Biography of Papa y Santo Silvestre II (938-1003)

Philosopher and scientist French, whose name in the world was Gerberto D'aurillac, born in the year 938 in Auvergne (France) and died in Rome in 1003. The Escoliasta is educated at the monastery of Aurillae, with the Abbot Geraldo and Raimundo. He also studied in Reims and Catalonia, which was initiated in the Sciences of the Arabs. He devoted several years to literary studies. He was master in Reims, Abbot of Bobbio, Archbishop of Reims and Ravenna and elected Pope in 999, charge that happened to Gregory V. Man of the most well-read men of his time, humanist, deep knowledge of the mathematical sciences, vetus logic and logical works of Boethius, landed a remarkable balance between the interests of humanistic and scientific, combining the reading of the Latin Classics with the disciplines of the quadrivium. In philosophy his Libellus de rationali et ratione uti, which discusses and solves a dialectical difficulty raised by Porfirio about expression interests "which is reasonable to use the reason". Others of his writings are: geometry, some books on arithmetic calculation and other astronomy: Liber de astrolabio. During his pontificate was characterized by the severity that you used in the reform of the clergy and the fearlessness with which undertook diplomatic relations with the secular Princes. He collaborated in the dissemination of culture. He died in Rome in the 1003 and was succeeded by Juan 17TH.