Biography of Fernando Soto Aparicio (1933-VVVV)

Poet and Colombian novelist, born in Socha, in the Department of Boyaca, in 1933. He spent his childhood in Santa Rosa de Viterbo and, although three years he lived in Paris for diplomatic affairs, since 1960 resides in Santafe de Bogota. He has dedicated his entire life to the exercise of the word, both in the writing of scripts for television programs (has made more than five thousand), as in books of short stories and poetry. Some of his novels are: the rebellion of the rats (brought to the small screen), while rains, journey to the past, then will start am crazy, Word of fire, road walking, demonia, jasmine naked, Merlina games and only silence screams. Books of poetry: words to a girl, diameter of the heart, sonnets in female form, steps into the Earth and our love of every day. In addition, for children has written the color of the wind, Guacas and macaws and Lunela.