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Enrique Amorim


Uruguayan writer born in Salto, within a family of the cattle bourgeois, of father of Portuguese ori...

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Eladio Amorós Cervigón


Bullfighter Spanish, born in Madrid on September 27, 1903 and died in Salamanca on July 28, 1987. Du...

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Eligio Ancona


Politician, writer and Mexican historian, opponent of the Empire and supporter of the Republic. Born...

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Eduardo Andaluz


Argentine painter, born in 1946 in olive trees. Their formation and activities are mainly of ceramis...

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Eddie "Rochester" Anderson


American actor born on September 18, 1905 in Oakland (California) and died on February 28, 1977 in L...

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Edmundo Anderson


English jurist, was born in 1540 and died in 1605. He/She was one of the Commissioners appointed to ...

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Enrique Anderson Imbert


Writer, novelist and literary critic Argentine, born in Córdoba (Argentina) on February 12, 1910 an...

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Elizabeth Anderton


Dancer, teacher and British Director, born in London on May 28, 1938. He/She studied dance at the sc...

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Enrique Anderton

(s. XVII)

English painter of the 17TH century; He/She visited Rome, studied the old and left very dear landsca...

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Emperador de China Andi o Liu Yu


Chinese emperor of the dynasty have Eastern, born in year 1994 with the name of Liu Yu and died in 1...

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Emperador de China Andi


Chinese emperor of the Eastern Jin dynasty, who died in the year 418, ascended to the imperial thron...

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Ed-Din Hunein Andju

(s. XVII)

Persian writer of the 17TH century. Also called the Naba Fakr Ed-Din Hasan Djemal. He/She was one of...

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Eugénio de Andrade


Portuguese poet, born in Póvoa de Atalaia on January 19, 1923 and died in Porto on June 13, 2005, w...

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Esteban Andreewski


Russian doctor, died in 1818; It served as a military surgeon, formed the first quarantine regulatio...

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Elena Andrés Hernández


Spanish poet, born in Madrid in 1929. Dumped from his youth to the study of humanistic knowledge and...

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Esteban Andreu Faussat


Spanish military of French origin born in Seix (Ariège), April 5, 1777 and died in Manresa (Barcelo...

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Enrique Andrews


English botanist, who lived at the end of the 18th century and early 19th. He/She published a newspa...

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Elena Ivanovna Andreyanova


Russian dancer, born 13 July 1819 in Petersburgo and died in Paris on October 26, 1857.He graduated ...

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el Antiguo Andrómaco

(s. I)

Greek physician, called the old; It was natural of Crete, born between 54 to 68. He/She was doctor o...

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el Joven Andrómaco

(s. I)

Greek physician, who lived in the first century of our era; He/She is believed to be son of Andróma...

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Edmundo Andros


English Governor of Northern America; He/She was born in 1657 and died in 1713. He/She served in the...

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Eduardo Anguita


Chilean writer born in Santiago in 1914 and died in 1992. It was part of the literary group gathered...

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Ernest Ansermet


Swiss Orchestra conductor; He/She was born in Vevey on 11 November 1883 and died in Geneva on Februa...

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el Cleofantino Antígenes

(s. III a.C.)

Greek physician, disciple of Cleofantes and teacher of Mnemon, who lived in the reign of Tolomeo Eve...

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el Cíclope Antígono

(385-301 a.C.)

Alejandro Magno General, surnamed the Cyclops, born the year 385 BC, and obtained the Pamphylia, the...

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el Tránsfuga Antíoco Delgea

(s. II a.C.)

Greek sophist, nicknamed "the defector", pupil of Dionisio of Miletus, lived in the 2nd century BC a...

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El Ilustre. Antíoco IV

(200-164 a.C.)

King of Syria, called Epiphanes or illustrious, son of Antiochus III. He/She was born around the yea...

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Eugene Antoniadi


French astronomer, son of Greek parents, which was devoted to the observation of the planets, especi...

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Ernesto Augusto de Melo Antunes


Military and Portuguese politician, born in 1933 and died on 10 August 1999; He/She had a major role...

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Esteban de Antuñano


Industrial and Mexican Economist, born in Veracruz in 1792, and died in the city of Puebla in 1847. ...

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Elelanor d' Antuono


Dancer, teacher and American artistic director, born in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1939.He studied ...

