Biography of Meryl Streep (1949-VVVV)

American theater and film actress born on June 22, 1949, whose real name is Mary Louise Streep in Summit (new jersey).


Coming from a wealthy Jewish family, he studied from a young age in educational institutions of great prestige, including the famous Vassar College, one of the most reputable institutions in the study of art in its different branches, where he received classes of singing and dramatic art. He completed his studies at the prestigious Yale University.

His debut in the interpretation took place at footballer Broadway, where garnered excellent reviews as a theatre actress. After a supporting actress role in Julia (1976), of Fred Zinneman, which marked its foray into the world of cinema, achieved great popularity for his involvement in the Holocaust (1978) TV series.

In 1978 participated in Hunter, Michael Cimino, starring Robert de Niro, who reported his first nomination to the Oscar in the category of best secondary actress. A year later, in 1979, participated in Manhattan, Woody Allen, where interpreted the former couple's director, converted into a lesbian. Next Dustin Hoffman took part in the several times Oscar Kramer against Kramer (1979); Why was awarded the distinction to the best secondary actress.

His first role as a protagonist got it on the woman in the French Lieutenant (1981), under the direction of Karel Reisz, a romantic story that shares the limelight with Jeremy Irons, and which reached a major impact. From this moment, the actress already enters the reduced roster of stars who only accept roles actors and which are known worldwide, situation endorsed by obtaining the Oscar as best actress in the decision of Sophie (1982), directed by Alan J. Pakula., adaptation to film of the novel by William Styron.

Three years later he returned to get another great success in one of the most resonant films of the Decade, as it was out of Africa (1985), of Sydney Pollack, in which played the writer Isak Dinesen, and where shared action deal with Robert Redford, in a role that had wished to interpret Jeremy Irons. The film won numerous awards and became a flagship title.

After obtaining such resounding successes, Meryl Streep was allowed the luxury of participating in projects that proved to be a failure unless your credit is resented to the public and filmmakers. In this sense, we can mention its intervention in titles such as postcards from the edge (1990), Mike Nichols, or death you feel as well (1992), directed by Robert Zemeckis. Accepting work in this type of comedy responded to an attempt to get away from the dramatic roles that seemed to have been pigeonholed.

His next film, the bridges of Madison (1995), was another blow to his career; directed and coprotagonizada by Clint Eastwood, both actors performed a superb interpretation, based also on the adaptation of the book. In 1998 participated in the dance of August, the Irish Pat O'Connor, where you could admire one of the most coveted facets of the actress, its ability to imitate accents of other languages into English (which was also admired in the aforementioned memoirs of Africa, where used a correct Danish accent) with verisimilitude.

In 2002 participated in dramaturgy, Spike Jonze and hours, (The hours), of Stephen Daldry, two of the most important films of the year. The first nomination number thirteen of his career it attained to the Oscar, an absolute record in the history of the awards from Hollywood after the twelve candidacies of Katherine Hepburn, and by the second won the silver bear at the festival of cinema of Berlin, ex aequo with her fellow cast Nicole Kidman and Julianne Moore. Streep performances include the new version of Jonathan Demme's The Manchurian Candidate, Prime, Ben Younger, A Prairie Home Companion, film by Robert Altman, and the success of tauilla which was the Devil Wears Prada, that it was obtained in 2007 of the Golden Globe. A movie almost without commercial distribution was premiered at the Sundance festival of cinema in 2007, Dark Matter (dark matter), and its role in the role of Donna in the version of the music of ABBA, Mamma Mia!, earned him a new recognition from audiences and critics in 2008, obtaining the prize National Movie Award in England, and has planned various contracts for interpretative roles until November 2009.

With an exceptional dramatic record, making him to be able to interpret any kind of character, often they have labeled it be too affected, reach even the overacting, although the passage of time and, above all, the permanent acceptance of much of the public, has made him to be one of the most popular actresses of cinema today. Their way of interpreting is often more intuitive than methodical, since he prefers not to rehearse, and believes that the first shots is where a film actor offers the best of itself. This has not stopped him working with actors diametrically different to it, as it is the case of Robert de Niro, who has publicly expressed admiration for his talent.

The work of Meryl Streep earned two Oscar of the Academy in Hollywood, as well as 14 nominations, a prize of Cannes, 21 nominations and 6 varieties of the award Golden Globe, two awards of the Union of writers, four Grammy nominations, 2 varieties of the same, a BAFTA Award, of the few actresses in the world and in the history of the cinema in 4 major awards (the Oscar winGolden Globe, Union of screenwriters and the BAFTA). September 25, 2008 she was awarded the premio Donostia in the San Sebastián Film Festival. In 2009 he left a nice taste, to the have the Golden Globe Award for best actress in a comedy or musical, for his portrayal of the Cook Julia Child. A year later she was appointed an honorary member of the Academy of Arts and letters of the United States.

In 2012 he won for the third time the Óscar Award and his second as best leading actress for her interpretation of Margaret Tatcher in the movie The Iron Lady.

Meryl Streep, markedly feminist thinking, has shown on numerous occasions its concern for environmental problems, what led her to become a spokesman for the Natural Resources Defense Council (natural resources Defense Council), was master of ceremonies, along with Liam Neeson, of the 2001 Nobel Prize gala, and is protective of foundations in the fight against cancer, and promotion of poetry. Currently, he lives on a farm in Connecticut with her second husband and her four children.


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Works for television:

1977: The Deadliest Season. 1978: Holocaust (series). 1979: Uncommon Women... and Others. 1981: Alice at the Palace. 1991: Race to Save the Planet (series). 1994: A Century of Women (series Narrator); "Bart's Girlfriend" (the Simpsons episode). 1997:...First Do No Harm (and Executive prod.). 1999: King of the Hill. 2003: Angels in America. 2008: Friday Night With Jonathan Ross.