Biographies that begin by the letter: D Approximately 1580 results

Don José Alarcas Velázquez Sarmiento

(s. XVIII)

He was born in Penella (Portugal). He/She wrote a collection of Royal Genealogies. (Lisbon, 1754, in...

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Diego Alarcón


Spanish Jesuit, who was born in Albacete at the end of the 16th century, and died in 1624. His writi...

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Diego Alava y Esquivel


Spanish prelate, who was born in Vitoria at the end of the 15th century, and died in 1562. He/She wa...

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Dionisio y Jorge Alband

(s. XVIII)

Inventors of a system to fertilize the lands wastelands. In 1773 did at Pau a public trial of its sy...

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Dame Emma Albani


Canadian soprano, born in Chambly (Quebec) on November 1, 1847 and died in Kensington (London) on Ap...

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Duque de Espoleto Alberico


Lombard Knight, appointed Marquis of Comerino Berenguer I. Married to Marozia, daughter of Theodore,...

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Domenico Alberti

(ca. 1710-1746)

Composer, harpsichordist and Italian singer born in Venice around 1710 and died in Rome October 14, ...

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Duque de Brunswick Alberto I


Called the great, Duke of Brunswick, who died in 1278. He/She was the son of Otto and left States wi...

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Duque elector de Sajonia Alberto I


Elector Duke of Saxony, who died in 1260. It happened in 1212 the Duke Bernard, his father. He/She g...

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Duque de Austria Alberto II


Duke of Austria, son of the Emperor Alberto I, born in 1298 and died in 1358. He/She was the fourth ...

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Duque de Brunswick Alberto II


Duke of Brunswick, called the FAT or the young, second son of Alberto I, who died in 1318. He/She in...

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Duque de Mecklemburgo Alberto II


Duke of Mecklenburg, who died in 1375. It happened with very young age, along with his brother Juan,...

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Duque elector de Sajonia Alberto II


Duke elector of Saxony, son of Alberto I, who died in 1298. It was at Heritage high Saxony, and sett...

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Duque de Austria Alberto III


Duke of Austria, son of Alberto the prudent, who was born in 1349 and died in 1395. He/She inherited...

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Duque elector de Sajonia Alberto III


Elector Duke of Saxony, who died in 1422. It happened at 1418 Rodolfo, his brother and was confirmed...

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Duque de Austria Alberto IV


Called the pious, Duke of Austria, only son of Alberto III, who was born in 1379 and died in 1414. H...

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Duque de Mecklemburgo Alberto IV


Duke of Mecklenburg, son of Alberto III, who reigned for some years under the tutelage of his cousin...

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Duque de Austria Alberto V


Duke of Austria, known as the emperor with the name Alberto II; He/She was born in 1398 and died in ...

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Decio Clodio Albino

(s. II)

Roman General in the time of Marcus Aurelius and comfortable which was under the command of the legi...

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Diego Felipe Albornoz

(s. XVII)

The 17TH century Spanish writer, Canon of the Cathedral of Cartagena. It owes its reputation to a po...

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Domingo Albrion

(s. XVI)

Spanish sculptor of the 16th century. Yours are among other statues of Aaron and Melquisedee, which ...

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Duarte Coello de Alburquerque


Portuguese Governor of San Salvador, who died in Madrid in 1658. He/She made his first expedition to...

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Dionisio Alcalá Galiano


Dionisio Alcalá-Galiano. Naval Museum. Madrid.Spanish navigator, born in Cabra (Córdoba) in 1762,...

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Diego de Alcántara


Architect and Spanish sculptor, who died in 1587. He/She practiced his profession in Toledo and was ...

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Dionisio de Alcedo y Herrero


Spanish officer born in Madrid April 8, 1690, and died in the same city in 1777. He/She served as Ma...

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Daniel Aldana


Military and Colombian politician, born in blanket (Cundinamarca) 1831 or 1832 and died on September...

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Dinastía. Alejo


Dynasty of Byzantine emperors and despots of Epiro, Wallachia and the Thessaly. Core members are:- A...

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Doña Felipa Alencarter


From the Royal family of Portugal; He/She was born in Coimbra in 1435. He/She was skilled in differe...

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Dolors Aleu i Riera


Pediatrician and gynecologist Spanish, born in Barcelona on April 3, 1857 and died in his hometown o...

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Doctor Don Andrés Alfonsello

(s. XV)

Canon of Girona, which flourished in the 15th century, and wrote a few notes about very interesting ...

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Domingo Alfonso


Cuban poet, born in 1935 in Matanzas. It is one of the authors of the so-called "generation of the 5...

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Diego de Almagro

(ca. 1478-1538)

Spanish conquistador born in Almagro (Ciudad Real) in vague date (1478 or 1480 probably) and died in...

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Duarte Almeida

(s. XV)

Ensign of the Royal banner in the time of Alfonso V of Portugal. In the battle of Toro, they cut off...

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Dámaso Alonso


Writer, poet, critic and Spanish philologist, born in Madrid in 1898 and died in the same town on Ja...

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Dora Alonso


Storyteller, poet, essayist and Cuban journalist, born in Matanzas on December 22, 1910 and died in ...

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David Alopous


Russian diplomat, born in 1769 and died in 1831. He/She was Minister of Russia in Sweden and signed ...

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Daniel van Alphen


Dutch jurist, born in 1713 and died in 1797. He/She was a Professor of both rights at the University...

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Daniel Salvador. Alvarado


Ecuadorian sculptor, born in Cuenca. From an early age he/she felt inclination towards sculpture, be...

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Diego de Alvarado

(s. XVI)

Cousin, Spanish conquistador of the conquistadors Pedro and Jorge de Alvarado. Ignore the dates and ...

