Biography of Alfonsina Storni (1892-1938)

Poet argentina, of Swiss origin, born in Sala Capriasca in 1892, and died in Mar del Plata (Argentina) in 1938. When she was a child her parents emigrated to Argentina. He joined a travelling theatre company; Subsequently, he worked as the Magisterium in Rosario and Buenos Aires, and collaborated in major newspapers and magazines, using the pseudonym of Tao-Lao. In 1916 he published his first book of poems, the concern of the Rosebush, which became one of the main Latin American poets. In 1920 he published languor, where their status as women was stated with strength and sensuality; six years later she published Ocre, which is dedicated entirely to the sea; in 1934, world of seven wells; in 1938, mask and trefoil. He became ill from cancer and decided to end his life in the waters of Mar del Plata. His latest poetry, 'I want to sleep' was published the day after his death.

His work is distinguished by the passionate tone that sings with love and discover the world of women, which was the theme of his work.