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Conrado Ackermann


Famous dramatic German actor, born in Schwerin in 1710 and died in Hamburg in 1771. It was that most...

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Cecilio Acosta


Writer, journalist, and humanist, born in San Diego de los Altos, State of Miranda, 3 February 1818 ...

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Cristóbal Acosta

(ca. 1525-ca. 1592)

Physician and naturalist of Portuguese origin, born in San Buenaventura (Cape Verde Islands) to 1525...

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Christofano dell Acqua

(s. XVIII)

Italian engraver who lived in Vicencio at the end of the 18th century. Among his works is cited a po...

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Claudio Acquaviva


Italian Jesuit who was the fifth general of the Compañía de Jesús from 1581 and successor of san ...

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Constantino Acropolita


Byzantine author, son of Jorge Acropolita, who lived in Constantinople in the second half of the 13t...

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Carlos Acuña


Writer and Chilean journalist, critic and editor of the Zig-Zag magazine. As a poet books are due to...

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Cristóbal de Acuña


Spanish missionary, born in Burgos in 1597 and died in Lima (Peru) in 1643. Rector of the Jesuit Col...

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Carolyn Adams


American dancer born on August 16, 1943, in New York. He/She began his studies of modern dance in hi...

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Charles Francis Adams


Politician and United States diplomat, born in Boston August 18, 1807 and died in that same city on ...

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Cord Sivartsen Adelaar


Danish Admiral, born in 1622 and died in 1675. He/She was in the service of Holland and then to the ...

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Conde de Angulema Ademaro


Count of Angoulême. He/She invaded the County with his brother Guillermo V. he removed to Matilde a...

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Conde de Poitiers Ademaro


Count of Poitiers, which seized the County of Rainulfo II died in 893. Held against Robert, brother ...

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Clément Ader


French aeronautical engineer born in Muret (Department of Haute Garonne, South of France) on Februar...

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Conde de Cleveris Adolfo I

(s. XIV)

Count of Cleves, elected Bishop of Münster in 1357. It re-established the order of bishops, whose p...

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Conde de Cleveris y de la Marck Adolfo II


Count of Cleves and Marck, born in 1371 and died in 1448. He/She had several wars, always with good ...

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Cristian Miguel Adolphi


German physician, born In Hirschberg, Silesia, in 1676, and died in 1753. He/She traveled in Germany...

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Catalina Fieschi Adorni


A poet, born in Genoa in 1443 and died in 1510. He/She was married with a Genoese nobleman of bad ha...

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Corneli Adriansen


Flemish preacher of the order of San Francisco; He/She was born in Dordrecht in 1521, and died in Ip...

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Camilo Affarosi


Italian Benedictine, was born at Reggio in 1680 and died in 1763. He/She left the following writings...

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Carlos Adolfo Agardh


Professor of Botany and rural economics in Lund in Sweden, Protestant Bishop of Carlstadt; He/She wa...

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Carolina Agazzi


Italian pedagogue, born in Volongo (Cremona) in 1870, and died in his hometown in 1945. For much of ...

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Carlos Agoult


French prelate, older brother of Agostini, Leonardo, was born in Grenoble in 1747 and died in Paris ...

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Condesa de Agoult


Distinguished German writer, known under the pseudonym of Daniel Stern; He/She was born in Frankfurt...

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Claudio Juan Agraeus

(s. XVII)

Swedish Juriconsulto of the 17TH century. Left written a play about the ancient laws of the country....

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Censorio Atico Agricio

(s. IV)

Rhetoric and Professor of literature belletristic in Bordeaux, that there was this activity towards ...

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Camilo Agripa

(s. XVI)

Philosopher, mathematician and Milanese architect of the 16th century. He/She went to Rome during th...

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Cástor Agripa

(s. II)

Ecclesiastical writer who lived during the reign of Adriano, to 128, and fought in written opinions ...

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Cayo Agripa

(s. I a.C.)

Son of Marcus Vespasian Agrippa and Julia, daughter of Augustus; It was adopted by the emperor with ...

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Concepción Agüero


Spanish-Cuban writer, born in Port au Prince (Cuba) in 1847, and died in 1896 in unknown place. Litt...

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Cristóbal Agüeros


Mexican Dominican, born in San Luis de la Paz around 1600 and died in 1670. He/She is the author of ...

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Carlos Enrique Aguila


Traveler and astronomer, whose life is little known is known only that he/she spent the last years i...

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Cristina Aguilá

(s. XX)

Spanish playwright of the 20th century, of which there are no known other data than those related to...

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Cristian Guillermo Ahlwardt


German philologist, who was born in 1760 and died in 1830. He/She studied in Greiffswald, his hometo...

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Claes H. Ahnsjö


Swedish tenor, born in Stockholm on August 1, 1942. After conducting studies of teaching at the Univ...

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Carlos Aigrefeuille

(s. XVIII)

French theologian of the 18th century, Canon of the Cathedral of Montpellier. He/She wrote a civil a...

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Conrad Potter Aiken


Poet and American Narrator, born in Savannah (Georgia) in 1889, and died in his place of origin in 1...

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Carlos Aikin

(s. XVIII)

English physician of the 18th century, formed part of the Royal College of surgeons in London. A bri...

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César Aira


Narrator, essayist and Argentine dramatist, born in 1949 in Coronel Pringles (in the province of Bue...

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Clemente Airó


Spanish writer, born in Madrid in 1919. He/She lived in exile in Colombia since 1941, where he/she s...

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Chantal Akerman


Director and screenwriter of Belgian cinema, born in Brussels (Belgium) on June 6, 1950.Fascinated b...

