Biography of Kevin Spacey (1959-VVVV)

Actor of theatre actor and filmmaker born in South Orange (New Jersey), United States on July 26, 1959, whose real name is Kevin Spacey Fowler.

Over the years, Kevin Spacey became the most representative one actor generation which, inevitably, needed to keep alive the interest in the film faces, where the glamour, the quality and the good to dignify all of a profession. Secondary without large papers, box in perverse, twisted and manipulative characters, little by little is was styling a prestige that, aided by great works in scenarios, it prompted you to achieve the highest levels of film stardom. He continued with a track record of great solvency in large Studio and other riskier and smaller budget projects who, no doubt, opened the step to establish itself as one of the most interesting actors on the big screen. All backed up by the passion that shows by his work.

After his studies, passed through the Academy military of Northridge from where came out for bad behavior. Turned immediately into the world of theatre, discovered at Chatsworth High School in Los Angeles and that consolidated in the school of art dramatic in New York (Juilliard School), in where he contacted with Val Kilmer; He combined his training with several jobs until he made his professional debut in 1981, in the works Enrique V, Shakespeare. In Hurlyburly showed his chameleon-like ability to meet almost all the work papers. Despite the long journey into night, beside Jack Lemmon become you a successful theatrical actor. Its theatrical evolution allowed him to get a Tony in 1991 for his role in Lost in Yonkers, work of Neil Simon.

His theatrical experience allowed him to intervene in any production for television and led him into the world of cinema. He made his debut in the film no more cake (1986) and weapons of woman (1988), both from Mike Nichols, where his work did not pass unnoticed. He was part of the cast of Henry & June (1990), by Philip Kaufman, a very uneven film, and showed a high artistic level in its role in Glengarry Glen Rose. Success at any price (1992), James Foley, a history dominated by aggression and lack of scruples of a series of characters and their different attitudes towards life, in which some show their tyranny to hide that they are completely dominated by the employer that employs them.

After a series of works, artistic life of Spacey changed to interpret one of habitual thieves at American stations in the usual suspects (1995), Bryan Singer, character that won him the Oscar to the best supporting actor, and the perverse John Doe in Seven (1995), by David Fincher, the blockbuster film about an assassin in series. Interpretive tension who lived next to Al Pacino in Glengarry Glen Rose made the own Pacino invited him to participate in his movie Looking for Richard (1996), an excellent job of interpretation about the world of the scene and the dramatic work of the actors.

During the second half of the nineties, Spacey confirmed its artistic level their participation in L.A. Confidential (1996), of Curtis Hanson, which enjoyed a starring role in the excellent approach to classic film noir, a work which assimilates all the ingredients of the detective film: ambition, corruption, blackmail and a world full of evil. The following year Clint Eastwood called him to star in midnight in the garden of good and evil (1997), in which fulfilled its role effectively. Two years later, and with the desire to leave papers which up until then had been carried out, agreed to star in American Beauty (1999), Sam Mendes, a crude story about the bland family universe, the misleading image man offered in their direct environment, coexistence, dreams and the harsh reality that involves human beings. His singular work the Oscar earned him the Best Actor Award that cemented him as one of the most important actors of the 1990s.

Spacey, who founded his own production company (Trigger Street Productions) and which also began as director with Albino Alligator (1996), a reflection on violence, keeping alive his interest in the theatre, framework that went to succeed at the end of the nineties with The Iceman Comet. This interest was also expressed in 2004 with the start of his career as artistic director of his own theatre, The Old Vic, in the city of London.


As an actor:

1986: the cake is finished. 1988: Weapons of women; Rocket Gibraltar. 1989: Me no chilles that you don't see. 1989: My father. 1990: Under another flag; Heny & June. 1992: Double pairs; Glengarry Glen Rose. Success to any precio.1994: will of iron; This is (not) a kidnapping; The element of surprise. 1995: Usual suspects; Pop; Seven. 1996: Looking for Richard; Time to kill; L.A. Confidential.1997: Midnight in the garden of good and evil. 1998: The negotiator; Hurlyburly; Bugs (only voice). 1999: American Beauty; The Big Kahuna. 2000: Ordinary Decent Criminal. 2001: Tying ropes. 2003: The life of David Gale.2004: under the mar.2005: Edison.2006: Superman returns.

As director:

1996: albino Alligator.