Biography of Pedro Sorela Cajiao (1951-VVVV)

Writer and Spanish journalist, born in Bogotá on August 11, 1951.

He was born in the bosom of a family with a long tradition of traveling; his grandfather was one of the latest explorers of Africa. His family left the Colombian capital when he was only six months old. Child he toured several countries in Europe to return to Colombia in 1963. After finishing high school, he went back to Europe to enter the University. During his time as a university student he directed Assembly of works written by himself, as the place which seeks or career path.

He obtained a grant from the Institute of philological research of the UNAM of Mexico to investigate the literature of this country. In 1976 he began a brilliant journalistic career. Between 1982 and 1996, he worked in the cultural section of the newspaper El País. He also collaborated with various publications, such as the magazine of books and Letras Libres. In 1996 participated in the radio series to view from abroad, for the BBC. In 1982, he began to teach writing in the Faculty of Sciences of the information of the Complutense University of Madrid.

His first novel, air sea in Gádor (1989), tells the story of two ruined aristocrats who remain locked up in his big mansion, around which is van weaving stories. The action of another of his most important novels, end of the wind (1994), takes place in a fishing village threatened by modernity. These novels made that much of the criticism Sorela as one of the novelists considered most promising Spanish literary panorama. In 2006 he published a novel entitled overflowing imagination as you'll see. On the process of creation of this novel Sorela admitted: "I don't have clear conscience when I started writing the novel, but yes it covers things that would not be possible without my birth or my travels".

Other of his works are the novels footprints of the actor in danger (1990), fog (1997) trips and traps for stars (2001); the collections of tales entitled thief of trees (1998) and invisible (2003) tales; The other García Márquez Biography: the difficult years; and the experimental work 57 steps down the sidewalk of shadow (1998), which brings together 58 short texts, between the story and the newspaper column, which were published in the Madrid daily El País between 1994 to 1997 section. His works aimed at children and young reader include: I am older than my father (1998), tell me again (2003) and change of friends (2005).