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Agustín Abarca


Chilean painter, born in Talca on 27 December 1882 and died in Santiago de Chile on May 28, 1953. Di...

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Ana Francisca Abarca de Bolea

(ca. 1602-1685)

Narrator, poet and Cistercian religious Spanish, born in Zaragoza in April 19, 1602, and deceased in...

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Íñigo Abarca de Bolea

(s. XVI)

Poet and mystic Spanish scholar, born in Zaragoza in the 16th century. Belonging to an aristocratic ...

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(s. I-II)

Natural physician of Lyon, where exercised his art in the century I or II of our era. It was a liber...

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Abassa o Abbassa


Sister of Harun the Raschid, married by her brother in the year 810 Djafar the Barmecid, on the cond...

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Andrés Abate


Neapolitan painter of natural history who was born at the end of the 17TH century and died in 1732. ...

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Abati Antonio


Italian poet, born in Gubbio in the early years of the 17TH century and died in Sinigaglia in 1667. ...

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Raja of Bosnia, born in 1617. Irritated against Mustafa, rebelled under the pretext of avenging the ...

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Chief of the archipelago of the Pelew Islands, at the end of the 18th century. It is differentiated ...

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Uncle and disciple of Muhammad, born in Mecca by the years of 566 and died in 652. It is celebrated ...

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Abbas El Fassi

(1940 -VVVV)

Moroccan politician, born in Berkane, Morocco, on September 18, 1940. Prime Minister of Morocco sinc...

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Abbas Hilmi II


Last Egyptian khedive born in Alexandria on July 14, 1874 and died in Geneva in 1944. It was khedive...

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Crown Prince to the throne of Persia, son of Feth-Ali, born in 1783 and died in 1833. Despite being ...

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Antonio María Abbatini


Music of Italian composer, born about 1605 and died in 1675. He/She was music director of the Church...

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(s. XII)

French theologian of the 12th century, contemporary of Berenguer and Abelardo. There is no news abou...

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Theologian and French chronicler, born in Orleans in 945 and died in 1004. He/She studied all the Sc...

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Abbon el Encorvado


Monk of St. Germain de los Prados, called by the Encorvado nickname (in latin Abbo cernnus), that he...

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Antonio Abbondanti

(s. XVII)

Historian and Italian poet, also called Abundantius of Imola, who lived at the beginning of the 17TH...

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Second Arab viceroy of Spain, died in the year 717. He/She supported his father Muza, Lieutenant of ...

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Abd al-Aziz Ibn Saud III


Founder and first King of Saudi Arabia born in Riyadh in 1881 and died in Taif on November 9, 1953. ...

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Abd al-Malik

(ca. 973-1008)

Military leader of al - Andalus, firstborn son of Almanzor, born approximately in the 973 and died i...

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Abd al Melek Ibn Omar


One of the main viziers of Abd al - Rahman I, born in 718 and died in 788. He/She was Governor of Se...

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(s. VIII)

Ruler of the Arab Spain. His first term was the year 732 734. He/She tried to continue the war but d...

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Abd al-Mumin. Emir de Marruecos


First Amir of the Almohad dynasty (1130-1163), born in the year 1095, in the village of Tagra, next ...

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Abd al-Wahid I

(ca. 1165-1224)

Almohad Caliph born about 1165 and died in 1224. His full name was Abd al - Wahid ibn Yusuf ibn Abd ...

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Abd al-Wahid II al-Rasid


Almohad Caliph of Morocco and Al - Andalus born in 1218 and died December 5, 1242. During his ten ye...

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Abd El Hakk Ebn Ghalib


Theologian and Arabic poet who was born in the province of Granada in 1088 and died in Lorca in 1152...

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Abd el-Kader


Muslim Emir, religious and military leader regarded as the founder of Algeria, born in Guetna, a tow...

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Abd El Kadir Ben Mohammed

(s. XVI)

Arab writer originally from Medina, and native of the city of Jezihez, on the banks of the Tigris. H...

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Muslim, natural doctor Ghilon in Persia, died in 1165. He/She wrote the statutes of the sect of the ...

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Abd el-Krim


Moroccan politician, leader of the independence movement against Franco-Spanish dominance over Moroc...

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Abd El Melek-Ben-Meruan


Fifth Caliph of Damascus Ommiada. Succeeded his father, Meruan II, 685 year. He/She gave battle unto...

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Abd El Melek Ebn Halib Arsolami


Famous Arab writer, born in Córdoba in 801 and died in 854. The sect of the Malekitas introduced in...

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Al Asmai Abd El Melek Ebn Koseyb Albaheli


Arab scholar, born in Barah at 740 and died in Baghdad in 822. He/She lived at the Court of the famo...

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Abd El Melek Ebn Mohamed

(s. XII)

Arab historian, who lived in Seville in the second half of the 12th century. It cites a history of t...

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Abu Mansur Ath Thalebi Abd El Melek Ebn Mohamed


Persian writer, born in Nissapur in 961 and died in 1037. The are a collection of proverbs and a bio...

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Abd El Mottalib


Grandfather and guardian of Muhammad, born in 497 and died in 579. Its primitive name was Amer, but ...

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Abu Mohamed Abd El Mumen


First Caliph and second magnet of the sect and the Almohads dynasty, born in 1101 and died in 1163. ...

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Abd El Wahab


Founder of the sect of Wahhabis, born in 1692 and died in 1787. He/She studied at Ispahan, and after...

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African Prince, born in Timbuktu in the middle of the last century. Responsible for the command of a...

