Biography of Lino Eneas Spilimbergo (1896-1964)

Painter, muralist, Illustrator, engraver and lithographer Argentine, descendant of Italians, born on August 12, 1896 in Buenos Aires and died at his residence in Unquillo (Córdoba) on March 17, 1964.

He received the first lessons of drawing at the Industrial School of the Salguero Street and, in 1915, joined the National School of fine arts, at that time Academy. Five years later he/she had his title of Professor.

Critics consider it a classic both for the balance of his compositions the formal precision and finishing of the drawing. The main reasons for his work were the human figure and landscapes. This machine (1936), landscape of Chilecito (1941) or La Chacra (1944) is demonstrated by his known paintings under the title.

In 1925 he/she exhibited at the national Salon of fine arts, where it was honoured with the only prize for the best collection with the following works: old uyutana, rest, the blind and Andean landscape. The aforementioned reward enabled your desired and first trip to Europe, where he/she completed his artistic training in Germany, Italy and France. In this same year he/she obtained the second painting prize at the Salón Libre third fall of la Plata and exhibited at the first annual University Hall of that city. In 1926 he/she moved to live in Paris, where he/she studied with André Lothe, who played a key role in his work. A year later, and without interruption until 1943, began exhibiting in all domestic rooms.

In 1928 he/she returned to his hometown and was a member of the "group of avant-garde painters in Paris". He/She returned to exhibit at San Juan and obtained the first prize in the Municipal Hall of Rosario. In 1933 he/she won first prize at the national Salon of fine arts. Exhibited in Rome, Florence, Milan, Genoa and New York, in the living room of Argentineans recorders. A year later his work was exhibited in the living room of watercolors where won the set. He/She created a Chair, which issued until the year 1939 at the Argentine Institute of graphic arts. From 1935 he/she was also Professor of the Academy.

Between 1948 and 1952, he/she directed the arts of higher Institute of the National University of Tucumán. During the dictatorship of Juan Domingo Perón, was forced to give up their lectures.

In the course of these years exhibited on numerous occasions with great success, as it was the case of carried out in 1945 in the Provincial Museum of fine arts of la Plata that brought together several artists under the title Centurion, Spilimbergo, Victoria, or which was held ten years later in the city of Rosary under the heading 50 Argentine painters.

In 1963, on the occasion of the return to his country, was organized an exhibition as a tribute to artist sponsored by the National Directorate of culture of Córdoba. He/She died at age 68.