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Arab philosopher, born in Córdoba in 883 and died in 931. The two books in which exposes its doctri...

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Abentofail o Ibn Tufayl


Real name Abu Baker Muhammad ibn Abd al - Malik ibn Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Tufayl. Doctor, philos...

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Antonio Aberastain


Argentine politician, Governor of San Juan. He/She was shot by defending the autonomy of the provinc...

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Andrés Aberasturi


Born in Madrid, Spanish journalist on 28 July 1948, which reached a significant notoriety in the lat...

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Horticulturist and Scottish agronomist, born in 1726 and died in 1806. He/She was the son of a garde...

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(75 a.C.-35 a.C.)

Name of a series of princes who reigned in the city of Edessa in Mesopotamia, from the second centur...

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(¿-955 a.C.)

King of Judah, died the year 955 b.c. 957 succeeded his father Roboam and Jeroboam King of Israel in...

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Name of a Hebrew priest that Jesus Christ according to the Gospel of San Marcos (II, 23-28), assayed...

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(1050 a.C.-1000 a.C.)

High priest of the Jews, which was spared the revenge of Saul. He/She did kill his father Abimelek. ...

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Greek historian who attributed two works, a titled Assyriaca and another Chaldaica. Fragments that c...

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(s. IV)

Martyr of the Christian faith at the end of the fourth century, during the reign of Honorius. His me...

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(s. XI a.C.)

Biblical person, wife of Nabal, whose rich possessions were extended by the Carmel. According to the...

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Andrés Abillon

(s. XVII)

French theologian who lived in the first half of the 17TH century. The following works are known fro...

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(¿-1255 a.C.)

The Bible quotes several characters of this name, which means father of the King, and seems to have ...

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(1315 a.C. -1295 a.C.)

Son of Hillel, who rebuilt the city of Jericho by the year 1313 BC, as some 137 after its destructio...

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(1450-1489 a.C.)

Young Levite who together with Dathan and Korah rebelled against Moses and Aaron, so the Earth swall...

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(ca. 710 a.C.)

(A-bi-ru or ABALE) Nubian Princess, daughter of Kashta, King of Napata, and his wife Pebatma. Abiru ...

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(s. XI a.C.)

General Jew who became famous during the reign of David. He/She slew three hundred men, did flee to ...

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(¿-1490 a.C.)

Levite, son of Aaron, eaten alive by heavenly fire, the year 1490 b.c., by putting profane fire into...

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Prefect of the praetorium, died in the year 350 A.D. Constantine the great appointed him to Director...

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Alexandr Onísimovich Ablésimov


Poet, playwright and Russian journalist, born in Kostroma in 1742 and died in Moscow in 1783. To sig...

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(s. XI a.C.)

Hebrew name ('the father is luminar') of a Biblical character repeatedly mentioned in the books of S...

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Abner de Burgos o Maestro Alfonso de Valladolid

(ca. 1270-ca. 1340)

Spanish doctor of Jewish origin born at Burgos about 1270 and died to 1340. Converted to Christianit...

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Martyr of Persian origin, killed by the Christian faith in the year 250 Rome was under the reign of ...

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Governor of the Iranian around the year 550 b.c. he/she abandoned his Lord, King of Syria, to Ciro, ...

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(ca. 1850 a.C.)

Spiritual Patriarch of three religions, traditionally designated as the first follower and as the fo...

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Spanish Rabbi called Harishn (the eldest), died in 1199. He/She was born in Toledo and the synagogue...

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Abraham Levita Ben Hasday

(s. XII)

The 12th century Spanish Rabbi; translated from the Arabic into Hebrew a piece that looks like an im...

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Abrahán Abulafia


Jewish mystic and Kabbalist, born in Zaragoza, which initiated a new orientation of the Kabbalah, Ka...

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Abrahán bar Hiyya


Astronomer and mathematician of the King Alfonso I the Battler Jew. It is very likely to be form in ...

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Abrahán Bedersi


Jewish poet, born at Béziers around 1230, and died around the year 1300. He/She spent much of his l...

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Abrahán Ben Hasday


Jewish magnate, poet and translator Spanish, probably born in Barcelona at the end of the 12th centu...

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Abrahán Ben Isaac ha-Leví


Expert Jewish rabbinical science, exegete, and liturgical poet, possibly born in Barcelona at the be...

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Abrahán Ben Moisés Ben Maimón


Spain hails Jewish jurist and thinker. Only son of Maimonides and, like it, doctor and philosopher, ...

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Abrahán Benveniste


Rabbi and Court Jew born in Soria, who dealt, along with Juan Hurtado de Mendoza and Don Álvaro de ...

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Abrahán Bibago

(¿-ca. 1489)

Thinker, translator and Jewish commentator of the works of Aristotle, also known as Abrahán Bivach....

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Abrahán Crescas

(s. XIV)

Jewish cartographer, born in Mallorca. In time the Kings Pedro IV of Aragon and his son Juan achieve...

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Abrahán de Toledo

(s. XIII)

Physician and Jewish translator, named Don Abraham the Alfaquin romance sources. It has been suggest...

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Abrahán de Torrutiel


Jewish, a native historian of Utiel (Valencia). In 1492, still a child, was forced to leave Spain an...

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Abrahán el Barchilón

(s. XIII)

Court Jew who lived in Toledo, though, as his name suggests, his family came from Barcelona. He/She ...

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Abrahán ibn Alfacar


Rabbi Jewish, Member of a prominent family of Grenadian origin that settled in Toledo after the arri...