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Claude Akins


American actor born on May 25, 1926 in Nelson (Georgia) and died on 27 January 1994 in Altadena (Cal...

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Califa de Córdoba Al-Qasim ibn Hammud


Eighth cordovan Caliph of al - Andalus (1018-1021, 1023) and Governor of Seville born to 959 and die...

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Cosme Alamanni


Italian Jesuit, who was born in Milan by the years of 1559 and died in 1634. He/She was an enthusias...

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Cirilo Alameda y Brea


Spanish religious born 14 July 1781 in Torrejón de Velasco (Madrid), and died in Madrid, on June 30...

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Conde de Ampurias y Rosellón Alarico

(ca. 790-844)

Count of Ampurias and Roussillon, born to 790 and died in 844. The historian D'abadal considered an ...

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Conde de Alba-litta


Italian historian, who was born in 1759 and died in 1832. He/She wrote a work on the illustrious Ita...

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Carlos Albacini

(siglos XVIII-XIX)

Roman sculptor, who lived at the end of the 18th century and early 19th. In 1780 he/she made two mon...

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Cristina Alberdi Alonso


Politics and Spanish lawyer, born on 22 February 1946 in Los Rosales (Sevilla). He/She was Minister ...

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Coriolano Alberini


Argentine philosopher, born in Milan (Italy), and died in Buenos Aires. Professor of philosophy at t...

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Conde de Holanda Alberto


Count of Holland, who died in the Hague in 1404. His relationship with Adelaida Ploelgeest, her love...

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Cardenal Obispo de Magdeburgo Alberto II


Count of Hallermonde, Cardinal Bishop of Magdeburg, who died in 1232. In 1210, as a legacy of the Ho...

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Conde de Sternberg Alberto III

(s. XIV)

Count of Sternberg, Archbishop of Magdeburg, who died at the end of the 14th century. He/She was app...

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Cardenal de Magdeburgo y de Maguncia Alberto V


Cardinal Archbishop of Magdeburg and Mainz, who died in 1545. He/She was the son of Juan, elector of...

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Ceoinio Rufio Albino

(s. IV y V)

Roman politician who lived between the IV and V and became prefect of Rome in the year 389-391. It w...

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Cayo Pedo Albinovano

(43 a.C.-17 d.C.)

Roman, friend and contemporary poet Ovid. He/She composed a poem about the exploits of Germanic, of ...

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Claudio Francisco de Albon


French writer descended from the family of this name, born in Lyon in 1753 and died in Paris in 1788...

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Carmen Alborch Bataller


Spanish politics, born in Castellon de Rugat (Valencia) on October 31, 1947, who was Minister of cul...

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Cristian Albrecht


German Protestant missionary sent to Africa by the London Missionary Society. It penetrated into the...

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Carlos Albret


Constable of France, belonging to the aforementioned family. It formed part of the expedition to Afr...

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César Albret


Marshal of France, who was born in 1614 and died in 1676. It is found in sites of Mardick and Dunkir...

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Cayetano Alcázar Molina


Spanish historian, born in Madrid on 27 March 1897, and died on August 19, 1958 in Santander. Profes...

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Carlos Alcolea


Spanish painter, born in a Coruña in 1949 and died in Madrid in 1992. It is one of the representati...

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Cosme de Aldana


Spanish writer born in Valencia (ca. 1537-1578). Brother of the poet Francisco de Aldana, following ...

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Carmen Aldunate


Chilean painter, born in Viña del Mar in 1940, one of the most outstanding representatives of the a...

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Carlos Aldunate Solar


Chilean lawyer, born in 1856 and died in 1931. In 1886 he/she was appointed Professor of Civil law a...

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Ciro Alegría


Peruvian novelist, born in Sartibamba, Huamachuco, in 1909, and died in Lima on 17 February 1967. Hi...

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Carlos Alegría Salinas


Chilean artist, born in Putaendo, province of Aconcagua, on July 18, 1882 and died on September 22, ...

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Clara Isabel o "Claribel Alegría" Alegría Vides


Poet, Narrator, essayist and translator Salvadoran, born in 1924 in Esteli (Nicaragua). It possesses...

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Cristóbal Alemán

(siglos XV-XVI)

End of the 15th century and beginning of the 6th century Spanish painter. He/She painted the first s...

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condes y duques de Alenzon

(s. X-XVI)

Noble family of France dating back to the 10th century, and ending in Carlos, Duke of Alençon, died...

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Conde de Ampurias y Rosellón Alerán

(s. IX)

Count of Ampurias and Roussillon, born and died in date unknown, in the 9th century. Dark character ...

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conde de Troyes y conde de Barcelona. Alerán


Third count of Barcelona, whom the French monarch Carlos Calvo named in the year 844 Marquis of Goth...

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Carlos Aleyn


English poet who was born at the end of the sixteenth century and died in 1640. He/She composed two ...

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Carlos Alfaro Gutiérrez


Poet, Narrator, engineer and director of Spanish cinema, born in Madrid in 1947. Although the academ...

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Califa de al-Andalus Alí ibn Hammud


Sixth cordovan Caliph of al - Andalus (1016-1018), the first not belonging to the dynasty of the Uma...

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Califa abasida Alkadir-Billah


Twenty second Caliph of the Abbasids dynasty, born in Baghdad in 947 and died in 1041. It happened t...

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Cristóbal Allegrain


French sculptor, born in Paris in 1710 and died in 1795. He/She made some statues commissioned by ma...

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Carlos Allioni


Famous Italian botanist, born in 1725 and died in 1804. He/She was Professor in Turin and member of ...

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Cristóbal Allori


Son and disciple of Alejandro Allori, history and landscape painter. He/She was born in Florence in ...

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