Biography of Mira Sorvino (1969-VVVV)

American actress, born in New York in 1969. Daughter of actor Paul Sorvino, was educated in a small town in New Jersey. If during her collegiate, he took his first lessons in theatre, it was not until much more later when it entered fully into the world of the show. After finishing high school, he entered Harvard University to study Chinese culture. His career thesis dealt with the racial conflict between Chinese and African students.

He lived in Beijing two years, between 1988 and 1989, and back in New York, found a job in an educational program for children who had learning difficulties. In 1993, after also working as a waitress, photographer and editor scripts in the Robert de Niro'sproduction company, Tribeca Films, got two small roles in two feature films: Amongst Friends and The dutch master. A year later, director Whit Stillman offered a starring role in Barcelona, the romantic comedy that took her to the city of Barcelona.

Robert Redford, who had set it in Amongst Friends during your pass at the Sundance Film Festival, hired her to Quiz Show (1994). Rightly, Sorvino gave life to a Jewish housewife in the 1950s. Called by Paul Auster and Wayne Wang, his next work was in Blue in the face (1995). However, his most important performance achieved with Woody Allen, which granted him the role of the prostitute of his efforts in powerful Aphrodite (1995). Her performance in this film earned, in January 1996, the Golden Globe best supporting actress and the Oscar next March.

In May 1996, Norma Jean and Marilyn, where she plays the missing Marilyn Monroewas released. That same year he starred in director Ted Demme's Beautiful Girls.

In 1999, along with Val Kilmer, it formed part of one of the couples in the year on the screen. This was due to the film's Irving Winkler A first view, a true story brought to the screen.