Biography of Jean Marilyn Simmons (1929-2010)

English actress, born in Crouch Hill, Great Britain, London town on January 31, 1929. He died at age 80 at his home in Santa Mónica, California, on January 22, 2010.

After starting the second world war was transferred to the city of Somerset and, upon his return, in 1941, he entered the Aida Foster dancing school. He obtained the title of dance in 1945 and received lessons of dramatic art of Sir Laurence Olivier, getting her first role in the film Give us the moon, 1944, movie for which he was chosen among two hundred candidates, after which was hired for another role in Mr. Emmanuel.

Her first interpretive work as protagonist was in the film Uncle Silas, 1946, and six years later she was hired by Hollywood. In the meantime got that contract, he had great success in 1949 with the film Ofelia, interpretation that was awarded at the Venice Film Festival of that year. However the first two films that made the leap in popularity were the Blue Lagoon, a series of romantic films dedicated to youth, and high hopes.1950s brought you his greatest hits, which were achieved with the films the robe, from 1953, and already at the end of the Decade, the Egyptian, and Desiree. The overproduction of 1958, Spartacus, it definitely was given over to the fame of the popularity.

They are also highlight his interpretations in movies such as: Adam and she (1949), horizons of greatness (1958), live at the top (1965), blue flag (1982), etc.