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Diego. "Caramurú" Alvares Correia


Portuguese colonizer, known among the indigenous peoples of Brazil with the name of Caramuru. He/She...

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Darío Álvarez Basso


Venezuelan painter, born in 1966 in Caracas. In 1983 he/she attended as a free student of the Facult...

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Diego Álvarez Chanca

(ca. 1450-1515)

Physician and scientist Spanish in Seville-born about 1450 and died in the same city in 1515. Having...

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Domingo Pantaleón Álvarez de Abreu


Spanish religious born 27 July 1683 in Santa Cruz de La Palma. He/She studied Latin and philosophy i...

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Diego Álvarez de Paz


Theologian and Spanish Jesuit, born in Toledo in 1560 and died in Potosí in 1620. He/She entered th...

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Diego Álvarez

(ca 1550-1635)

Spanish Dominican, born in Rioseco (Soria) in the middle of the sixteenth century and died in Trani ...

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David Álvarez Díez


Spanish businessman born in Cremens (León) in 1927. Creator of Eulen group, has managed to form one...

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Diego de Alvear y Ponce de León


Marino and Spanish geographer, born in Montilla (Córdoba) in 1749 and died in Madrid in 1830.LifeSo...

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Duque de Saboya Amadeo IX


Ninth Duke of Savoy, called the blessed, son of Luis II and Anne, daughter of the King of Cyprus. He...

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Domingo Amadesi


Italian poet who was born in Bologna in 1657 and died in 1730. His poems were published initially un...

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Duque de Gascuña Amando

(s. VII)

Duke of Gascony, father-in-law of Charibert and brother of the King of France Dagobert I, with whom ...

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Diogo Pinto de Freitas do Amaral


Professor and Portuguese politician born in Póvoa de Varzim (Porto district) on July 27, 1941. He/S...

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de Evreux Amauri I


Count of this title, nephew of Guillermo, the death of which the King of England Henry Iseized the C...

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de Evreux Amauri II


Eldest son of Amauri I, who was succeeded in the counties of Evreux and Monfort in 1137; He/She died...

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de Evreux Amauri III

(s. XII)

Son and successor of Simon in 1181; Felipe Augusto de Francia sold the County of Évreux. Luis, son ...

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Domenico Ambrogi

(s. XVII)

Italian painter of the 17TH century, native of Bologna. His main works are landscapes, frescoes and ...

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Don Ameche


Actor of film and theater, born in Kenosha, Wisconsin (United States) on May 31, 1908, and died in L...

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Dominic Félix Amici


Actor of film and theater, real name Dominic Félix Amici. He/She was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin (Un...

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Domingo Amunátegui Solar


Lawyer, historian and Chilean politician, born on October 20, 1860 in Santiago and died in Santiago ...

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Delfina del Vienés Ana


Delfina of the Viennese, who succeeded his brother Juan I in their States in 1282, and was sovereign...

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Dulce Anaya


Dancer, choreographer and Cuban Director, born on December 26, 1933, whose original name is sweet ho...

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Diego Anaya y Maldonado


Spanish prelate. He/She was born in Salamanca in 1360 and died at about 1440. It was schoolmaster of...

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Diana de. Condesa de Guiche Andouins


Lover of Henry IV of France. He/She was born around the year 1554 and died in 1620. It is generally ...

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Diego Paira de Andrada


Portuguese theologian. He/She was born in Coimbra in 1528 and died in 1575. He/She was the son of th...

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Dolores Andrade


Ecuadorian sculptor, born in 1954 in Quito. He/She studied in the school of fine arts and the Facult...

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Domingo de Andrade


Natural architect of Galicia, documented from 1639 until 1712, date in which dies in Santiago de Com...

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David Andrews


Irish politician, born in Dublin in March 1936. The Decade of the nineties of the twentieth century ...

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Domingo Anel


French surgeon, he/she was born around 1679 and died towards the 1730. He/She is known for having in...

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Dolors o "Lola Anglada" Anglada i Sarriera


Painter, ceramist and Spanish writer, born in Barcelona on October 29, 1892 and died in his hometown...

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Diego Angulo Iñiguez


Historian and University Professor, born in Valverde del Camino (Huelva) in 1901 and died in Seville...

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Diego Euclides de Angulo y Lemos


Colombian statesman and conservative politician. He/She was born on November 12, 1841 in Popayán (C...

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Demetrio Sergievitch Anitchkok


Philosopher and mathematician Russian, Professor at the University of Moscow; He/She was born in 174...

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Duque de Espoleto Anscario


Duke of Spoleto, Berenguer's brother, King of Italy; It happened to Theobald I the year 935, and die...

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Duque de Espoleto Ansprando

(s. VIII)

Duke of Spoleto, lived in the second half of the 8th century. His uncle Liutprando gave the Duchy to...

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Dinastía de los. Antoninos


Roman imperial dynasty that reigned over the years of maximum splendor of the Empire (from 96 BC to ...

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dom Antonio


Portuguese religious born in Lisbon in 1531 and died in Paris in 1595. Natural son of the infante do...

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Duque de Lorena Antonio


Duke of Lorraine, son of Renato II, whom he/she succeeded in 1508. He/She accompanied the King of Fr...

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Dionisio Apres de Mannevillette


Marine and French hydrographer born in 1707 and died in 1780. He/She gathered and corrected all the ...

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Dominique François Jean Arago


Famous French astronomer born in Estagel, near Perpignan, in 1786 and died in Paris in 1853.As physi...

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Diego de Aranda

(s. XVI)

Spanish sculptor of the 16th century, born in Granada. It was a disciple and friend of Diego de Silo...

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Débora Arango Pérez


Painter and watercolorist Colombian born on November 11, 1907 in the city of Medellín and died on 4...

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