Biography of Sharon Stone (1958-VVVV)

Sharon Stone

American film actress born on March 10, 1958 in Meadville (Pennsylvania).

Started as a model at the Agency Ford and from the catwalks and photo shoots, got the attention of the discoverers of "talents" of American cinema, who were aware of what a young girl blonde and very emphatic forms could be obtained in an industry that is always in need of new faces.

However, was Woody Allen, who offered him a chance to debut in cinema, with a small role in memories (1980), when Sharon was barely 21 years. In a film that clearly denoted the admiration of Allen by European cinema, Sharon Stone played a ghost sensual and suggestive. His performance helped him to initiate a series of works in very minor films, where his presence was secondary or not going to exploit his physical, or as a protagonist in very little documents of title. This period maybe should be noted her work with the Frenchman Claude Lelouch in the ones and the others (1981), as well as his appearance in a small series of adventure films trying to replicate the success in the past of its predecessors: the mines of King Solomon (1985) and Quatermain in the city of gold (1986), did not be discrete attempts to update worksin the adventure genre, they were once emblematic.

At the end of the 1980s working in Spain, blood and sand (1989), a new version of the famous novel by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, directed by Javier Elorrieta. A year later, the Dutch Paul Verhoeven gives you a secondary role, but important, challenge total (1991), a history of science fiction starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, in which the actress playing his wife. The film obtained excellent results at the box office and its director was very pleased with the performance of Sharon.

Frame the film basic instinct starring Sharon Stone

His big moment would shortly afterwards, when the own Verhoeven gives you the main female role in basic instinct (1992). The film was a success that went beyond the purely cinematic, into the terrain of the sociological. The police structure and a somewhat more explicit eroticism than usual for a film to be shown in commercial theaters, led to criticism and the public were interested in this film. Sharon was lucky, because the character was rejected before by different actresses - which included Julia Roberts and Ellen Barkin - considered that its sexual content should not be their careers. Pennsylvania actress was able to grasp that this was his big chance and accepted all the conditions imposed by the director. But in addition, it showed that he/she had not only beauty but dramatic ability to give if more of what many believed. His performance alongside Michael Douglas became one of the key levers for the popularity of the film and, thanks to her, Sharon saw multiplying their possibilities in the industry and profits increased dramatically.

However you would still take some time before a majority of professionals recognize its category. For many people it was still a pretty face, a body provided and little else. The selection of titles made after basic instinct was not very successful, although it contributed to keep it at the top of the show-business, filming with actors of great popularity as Sylvester Stallone and some cult directors, as it is the case of Sam Raimi.

In the mid-1990s again as high and, this time, to earn the respect of critics. He/She owes it to Martin Scorsese who, against the advice of many, gives the Prime female role in Casino (1995), by Robert de Niro. While the success of the film was on, they all agreed that the Stone achieved a magnificent performance in a character full of records and that even its charms it had to camouflage by demands of the script. Girl crazy alcoholic, the interpretation of the actress earned him Golden Globe and nominated for an Oscar, although it did not reach the Academy Award.

In their subsequent actions sought to care more for the choice of works, trying to even get involved in projects that have a certain intellectual support or are issues more or less committed, such as Condenada (1996), in Bruce Beresford, new foray into the issue of the death penalty, or a world tailor-made (1998), Peter Chelsonin which the relationship between a mental weak architect and a boy with a degenerative disease arise. Also a new version of the detective Gloria (1999), directed in his day, John Cassavetes, with his wife Gena Rowlands has been starring Sharon.

Sharon Stone has managed to be a star and open way as actress (has one of the most interesting set of end of century in Hollywood actresses). His face is one of the most popular in the film industry, and will always, without question, one of the claims of any Billboard that boasts. However, the quality of the papers that have been delivered to you has been in recent years of being outstanding, despite the trade that puts the actress of Meadville; for example, your effective and more than worthy role in broken flowers, Jim Jarmusch, contrasts with the second part of basic instinct, where its appearance only highlighted above a mediocre and predictable story. In 2004 won the Emmy Award to the best guest actress in a drama series, for the film The practice.


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Works for television:

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