Biography of Alejandro Sirio (1890-1953)

Spanish cartoonist born in Asturias in 1890 and died in Argentina in 1953. His real name was Nicanor Álvarez Díaz.

At the age of twenty, he emigrated to Argentina, the country where he lived most of his life. He learnt the trade of merchant, and with that legacy, became Latin American lands. In Buenos Aires was hired as a fork of books and cashier Assistant. Good luck came when a compatriot - tailor profession-relied on his artistic talents and commissioned him to make the figurines that would expose the showcase, with the fortune that the director of the popular publication Caras y Caretas went through there and was amazed with the genius of the figurines.

Soon his drawings were published in this and other magazines such as El Hogar and Plus Ultra. In 1924 Alejandro Syrian could see their creations in the newspaper La Nación. But the peak of his art was the illustration of works such as poems of the Foundation of Mariano Vedia y Mitre. He also collaborated with hundreds of illustrations in the monumental and luxurious Edition of La gloria de don Ramiro written by Enrique Larreta.

He became professor in fine arts and President of the Association of artists of the Argentina. He died without achieving the illusion of an exhibition showing his compatriots the efforts of so many years in Spain, but this dream was carried out in Madrid one year after his death.