Biography of Ramón Soto Vargas (1951-1992)

Spanish banderillero, born in Camas (Sevilla) on March 6, 1951, and died on September 13, 1992 in Seville square of the Real Maestranza de Caballería.

In 1975, after a novilleril campaign that failed to Crown with the desired alternative, voluntarily joined the ranks of men's silver, among which was gradually rising to join gangs as major as the right-handers Francisco Romero López ("Curro Romero"), Rafael Soto Moreno ("Rafael de Paula") and Antonio Chenel Albadalejo ("Antoñete").

The fateful 13 September 1992, when it pushed in the Sevillian Roundel, the novillo airplane, belonging to the livestock of the count de la Maza, I inferred you chest a Goring that ended with his life of fulminant form.