Biography of Yevgeni Lvóvich Shvarc (1896-1958)

Soviet dramatist, who was born in Kazan in 1896 and died in Leningrad in 1958. He/She learned journalism and not devoted to narrative production until he/she met a group of Serapion Brothers, who encouraged him to write. In his first work created a world of Fables (stories of an old balaica, 1924). He/She wrote stories for puppet theatre, as a tale of a hundred friends (1948), lost time (1940), the adventures of Hohenstaufen (1934) and Caperucita roja (1937), treasure (1933). He/She denounced the contemporary society in his comedies, written in a tone of Fable: the naked King (1934), distant people (1942) and the dragon (1944).