Biography of Barbra Streisand (1942-VVVV)

Actress and American film director, best known as Barbra Streisand, born in New York on April 24, 1942.

Barbra Streisand.


Barbra Joan Streisand isn't Director of cinema, actress, or singer, screenwriter or producer. It is a star; the Renaissance prototype, applied to the world of the spectacle. Daughter of a scholar of Shakespeare, Ibsen and Chejov, Barbra Streisand intellectual was orphaned when he was only fifteen months. The figure of the father who never came to know will be present in his character and career (Yentl would devote to his father). Steisand studied at Erasmus Hall High School and started to work very early to play all kinds of crafts, until one day he moved from Brooklyn to Greenwich Village, where it was waiting for a new life. The Lion Club convened a singing competition, in which Streisand participated and won the prize of $50. Thereafter, and for two years, he performed in nightclubs while going gradually approaching the theater. In 1961 he made his debut on Broadway; successes occurred and it achieved the critical acclaim with a work entitled I can get it for you wholesale, which worked with Elliot Gould, who became her husband after one year. But the theater was not enough. At the same time leaving their albums, appeared on television and radio programs and the public was discovered to his prodigious voice. On January 13, 1964 was held in Boston the first representation of Funny Girl, the work that launched her to stardom and that two months after its release was moved to the Winter Garden in New York. By that time he had his own television show, My name is Barbra, for which he won several Emmy. Joined these, at the end of the 1970s, the special Tony which she was awarded for her performances on Broadway. By then, President Kennedy had already invited her to dinner at the White House and was paid as much as Frank Sinatra. Barbra Streisand was about to jump to the big screen.

His foray into film was very peculiar. In spite of not being a great actress and of having authentic fiasco in his filmography as it was born a star (1975) or combat of background (1975), the public loved it, because it covered so many fields that he had with fans on all fronts. With his first film, the film version of Funny Girl, got an Oscar; it gained 90 million by the second, Hello Dolly, and worked under the orders of William Wyler, Vincente Minnelli, Gene Kelly, Herbert Ross, Peter Bodganovich, or Sydney Pollack, while founded his own production company, Bar-Wood Films. When at the end of the 1970s he realized that his film career was not approaching or remotely to the musical, began to caress the idea of directing. Their first project, which was titled The Woman, was never carried out. But three years later, in 1983, he embarked on a musical that starred in, directed, co-produced and sang: Yentl, the story of a Jewish girl who has to impersonate a man in order to study the Talmud. Experience, which to his feet to thousands of fans protesting at not having obtained any nomination made her repeat in 1991, this time without songs, with the Prince of tides, which also starred. His last film to date: love has two sides (1995), alongside Jeff Bridges, rescues a magnificent Lauren Bacall, who got a nomination as best supporting actress, though not the statuette.

Conflicting but irresistible, its ability to secure, bright and tenacious, Barbra Streisand keeps plenty of anecdotes in his biography: profile that never wanted to touch up, fake name - Angelina Scarangella - with which acted in local gays or the fact that Omar Shariff was found in the black list of the Arabs for having kissed a Jewish in Funny Girlthey make it all a character who today, having already transferred their most glorious years, continues to reap successes and sympathies.

Barbra Streisand


As actress

1968: Funny Girl.1969: Hello, Dolly. 1970: Back to my side; The cat and the OWL. 1972: I what, doctor?; Married in New York. 1973: as we were. 1974: Hell spend here!. 1975: Funny Lady. 1976: A star is born. 1979: Battle background. 1981: The night. 1983: Yentl.1987: Loca.1990: Listen up: The Lives of Quincey Jones. 1991: The Prince of tides. 1995: Love has two faces.

As Director

1983: Yentl.1991: the Prince of tides. 1995: Love has two faces. 1997: The Normal Heart.


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