Biography of Giorgio Strehler (1921-1997)

Italian theatre director, born in Barcola (Trieste) in 1921, and died in Lugano (Switzerland) in 1997. Son of a violinist, learned from his father the passion for music, which would allow in the years approaching the lyric genre as director of la Scala in Milan scene.

However, his dedication to theatre is overlaid above any of his other hobbies. The success came in 1947, when, in the company of Paolo Grassi, founded the famous Teatro Piccolo in Milan, from which set out to create a new school of dramatic art and renew the Italian scene. Thus, introduced in Italy so innovative as Bertold Brechtauthors (which Galileo Galilei was a resounding success in version of Strehler), and performed productions of some such significant works as the Tempest, by William Shakespeare, and the garden of cherry, of Anton Chekhov).

In the mid-1980s he/she took part in the creation of the Théâtre d'Europe, project-driven François Mitterrand with the intention of lifting a theatre that represented the new United Europe. There he/she collaborated with the Spanish director Lluís Pasqual.