Biography of Carlos Soublette (1790-1870)

Military of the independence army of Venezuela, political and diplomatic. He/She was born in la Guaira, Vargas State, of December 15, 1789 and died in Caracas on May 11, 1870.

He began his career in the army in 1810; that same year amounted to Ensign, and the following year to Lieutenant. He/She participated in various battles until the fall of the first Republic, when it was taken prisoner in the castle of San Felipe de Puerto hair.

Once released, he/she resumed his struggle for independence. After taking part in different expeditions, with the fall of the second Republic returned to New Granada. Next to Bolivar, he/she participated in various missions in that territory.

In 1817, he/she was appointed by the libertador member of the order of the liberators of Venezuela. In the same year was appointed him member of the Council of State to participate in the Congress of Angostura.

In 1820 Bolívar promoted him to general of division. That same day, by Decree, he/she was appointed Acting Vice President; under his command the Middle East war took place.

In 1822 he/she served Governor of the Department of Venezuela. In 1825 he/she was appointed Secretary of war and Navy of the Republic of Colombia. For three years he/she was Secretary general in Bucaramanga. In 1828, he/she held the position of head of State most of the Department of the Northern Venezuela.

With the separation of Venezuela and Colombia, in 1830, he/she was Secretary of war and Navy. Between the years 1835 and 1836, under the Government of José María Vargas, was submitted extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to England and Spain.

In 1837 he/she was elected President of Venezuela, following the resignation of Vargas. He/She held the position for three years. In 1843, by election, he/she was again re-elected. He/She held the loaded until 1847.

In 1848, with the revolt against the Congress, he/she joined the ranks of José Antonio Páez. After the loss of the battle of the howler, settled in Santa Marta.

In 1858, he/she returned to Venezuela invited by Julián Castro. He/She was appointed Senator by the Republic of Caracas in 1860 and Secretary of State in 1861. Shortly before his death, joined the Government of José Ruperto Monagas.


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