Biography of Nikola Spiric (1956-VVVV)

Economist and Serbian politician, born on September 4, 1956 in Drvar, Bosnia. He was Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina elected on 4 January 2007.

Completing school in Drvar, then continued his secondary education in Sarajevo, and his higher education at the University of Sarajevo, where also earned a doctorate in economics, with a thesis on monetary and public finance. Since 1992 he has been Professor of Economics, at the University of Banja-Luka.

He held several positions in government functions, in the period 2002-03 was the President of the House of the people, and President of the House of representatives during 2002-03 and in 2005-06.

Bosnia and Herzegovina was shaken from the end of 2006 by a serious political crisis. The conflict culminated with the resignation of Nikola Spiric, as a sign of protest against the measures taken by the Slovak Miroslav Lajcak, the international community's high representative. The 1 November 2007, and little before his first year in office of Prime Minister, Spiric resigned and dissolved the Cabinet, remaining as Prime Minister technically until it was chosen a new Cabinet of Ministers, either until new elections were held. It was subsequently nominated for President of his country on 10 December 2007, confirmed by the Parliament on December 28.

Front of Brussels claim that Bosnia and Herzegovina reform its central institutions to reinforce them, Serbs strove to demonstrate its ability to preserve the autonomy of its entities, in an attempt to defend the independence of a central organizational capacity. "We are going to deal with a serious work, a debate on constitutional changes claimed by the international community", said Nikola Spiric.