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Bertrand de Argentre


Historian and French Jurisconsult, born in Vitré in 1519 and died in 1590. His works manifested alw...

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Buenaventura Argonne


Attorney, man of letters and French cartujo was born in 1634 and died in 1704. The most notable of h...

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Benito Arias Montano


Humanist Spanish, an expert in biblical exegesis and Oriental languages, born in 1527 in Fregenal de...

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Benito Arias Salgado


Spanish politician, born in 1904. Doctor in philosophy and graduated in classical languages and huma...

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Bernardo Arias Trujillo


Colombian writer, born in Manzanares (Caldas) in 1903 and died in Manizales in 1939. He/She began hi...

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Bonaventura Carles Aribau i Farriols


Poet, public writer and Spanish statesman born in Sant Gervasi de Cassoles (Barcelona) November 4, 1...

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Bettina von Arnim


German writer, born in Frankfurt am Main in 1785 and died in Berlin in 1859. After the death of his ...

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Benito Arnold


US General, born January 14, 1741 in Norwich (Connecticut) and died in London on June 14, 1801, famo...

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Bernabé Arranz

(s. XIX)

Military Spanish born in Zaragoza, from which the data concerning the date of birth and place and da...

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Bartolomé Arteaga

(s. XVII)

Spanish, neighbor recorder of Seville, who lived at the beginning of the 17TH century. His works inc...

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Blanca Arundel


English Aristocrat, daughter of the Earl of Worcester and wife of Lord Arundel, born in 1583, and di...

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Bartolomé de Arzáns Orzúa y Vela


Writer and Spanish historian, born at the Villa Imperial de Potosí (within the ancient Viceroyalty ...

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Benita Asas Manterola


Essayist, educationist and Spanish feminist movement activist, born in San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa) i...

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Bryan Ashbridge


Dancer, producer and artistic director New Zealand, born in Wellington in 1926 and died in Melbourne...

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Ben Ezequiel Asher


Rabbi and Jewish writer, born in 1321. It was one of the luminaries of the synagogues of Spain, and ...

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Bailey K. Ashford


Military doctor of U.S. origin, born in Washington, D.C. on September 18, 1873 and died in San Juan ...

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Bonifacio Asioli


Italian composer musician, born in Correggio, in the Duchy of Modena in 1779, and died in 1842. He/S...

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Bashar al- o Asad Bachar el Assad


Head of the Syrian State, born in the Arab Republic of Syria in 1966, third of five children of Syri...

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Balthasar Van Der Ast


Dutch painter, specialized in flower painting. Born in Middelbourg in 1593 and died at Delft, in 165...

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Benito Aste

(s. XVII)

Spanish religious, born in Madrid, where he/she took the footwear Augustinian habit. He/She was the ...

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Blas Emilio Atehortúa


Musician and Colombian composer, born October 5, 1933 in Medellin. He/She began his musical studies ...

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Bernardo Atxaga


Novelist, poet and essayist Spanish in the Basque language, born in Asteasu (Guipúzcoa) on 27 July ...

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Benoit III Audran


Painter and printmaker born in Paris, in 1698 and died in the same city in 1772; son of Juan, engrav...

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Berthold Auerbach


German writer, born in Nordstetten bei Horb in 1812 and died in Cannes (France) in 1882. Jewish pare...

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Bille August


Director of Swedish cinema, born in Stockholm in 1948.LifeThe first approach of August image was due...

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Barón de Ameil Augusto


French General, born in 1715 and died in 1822. He/She made the wars of the Empire, and was locked up...

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Bernardino Auriferi


Sicilian botanist born in 1739 and died in 1796. He/She made several trips in Sicily for plants; He/...

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Benito Averani


Latin literary Italian, Member of the Academy of Crusca, and Professor of Greek literature and eloqu...

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Blas Axareto

(s. XV)

General of the galleys of Genoa in 1435. He/She won the naval battle of the island of Ponce, where h...

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Baltasar de Ayala


Spanish jurist, who was born in Antwerp in 1548 and died in 1584; He/She was auditor of war in the a...

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Bernabé Ayala


Spanish painter who lived in Seville in the 17TH century and died in 1670 or 1671. He/She was a pupi...

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Ba Jin o Pa Chin


Chinese writer born on November 25, 1904 in Chengdu, Sichuan province, and died in Shanghai on Octob...

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(s. XI a. C.)

Head of bandits, killed Ishbosheth, Saul's son, and sent the head to David, thinking to please him, ...

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(s. XIII)

Sectarian Turk, was presented at Amasia in 1240, and brought together a large number of henchmen, wh...

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Babchelym de Guzarate

(s. XI)

Indian Prince, who lived in the 11th century. He/She was placed on the throne of Guzarate by Mahmud ...

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Babe Zaharias


Nickname of the American athlete Mildred Zaharias-Didrikson....

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(siglos VIII y IX)

Sectarian Persian, called the libertine because their doctrines were murder and debauchery. He/She w...

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(s. I-II)

Fabulist and Greek poet, was born in Greece at the end of the first century of our era and lived dur...

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Singer-songwriter, musician and producer of pop music and rhythm and blues American, born with the r...

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A singer who represented Spain in the festival de Eurovision de 1981, whose full name is José Marí...

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Benito Bacchini


Italian man of letters, born in 1651 and died in 1721. He/She entered the order of St. Benedict, and...

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Baccio da Monte Lupo


Sculptor and Florentine architect, born in 1445 and died in 1533. His most notable works include scu...

