Biographies that begin by the letter: D Approximately 1580 results

Diego Anaya y Maldonado


Spanish prelate. He/She was born in Salamanca in 1360 and died at about 1440. It was schoolmaster of...

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Diana de. Condesa de Guiche Andouins


Lover of Henry IV of France. He/She was born around the year 1554 and died in 1620. It is generally ...

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Diego Paira de Andrada


Portuguese theologian. He/She was born in Coimbra in 1528 and died in 1575. He/She was the son of th...

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Dolores Andrade


Ecuadorian sculptor, born in 1954 in Quito. He/She studied in the school of fine arts and the Facult...

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Domingo de Andrade


Natural architect of Galicia, documented from 1639 until 1712, date in which dies in Santiago de Com...

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David Andrews


Irish politician, born in Dublin in March 1936. The Decade of the nineties of the twentieth century ...

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Domingo Anel


French surgeon, he/she was born around 1679 and died towards the 1730. He/She is known for having in...

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Dolors o "Lola Anglada" Anglada i Sarriera


Painter, ceramist and Spanish writer, born in Barcelona on October 29, 1892 and died in his hometown...

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Diego Angulo Iñiguez


Historian and University Professor, born in Valverde del Camino (Huelva) in 1901 and died in Seville...

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Diego Euclides de Angulo y Lemos


Colombian statesman and conservative politician. He/She was born on November 12, 1841 in Popayán (C...

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Demetrio Sergievitch Anitchkok


Philosopher and mathematician Russian, Professor at the University of Moscow; He/She was born in 174...

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Duque de Espoleto Anscario


Duke of Spoleto, Berenguer's brother, King of Italy; It happened to Theobald I the year 935, and die...

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Duque de Espoleto Ansprando

(s. VIII)

Duke of Spoleto, lived in the second half of the 8th century. His uncle Liutprando gave the Duchy to...

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Dinastía de los. Antoninos


Roman imperial dynasty that reigned over the years of maximum splendor of the Empire (from 96 BC to ...

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dom Antonio


Portuguese religious born in Lisbon in 1531 and died in Paris in 1595. Natural son of the infante do...

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Duque de Lorena Antonio


Duke of Lorraine, son of Renato II, whom he/she succeeded in 1508. He/She accompanied the King of Fr...

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Dionisio Apres de Mannevillette


Marine and French hydrographer born in 1707 and died in 1780. He/She gathered and corrected all the ...

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Dominique François Jean Arago


Famous French astronomer born in Estagel, near Perpignan, in 1786 and died in Paris in 1853.As physi...

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Diego de Aranda

(s. XVI)

Spanish sculptor of the 16th century, born in Granada. It was a disciple and friend of Diego de Silo...

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Débora Arango Pérez


Painter and watercolorist Colombian born on November 11, 1907 in the city of Medellín and died on 4...

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Doctor Alejandro Arboreda

(s. XVII-1700)

He was born in Valencia in mid-17TH century. He/She wrote several poems and published fable of Cepha...

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Diane Arbus


American photographer, born in New York in 1923 and died in the same city in 1971.Diane Nemerov, bir...

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Denys Arcand


Director and Canadian screenwriter born on 25 June 1941 in Deschambault (Quebec. Canada).LifeStudied...

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Daniel Arenas Martín


Poet and Spanish philologist, born in 1945 in Azuaga (Badajoz). Degree in Hispanic Philology from th...

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Donato de Arenzana

(s. XVIII)

Poet of circumstances and natural novelist of Seville. He/She was a priest. His most important work ...

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Darío Argento


Screenwriter, director, producer, composer and actor of Italian cinema born in Rome on September 7, ...

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Daniel Argimon


Spanish painter born in Sarrià (Barcelona) in 1929 and died in Barcelona, Spain in 1996. He/She stu...

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Diego de Argumosa Obregón


Spanish physician, born in Puente de San Miguel (Santander) in 1792 and died in Torrelavega (Santand...

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Damián Arias de Peñafiel


Actor Spanish the most distinguished, which won the praise of the illustrious Caramuel, who told him...

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Darío Arizmendi Posada


Colombian journalist born in Medellín in 1945. He/She studied journalism at the universities of Mad...

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Desi Arnaz


Artistic name Desiderio Alberto Arnez and Acha, director and Cuban singer born in Santiago de Cuba o...

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Duque de Güeldres Arnoldo


Duke of Gelderland, the House of Egmond; He/She was born in 1410 and died in 1475. Having given rise...

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Dinastía. Árpád


Royal dynasty of Hungary, which remained on the throne between the 11th and 13th. Its origin dates b...

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Duarte Madeira Arraes


Portuguese physician, added the Court of Juan IV; He/She died in 1652. Among his works the following...

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Dolores Arráez de Lledó


Playwright and Spanish poet, born in Granada in the first half of the 19th century, and died in his ...

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Dionisio. Arriola


Natural place of Godoy, Bishop of Lugo. Cistercian monk, he/she read sacred theology at the Universi...

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Diego Arroyo


Illuminator or miniature Spanish painter, born in 1498 and died in 1551. It is believed that he/she ...

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Diego Arruda

(s. XVI)

Main cultivator of Portuguese Manueline style. His most important work is the ship and the Chapter H...

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Domingo Arteaga Alemparte


Writer, poet, and Chilean journalist, born in the southern city of Concepción in 1835 and died in S...

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Débora Ascarelli

(s. XVI)

Jewish poet, born in Rome in the second half of the 16th century. It was very versada in Hebrew and ...

