Biography of Faraón de Egipto Smenkhkare o Semenkhkare (1349-1346 a.C.)

(Smnkh-ka-Ra) Eleventh Pharaoh of the 18th Egyptian dynasty, successor of Akhenaten by his marriage with the daughter of this named Meritaton. Although it is known that Smenkhkare was a Prince of Royal lineage, its exact relationship is ignored, even if many Egyptologists do son of Amenhotep III and Tiyi or Amenhotep III and Satamón II, his daughter and at the time wife. As it can be seen from some stelae, associated with Akhenaten throne after the voluntary retirement of Nefertiti at the own Tell el-Amarna, made that would take place in the 15th year of the reign of Akhenaten. Smenkhkare was name one of the epithets of the own Nefertiti, Neferneferuaten, which has led some Egyptologists got him to identify with such Queen. On the other hand, double title neswt bity associated with his person, Akhenaten and Meryneferkheperure, has provoked a lively debate among Egyptologists about if it could or not to identify with Smenkhkare. In any case, maximum the coregency with Akhenaton lasted three years, until the death of the latter, whose funeral was his son-in-law. Apart from some trips to Thebes and a new marriage of Smenkhkare when this widow of Meritaton, little else is known of this Pharaoh, that died had some 20 years of age. He/She was buried in the Valley of the Kings (apparently in Tomb 55) and the throne passed to be occupied by the young Tutankhatn (then called Tutankhamun), most likely his brother.