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Burt Bacharach


Musical author, arranger and producer American, born in Kansas City (United States) in May 1928, tho...

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Greek poet of unknown age; be attributed to secret wills, which are cited in the report of Dinara ag...

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Baco de la Chapelle


French judge, born in date unknown and died in 1801. He/She was a member of the States-General in 17...

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(s. I a. C.)

Eunuch of Mithridates, killed the wife and children of this order, when he/she was defeated by Lucul...

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(s. II a. C.)

General Demetrius Soter. He/She went to Judea to restore Alcimo in the dignity of the sacrificer, an...

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(450 a.C.)

Greek lyric poet, Simonides of Cos nephew. He/She composed a large number of Odes, hymns and epigram...

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(s. II a. C.)

Bishop of Corinth. He/She wrote, according to Eusebius and Jerome, on the so controversial issue of ...

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Bacquio de Antiguo

(s. IV a. C.)

Greek musician. He/She is the author of a book entitled introduction to the musical art, which is ha...

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Bacquio el Tanagra

(300 a.C.)

Alexandria physician, disciple of Hierofilo. Galen quotes from it an epitome of pulse, reviews of se...

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(s. IV)

King of the Iberians. He/She reigned in the peoples inhabiting the Caucasus, beside the Caspian Sea....

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Baden Powell


Brazilian musician born on August 6, 1937 in Varre-e-Sai, a small town next to Rio de Janeiro and di...

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(of Gilwell), Robert Stephenson Smyth

Lieutenant general British, born on 22 February of the year 1857 in London, England and died on Janu...

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(s. VI)

Queen of Spain, reccared I, converted to Catholicism with the woman. It makes mention of it the Act ...

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Buenaventura Báez


Politician and Dominican military in the small town of Rincon, in the Department of Neiba (today Cab...

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Baltasar Baeza

(s. XVII)

Spanish preacher, of Portuguese origin. He/She was a preacher of the King of Spain. He/She left writ...

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(s. XVI)

Favourite Sultana of Amurates III, called Saffiie (the pure). He/She was the daughter of a Venetian ...

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Bartolomé Ramenghi Bagnacavallo


Italian painter of the Bolognese School, was a disciple of France and then entered the school of Raf...

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(ca. 350 a.C.)

Eunuch in the service of the Persian King Artaxerxes III, who poisoned in 338 BC to proclaim himself...

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(s. I a. C)

Followers of Herodes the great, King of Judea, which conspired because of the atrocities committed. ...

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(s. IV a. C)

Babylonian General who ordered the Citadel of Babylon, and handed to Alejandro Magno along with all ...

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Baha Allah


Nickname of the founder of the Islamic religious observance called the Bahá ' í faith. (See Mirza ...

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(s. V)

Sultan of Persia, was tutor to Noaman Sage. Having usurped their States such a Kesra, agreed that wo...

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Bahram o Varanes.


Name of several Sassanian Kings of Persia:-Bahram or Varanes I, King of Persia. King of Persia, who ...

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Bahya Ben Aser

(s. XIII)

Jewish exegete, Kabbalist, who lived in Zaragoza. He/She was a pupil of Solomon ben Adret in Barcelo...

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Bahya ibn Paquda


Jewish philosopher. He/She lived and wrote in the Muslim Zaragoza which, by that time, was an import...

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Benito Bails


Spanish mathematician, born in Barcelona in 1730, and died in Madrid in 1797. He/She studied first a...

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(médico francés del s. XVIII)

French naturalist and doctor. He/She was sent as a greater surgeon to Cayenne, where he/she was a co...

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(ca. 2495 a.C.)

(Ba-ka) Egyptian Prince, eldest son of Djedefre, King of the fourth dynasty. It is mentioned in a st...

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Bakenkhonsu I

(ca. 1310-1225 a.C.)

(Bak-n-Khnsw) First Prophet of Amun during the reign of Rameses II, the 19th Egyptian dynasty. Such ...

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Bakenkhonsu II

(ca. 1186-1172)

(Bak-n-Khnsw) First Prophet of Amun, son of Amenemope, head of the cams of the domain of Amun, and t...

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Bakennefy I

(ca. 815-790 a.C.)

(Bak-n-nfy) Monarch in the Egyptian area of Athribis and Heliopolis and son of Pharaoh Shoshenq III,...

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Bakennefy II

(ca. 750-728 a.C.)

(Bak-n-nfy) Monarch in the Egyptian area of Athribis and Heliopolis, mentioned in the stele of Piank...

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Bakennefy III

(ca. 700-665 a.C.)

(Bak-n-nfy) Monarch of the Egyptian region of Athribis and Heliopolis, son of Padiiset, who succeede...

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(ca. 790-785 a.C.)

(Bak-n-Ptah) Son of Pharaoh Takelot II, the XXII dynasty and younger brother of Prince and high prie...

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(ca. 660 a.C.)

(Bak-n-rnf) Egyptian vizier, who lived in the time of Psammético I, Pharaoh of the 26TH dynasty. Ba...

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(ca. 1765 a.C.)

(Ba-akh-di-li-im) Senior official of the Palacio de Mari (Tell Hariri, Syria), which served the King...

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(s. XIV a. C.)

Famous soothsayer. It was commissioned by the King of Moab to pronounce against the Israelites the c...

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Balakirev Milij Alexeievitch


Composer, conductor and pianist Russian. From 1855 he/she settled in Petersburgo, where he/she was a...

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