Biography of Gaspare Luigi Pacifico Spontini (1774-1851)

Italian composer. He began his musical studies with his uncle, who was parish priest of Jesi. Then came into the Conservatory of the Pietà in Naples. After making some theatrical scenes, was commissioned him the opera Li puntigle delle donne (1796), which captured the interest of Piccini, who admitted him as a student. He triumphed with L' eroticism specifico (1798) and Gli amanti in cimento (1801) and moved to Paris, where he taught singing while waiting for the Italian theatre rides La Finta philosophy, which premiered in Naples in 1799 and in Paris in 1804. This year at the Komische Oper failed with Julie and La petite maison and had to wait to succeed Milton (1804) and La Vestale (1807), the most significant work of his French period, also corresponding to Pelage ou le Roi et la Paix (1814). At the same time he was named composer of the Empress and nationalized French. He conducted the Italian theatre, where he presented Don Giovanni and Cossi fan tutte, but after the restoration of lost most of their positions and did not succeed to the Parisian public. He then moved to Berlin, where Federico Guillermo III appointed him director of the court music and presented Nurmahald (1822) on the occasion of the Royal marriage. But there he failed with Acidor (1825) and Agnes of Hohenstaufen (1829) and the situation became complicated when, in 1841, directing Don Juan, and organized a violent demonstration against. He left Germany and returned to his country, where he was well received.