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Abrahán ibn Daud


Jewish philosopher, born in Córdoba under the Almoravids. In his formative years became familiar wi...

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Abrahán ibn Ezra

(1089-ca. 1164)

Poet, philologist and exegete scientist Jewish, born in Tudela when it was still the city under the ...

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Abrahán ibn Muhayir

(s. XI-XII)

Physician, astronomer and Court Jew, a distinguished Sevillian family and leader of the Jewish commu...

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Abrahán ibn Sahl

(ca. 1212-ca. 1260)

Jewish poet, born in Seville and converted to Islam. Already in his youth won deserved fame with his...

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Abrahán Rimok

(s. XIV)

Teacher and Jewish exegete, born in Barcelona in the middle of the 14th century. His family, fleeing...

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Abrahán Saba


Jewish biblical commentator and preacher, Kabbalist, who probably lived in Zamora. His brother was s...

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Abrahán Salom


Thinker and Jewish writer, born in Cervera, that the Christian inhabitants of the city elected physi...

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Abrahán Senior


Court Jew who played an important role in the administration of the Kingdom of Castile in the second...

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Alejo Abreu


Portuguese doctor, died in 1630. He/She spent nine years in Angola, as a military physician. In 1622...

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Alexei A. Abrikosov


Russian physicist born on June 25, 1928 in Moscow, former Soviet Union. Nobel Prize in physics won t...

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Andrés José Abriol


French judge, born in Annovay in 1750 and died in Paris in 1828. After being director of a factory i...

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(ca. 1000 a.C.)

(Abessalom) Third son of David and Maaka, daughter of Talmay, King of Guesur. To avenge the honour o...

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Israeli sculptor born in Ashdod in 1964 and died in Paris in 1993.He discovered his vocation in Fran...

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Absalón de Lund


Archbishop of Lund, Primate of the Scandinavian Islands. Noted not only in the Church, but in State ...

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(s. XI a.C.) .

One of the sons of David, who lived in the 11th century BC. Rebelled repeatedly against his father, ...

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Abu 'Ali al-Husayn ibn 'Abd Allah ibn Sina


Philosopher and Arab scientist better known as Avicenna....

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Abu Baker Ibn Omar


Almoravid leader, he/she succeeded his brother Yahya Ibn Omar in the year 1056, at the head of the p...

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Abu Bakr


First Arab Caliph, a successor to his father-in-law, Mahoma, born in the year 570 in Mecca and died ...

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Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Yahya bn al-sa 'ig Ibn Bayya


Better known as AvempaceArab philosopher....

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Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi


Philosopher and physician known as Rhazes....

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Father-in-law of Mahoma, born in Mecca in 573 and died in Medina in 634; He/She was appointed Caliph...

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Tatar monarch Genjis Khan, born in 1605 and died in 1664. He/She abdicated shortly before his death ...

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Abu Hamid Muhahmmad ibn Muhahmmad al-Gazali


Philosopher, theologian and mystic Arab, better known as Algazel....

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Abu Hanifa ibn Thabet


Doctor of the Muslim law (alfaqui) belonging to the orthodox Islamic school of the hanifies, born in...

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Abu-Ibn-Hámid-Mohamed-Ebn-Mohamed Algazzali


See: Algazzali, Abu-ibn-hamid-mohamed-ebn-mohamed....

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Caliph of Baghdad, who succeeded his father Almutasem in 842 and died in 847. His nickname was Alwat...

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Abu Jihad


Palestinian politician, whose real name was Jalil al - Wazir, born in Ramleh in 1935 and died in Tun...

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Abú-l-Ula al-Watiq

(ca. 1230-1269)

Last Almohad Caliph of Morocco and Al - Andalus born in Baeza about 1230 and died in Wadí Agfú (Mo...

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Abú-l-Ula Idris al-Mamoun

(ca. 1184-1232)

Almohad Caliph of Morocco and Al - Andalus born in 1184 and died 17 October 1232 in Morocco.Son of Y...

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Abu-Mohamed Abd-al-Aziz Ben-Abd-al-Selam


See Ezz-Ed-Din....

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(s. XIII)

Ruler of the Arab Spain. Happened to Almostanserbila in 1224; It was discontinued that same year....

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Abú Muhammad Abdallah I al-Adil

(ca. 1192-1227)

Almohad Caliph born about 1192 and died 4 October 1227 in Morocco. As the Caliphate of Al - Andalus ...

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Abú Nasr Futuh. King of la taifa de Ronda

(¿-ca. 1066)

King of the taifa of Ronda born date unknown and died in 1065 or 1066. He/She held the Government si...

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Abu Nasr Muhammad bn Tarjan bn Uzlag al-Farabi


Better known as AlfarabiArab philosopher....

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Abu Nur ibn Qurra. King of la taifa de Ronda


First King of the taifa of Ronda born date unknown and died in 1057. His real name was Abu Nur Hilal...

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Abu Nuwas

(s. VIII)

Arabic poet, born in Iranian territory between 747 and 762, and died between 813 and 815. His father...

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Abul Abras Muwaffec Eddyn Ahmed Abu Osaibah


Arab philosopher and astronomer. It was by your spirit of controversy the nickname of Al - Mohacca (...

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Last sovereign of the Empire of Tamerlane, who was grandson, born in 1427 and died in 1469. Winner o...

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Abd El Rahasan Ben Muza Abu Tachefyn

(s. XII)

Last member of the dynasty of the Zyanzy, who occupied the throne of Tlemcen the year 1318. Was ambi...

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