Biography of Stephen Storace (1762-1796)

English composer of Italian origin, born April 4, 1762 and died March 19, 1796. Son of the bassist Stefano Storace (1725-1781), studied at the Conservatory of San Onofrio in Naples, returning very soon to London, his hometown. In 1782 he moved to Vienna, where locked relationship with Mozart and premiered its first two operas. In 1787 he returned to London, where he worked as composer at Drury Lane and theatre, as well as some works of Chamber music, composed 18 operas, among them The Haunted Tower and No Song, no Supper (1789 and 1790).

His sister Ann (1765-1817) was a singer of European fame, who studied with Rauzzini and Sacchini. It triumphed in Vienna, where was Susana at the premiere of the marriage of Figaro, and became a favorite of the Emperor José II. After his return to London, Mozart composed for her the Non-concert aria fear amato bene (1787). In the United Kingdom he continued acting in the King's theatre and Drury Lane.


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