Biography of Edmund Spenser (1552-1599)

Famous English poet, born in 1552 in London and died in 1599. An unhappy passion inspired him with its first production, which was a collection of poems entitled the Shepherd calendar, and dedicated to Sir Philip Sidney. For the protection of this he/she earned the job of Secretary of lord Grey of Wilton, general Lieutenant of Ireland. He/She then obtained a concession of lands which constituted a good heritage and taking up residence there, went on to compose the work in verse entitled the Queen of the fairies, dedicated to Queen Elizabeth, which rewarded him with a pension of fifty pounds a year. Part of this poem was lost when the author in an uprising of Ireland's House was looted. Forced to take refuge in England, Spenser died shortly after his arrival, and was buried in Westminster. In addition to these works, he/she wrote several loose poems, and a book on the State of the situation in Ireland.