Biography of Wesley Snipes (1962-VVVV)

American actor born on July 31, 1962 in Orlando, Florida.

Snipes grew up on the streets of New York Bronx and soon discovered his vocation as an actor. He attended the Institute of Arts, popularized on the small screen by the series Fame, but their dreams of being singer and dancer and doing musical theatre were dashed when her mother moved back to Orlando before Snipes could graduate. She completed her studies in Florida, and there made his first forays into the world of the show with a group of friends making traveling mode, small performances in schools and public parks. In 1980 he returned to New York with the firm intention of becoming an actor and got degree in dramatic art five years later.

In the initial period of his career participated in some assemblies of Broadway as Boys of Winter, Executive of Justice or Death and the King completo Horsemen, until, finally, she was offered her first film roles in two Hollywood productions; Wildcats (1986) with Goldie Hawnand also debutant Woody Harrelsonand Streets of Gold (1986). A year later he appeared in the popular video clip of Bad, work that led Martin Scorsese to promote one of the biggest musical hits of Michael Jackson. Imperative and versatile actor caused very good impression in titles like Major League (1989), King of New York (1990) and, above all, Mo'Better Blues (1990), where he gave life to the saxophonist Shadow Henderson in his first collaboration with the always provocative Spike Lee.

Its great interpretative moment came a year later with two strongly contrasting roles. Became Nino Brown, the ruthless and stylish drug dealer drug from New Jack City and Flipper Purify, an architect of class mean that it falls for a white woman in Jungle Fever, intense interracial drama directed by Spike Lee. With these two films gave the definitive leap to the popularity and confirmed their ability to sign with identical guarantees of successful comic and dramatic roles. It left clear signs of its interpretative possibilities in the White Men can't grossing ' t Jump (1992), a comedy about the sport of basket that co-starred with Woody Harrelson and, that same year, in The Waterdance, where his role as paraplegic offered him one of the best work of his career.

Fond of martial arts since childhood and expert in 'capoeira', a technique of Brazilian fight imported from African countries, failed to show their talent in the field in action such as passenger 57, and Boiling Point (1993) and the thriller Rising Sun (1993) alongside Sean Connery. After bleaching your hair to play the villain futuristic faced to Silvester Stallone in Demolition Man (1993), he returned to the streets of Harlem with Sugar Hill (1994). A new film by action as Drop Zone (1994) and a risky role of the drag queen in To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar (1995), confirmed the good interpretative moment of the actor.

His career also met some missteps, such as the irrelevant comedy Money Train (assault on the train of money, 1995), where he returned to form tandem protagonist with Woody Harrelson, and dispensable thriller The Fan (1996), where she shared poster with Robert de Niro, though he regained favor with critics and audiences with her performance in the police Murder at 1600 (1997). Next to Robert Downey Jr.It co-starred the drama One Night Stand (1997) and U.S. Marshals (1998) action film and again to demonstrate his skill with martial arts to become the vampire protagonist of Blade (1998) and Blade II (2001).


1986: Wildcats; Streets of Gold.1987: Critical Condition.1989: Major League.1990: Mo' Better Blues; King of New York.1991: Jungle Fever; New Jack City.1992: 57 Passenger; The Waterdance; White Men Can't Jump.1993: Harlem; Boiling Point; Demolition Man; Sun naciente.1994: Drop Zone.1995: To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar; Money Train.1996: America's Dream; John Henrik Clarke: A Great and Mighty Walk; The Fan.1997: One Night Stand; Murder at 1600.1998: Blade; Down in the Delta; U.S. Marshals.1999: Play It to the Bone.2000: The Art of War.2001: Blade II: Bloodlust; Liberty Stands Still; Undisputed; Zig zag.2002: Vanquisher.

Work in television:

1990: H.E.L.P. 1992: The Real Malcolm X.1998: Futuresport.2000: Disappearing Acts.