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Seventh emir or Arab Governor of Spain in the reign of the Caliph Yezid, died in 732. He/She used ea...

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Modern Arab historian, born in Cairo in the middle of the 18th century, and died in Constantinople i...

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Abd Melek I


Fifth Prince of the dynasty of the Samanids (which United in Persia and Transoxiana), who ascended t...

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Abd Melek II


Sultan of khorasan (Jurasan), new, last Prince of the dynasty of the Samanids, who succeeded his bro...

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Abdalla Ebn Hidjari


Arab historian who was born in Spain in 1116 and died in 1195. He/She wrote a history of Spain of wh...

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Fourth and last cherif of Wahhabis, executed in Constantinople in 1818. He/She succeeded his father ...

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Ahmed Abdallah


Politician President of his country in 1975 and again from 1978 to 1989, born on June 12, 1919 in An...

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Abdallah Ben Abdelmottalib


Father of Mahoma, born in Mecca toward the year 545 and died in 570. The only circumstance that make...

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Abdallah Ben Balkin

(s. XI)

Fourth and last ruler of Granada who succeeded his grandfather Badis in 1073, and died captive in Af...

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Ruler of Mecca, born in Medina in the first year of the Hegira, and died in Mecca in the year 692 a....

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Abul Walis Abdallah Ebn Mohamed


Arab historian who was born in Cordoba in 962 and died in 1013. He/She wrote a biographical dictiona...

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Abdallah-Ebn-Taib Abul-Faradj


Doctor Christian, of Iraq, of the sect of the Nestorians, dead to the 1043. He/She wrote commentarie...

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Abdallah I


Uncle of Abul-Abbas - Al - Saffah, first of the Caliphs Abasidas. He/She died in the 755. He/She won...

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(s. V)

Bishop and martyr of Susa, who lived at the beginning of the 5th century under the reign of Yerdedje...

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(s. XII)

Ruler of the Arabic Spain from the year 1130 to the 1163. Disciple of Mahdi, was proclaimed to his d...

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(s. VII-VI a.C.)

Eunuch of the King Sedecías, King of Judah that the Prophet Jeremiah was freedom....

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Abderrahmán al Gafiqui

(s. VIII)

Seventh Arab emir of Spain. He/She was born in the mid-7th century and died in the year 732. His Gov...

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Abderramán Ben Abdelaquen


Spanish, Muslim historian of Egyptian origin, killed in the 871. He/She is the author of a legend th...

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(Ab-di-khe-ba or go-khe-ba). Prince of Jerusalem, especially known for several letters located at Te...

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Abdias Ben Schalom

(s. VII)

Famous Rabbi of the seventh century of our era. He/She was one of the doctors that, as sure, came to...

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(s. VII a.C.)

The fourth of the twelve minor prophets who lived during the reign of Hezekiah, six hundred and twen...

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(s. I)

Famous impostor who claimed to be one of the seventy-two disciples of Jesus Christ and have had grea...

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(¿-1164 a.C.)

Tenth judge of the Israelites, of the tribe of Ephraim, one thousand one hundred and seventy-four ye...

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Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud o Ibn Saud


King and founder of the modern Kingdom of Saudi Arabia born in Riyadh in 1880 and died in Taif in 19...

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Abdul Hamid


Ottoman Emperor, born in 1725 and died on 6 September 1789. He/She succeeded his brother Mustafá II...

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Abdul Kerym

(s. XVIII)

Persian writer of the country from Kashmir, born in the middle of the 18th century. When Nadir Shah ...

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Abdul Medjid Ebn Ardum

(s. XI)

Arabic poet who lived at the end of the 11th century, best known under the name of Abdun. He/She was...

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Abdulhamit II o Abd al-Hamwd. Sultán otomano


Sultan of Turkey, born in Istanbul on September 21, 1842 and died in the same city on February 10, 1...

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al-Zagal Abdullah

(s. XV)

Brother of the emir of Granada, Abul Hasán (Muley make), and member of the Nasrid dynasty, was Gove...

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Abdullah Gül


Turkish politician, born on October 29, 1950 in Kayseri. 11th President of the Republic of Turkey. L...

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Abdullah ibn Abdul Kadir


Malaysian writer, born in Malacca, and son of a descendant family of Arabic and Tamil. He/She receiv...

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Abdullah ibn Husayn


King of Jordan born in Makkah in 1882 and died in Jerusalem in 1951. Emir of Transjordan between 192...

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(personaje bíblico)

According to the Bible, son of Adam and Eve, Cain's twin brother. This was the farmer, while Abel wa...

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Abel. King of Dinamarca


King of Denmark, which happened at 1250, through a murder his brother Eric, who had previously fough...

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Augusto Abelaira


Narrator, journalist and Portuguese University Professor, born in Cantanhede in March 1926 and died ...

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Abén Aboo


Spanish Moorish nobleman, born on date unknown in Bombarón Medina. He/She was one of the main warlo...

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Ardallah-Ben-Ahmed Aben Beithar


Botanical and Arab physician, born at the end of the 12th century, in a town near Malaga and died in...

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Aben Humeya


Spanish Moorish nobleman, born in 1520 and died to 1569, whose real name was Fernando de Córdoba an...

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Abu-Bekr-Mohamed-Ebn-El-Sayeg Aben-Pace o Ebn-Badjeh


Arab philosopher, born in Cordoba at the beginning of the 12th century and died in Fez in 1138. His ...

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Ali Aben Ragel

(s. XI)

Arab astrologer, who lived at the beginning of the 11th century in the time of the Caliph Mamun. His...

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