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Domingo Ascaso Budría


Leading Spanish anarcho-syndicalist. Baker's office, belonged, like his brothers Francisco and Joaqu...

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Diego de Astor

(s. XVII)

Spanish engraver, born in Toledo at the end of the 16th century. He/She was a pupil of el Greco, and...

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Diego de Astorga y Céspedes


Spanish Cardinal; born in Calpe, Alicante, in 1656, and died in Madrid, in 1754. He/She held the arc...

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Diego de Astudillo

(ca. 1480-ca. 1536)

Humanist and Spanish philosopher, born in Astudillo to 1480 and died around 1536. Belonging to the D...

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Dionisio Atanagi


Italian man of letters, born in 1510 and died in 1570. His most notable works are: humorous letters ...

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David Atherton


English Orchestra conductor, born in Blackpool on January 3, 1944. He/She studied piano and conducti...

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Dionisio Atico

(s. I a.C.)

Rhetoric, a native of Pergamum, who lived about fifty years B.c. He/She was a disciple of the famous...

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Dino Attanasio


Cartoonist and Italian screenwriter born in Milan in 1925, even if installed in Belgium in 1948. It ...

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David Attenborough


Producer and presenter of television, naturalist, zoologist, anthropologist, geologist and British w...

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Daniel François Esprit Auber


French composer, son of a courtier of Luis XVI. He/She was musically educated in the United Kingdom,...

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Didier Auriol


French rally driver born on August 18, 1958 in Montpelier. He/She was world champion in 1994.He earn...

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Dominique Aury


French writer, author of Histoire D'o (1954) prohibited erotic novel for years that marked the 1960s...

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Décimo Magno Ausonio


Born in Bordeaux at the beginning of the 4th century Latin writer. This scholar's profile correspond...

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Duque de. Austria


See Martel, Carlos . Duke of Austria (689-741).See Leopold, Duke of Austria (1157-1194).See Alberto ...

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Diego Avellaneda


Jesuit, theologian and writer out-done, natural of Granada, died in Toledo in 1598. There are two wo...

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Diego Collantes de Avellaneda

(s. XVII)

Famous Spanish lawyer of the 17TH century, native of Guadalajara. He/She is not known more than a wo...

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Diego de Avendaño

(s. XVII)

Spanish painter who lived in Valladolid in 1661. He/She was one of the artists who competed in that ...

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Daniel Axtel

(s. XVII)

English Colonel, had some role in the revolution of that country during the 17TH century. He/She ent...

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Daniel Ayala Pérez


Composer, violinist and Orchestra director Mexican. He/She was born in Abala (1908) and died in Vera...

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Dan Aykroyd


Canadian actor, whose real name is Daniel Edward Aykroyd, born July 1, 1952 in Ottawa.Life.It grows ...

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Diego de Azambuja

(s. XV)

Navigator of Portuguese origin of the 15th century that in 1481, by order of Juan II, to form off th...

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Dr. João de Azevedo Carneiro Maia


Jurist, historian and writer Brazilian, born in Resende (Rio de Janeiro) on 21 may 1820 and died in ...

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don Andrés Azevo y Vega


Born in the village of Oraz, Bishop of Mondoñedo. He/She was a schoolboy of the Colegio Mayor de Fo...

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Domingo Alberto Azuni


Italian jurist, who was born in Sardinia in 1760 and died in 1821. He/She was President of the Court...

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Dirck van Baburen

(ca. 1595-1624)

Dutch painter, born with the name Theodor (or Theodoor) Baburen in Utrecht, to 1595, and died in the...

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David Bacrevantalzy

(s. VII)

Armenian theologian. Emperor Constantine commissioned him in 647 to restore the union between the Gr...

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Domènec o Domingo "Ali-Bey" Badia i Leblich


Spyware and Spanish adventurer, also known by his false name of Ali-Bey. He/She was born in Barcelon...

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Derick Baegert


German painter of which there are few data concerning his birth and training. It is possible that he...

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Diego de Baeza


Theologian and Spanish preacher, born in Ponferrada in 1582 and died in Valladolid in 1647. He/She e...

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Daniel Bageton


Jurisconsult and French poet, born in 1678 and died in 1757. It was complicated in the Cellamare con...

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Dominique Bagouet


Dancer, choreographer and French musician, born in 1951 and died in Montpellier on December 9, 1992,...

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David Bailey


British photographer born in Leytonstone (England) on January 2, 1938.LifeBorn in the bosom of a hum...

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Derek Bailey


Composer and British guitarist born on January 29, 1930 in Sheffield and died on 25 December 2005 in...

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Donovan Bailey


Canadian athlete of Jamaican origin, born in Manchester (Jamaica) on 16 December 1967, considered on...

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Dame Janet Baker


British mezzo-soprano born on August 21, 1933 in the town of Hatfield, in the County of Yorkshire. H...

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Decio Celio Balbino

(s. III)

Roman Emperor. After having been a Senator and consul, he/she was chosen to share the Empire with Pu...

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Dalton Baldwin


American pianist, born in Summit (NJ) on December 19, 1931. He/She studied at the Juilliard School i...

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Domenico Balestrieri


Italian poet in Milanese dialect, born in Milan in 1714 and died in his hometown in 1780. One of the...

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Diógenes Ballester


Puerto Rican painter, born in Ponce in 1956. He/She began his studies at the school of Visual Arts M...

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Domingo de Baltanás y Mejía


Religious Spanish Dominican, born in Villanueva del Arzobispo in 1488 and died in Alcalá de los Gaz...

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