Biography of Peter Strauss (1947-VVVV)

Actor of film and television, American born in Corton-on-Hudson (New York) on February 20, 1947.


It was one of the most representative of the 1970s television faces. It began in the cinema of David Miller in Hail, Hero! (1969), a story focusing on the generational conflict that lives a family because of the Viet Nam; in this film, it also debuted Michael Douglas. His second job was the western soldier blue (1970), Ralph Nelson, which was next to the actress Candice Bergenco-star. This dual experience allowed him to assume the role of the Sergeant Klems (1971), an uneven Italian production by Sergio Grieco.

His first cinematographic steps were supplemented with the television medium in which the show's Mary Tyler Moore (1973), appeared in some episodes of shows The Young Lawyers (1970), the streets of San Francisco (1972), Hawaii 5 - 0 (1974) and Cannon (1974), among others, as well as take part in other productions.

After joining the cast of the last Tycoon (1976), film, Elia Kazan , starring Robert de Niro and Robert Mitchum, was called by television to interpret one of the miniseries of greater impact in the middle. It was the famous Rudy Jordache in rich man, poor man (1976), issued by the ABC and that was brother to Nick Nolte (Tom), at the time that between them stood Susan Blakely (in the role of Julie Prescoth). The global impact of the adventures of two brothers, which merged the ambition and rebellion, was of such magnitude that the producers took advantage of pull making the second part with some of the protagonists; This proposal, however, was not as interesting as the first.

This success made him one of the faces of the most common in all types of television production, highlighting miniseries as Masada (1981), Cain and Abel (1985), Tender is the Night (1985), Biker Mice From Mars (1992), and Moloney (1996).

From the beginning of the 1980s just intervened in two films for the big screen. Was protagonist of Hunter of the space (adventure in the area prohibited) (1983), of Lamont Johnson, and at the time designated (1995), of John Badham.


1969: Hail, Hero! 1970: Soldier blue. 1971: Sergeant Klems. 1972: The Trial of the Catonsville Nine. 1976: The last Tycoon. 1982: Nimh, the secret world of Mrs. Brisby (only voice). 1983: Hunter of the space (adventures in the forbidden zone). 1995: At the appointed time.

Works for television:

1973: The Man Without a Country. 1975: Attack on Terror: The FBI vs.. the Ku Klux Klan. 1976: Rich man, poor man (I and II). 1977: Young Joe, the Forgotten Kennedy. 1979: The Jericho Mile. 1980: Angel on My Shoulder. 1981: A Whale for the Killing; Masada (series). 1983: Heart of Steel. 1985: Cain and Abel (series); Tender is the Night (series). 1986: Penalty Phase; Under Siege. 1987: Proud Men. 1989: Peter Gunn; Brotherhood of the Rose. 1990: 83 Hours ' Til Dawn. 1991: Flight of Black Angel. 1992: trial: The Price of Passion; Fugitive Among Us. 1993: Men Don't Tell; Biker Mice From Mars (series). 1994: Thicker Than Blood: The Larry McLinden Story; Meeting; The Yearling. 1995: Texas Justice. 1996: Moloney (series); In the Lake of the Woods. 1997: Keys to Tulsa. 1998: Seasons of Love (and prod. Executive); My Father's Shadow: The Sam Sheppard Story. 1999: Joan of arc. 2000: a Father's Choice.