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Eulalia Anzizu I Vila


Writer and religious Spanish, born in Barcelona on May 18, 1868, and deceased in his hometown, in th...

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Edgar J. Anzola


Journalist, photographer, comedian and precursor of cinema and national radio. He/She was born in Vi...

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Eustaquio Aoust


French General, was born in 1763 and died in 1794. He/She served in the early campaigns of the Repub...

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Eduarda Adelina Aparicio y Ossorio

(s. XX)

Narrator and dramatist Spanish 20th century (although perhaps born at the end of the previous centur...

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el Ciego Apio Claudio

(s. VI a.C.)

Roman censor, called the blind man, who lived in the 6th century b.c. said his judiciary with great ...

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Edward Victor Appleton


British physicist. He/She was born in Bradford, and died in Edinburgh. In 1919 was Assistant of Ruth...

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el Pontico Aquila

(s. I)

Worker named the Pontic being born in Pontus. St. Paul, passing through Corinth, made him the Christ...

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Escolástico Arabio

(s. VI)

Greek poet who lived in the second half of the 6th century. They are known several epigrams, one of ...

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Emilio Aragón


Emilio Aragón.Actor, comedian, presenter and Spanish television producer, born in Havana (Cuba) on...

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Eugenio Aram


Natural, English scholar of Yorkshire, famous for his talent and his tragic end. Finding teacher at ...

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Ernesto Arancibia


Director of Argentine cinema, which dealt mainly with romantic themes. His films, of correct invoice...

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Edmundo Aray


Poet, Narrator and Venezuelan essayist, born in Maracay in 1936. Constant animator, from different c...

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Enrique Araya


Chilean writer born in Santiago, who died in 1994. Was it added cultural in Mexico, Peru and Argenti...

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Esmeralda Arboleda Cadavid


Senator, Minister, and Colombian diplomat, born in Palmira (Valle del Cauca) and died in Bogotá, Co...

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Elena Arcediano

(s. XX)

Playwright and translator Spanish 20th century (although perhaps born at the end of the previous cen...

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Elisabeth Arden


Beautician and Canadian-born American entrepreneur. He/She was born in Woodbridge, in 1878, and died...

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Emile Ardolino


Director and producer of American cinema, born in 1943 in Maspeth (New York), and died in Bel-Air (C...

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Emilio Arévalo Cedeño


Chief guerrilla and important opponent of the regime of Juan Vicente Gómez, born in Valle de Pascua...

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Escipión Burali de Arezzo


Italian cardinal who was born in Atri, near Gaeta, in 1511, and died in 1578. Carlos V appointed him...

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Enrique de Arfe

(ca. 1475-ca.1545)

Goldsmith Spanish, belonging to a family of goldsmiths, whose activity was developed throughout the ...

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Encarnación "La Argentinita" López Julves


Ballerina, dancer and Spanish singer, born in Buenos Aires in 1895 and died in New York on December ...

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Emperatriz de Bizancio Ariadna


Empress of Byzantium who died in 515; He/She was married to Zeno, who ascended the throne in the 474...

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Estanislao Arias


Painter and Panamanian architect, born in the city of Pesé Panamanian in 1952. It has a degree in a...

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el Justo Arístides

(s. V a. C.)

Man of State and general Athenian, called the fair, son of Lysimachus, who lived in the 5th century ...

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Emilio Armele Maluf


Poet, Narrator, essayist and journalist Paraguayan, born in Concepción in 1915 and died in Asuncion...

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Edwin Howard Armstrong


Electronic engineer American, famous for their important contributions to the development of the rad...

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Enrique Arnal


Bolivian painter, born in 1932 in Potosí, whose art, inspired by Cubism, is inscribed in the figura...

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Eusebio Arnau Mascort


Spanish sculptor, born in Barcelona in 1864 and died in the same city in 1933. He/She began his stud...

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Ernest Moritz Arndt


Historian, writer and nationalist German politician, born in Sweden, December 26, 1769, in the town ...

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Eve Arnold


American photographer, born in Philadelphia on April 21, 1912 and died January 4, 2012, daughter of ...

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Emperador del Sacro Imperio Arnulfo

(ca. 850-899)

Emperor of the Holy Empire (896-899), King of Germania (887-899) and Duke of Carinthia, born in Cari...

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el Capadocio Arquelao

(s. I a. C.)

General of Mithridates, who lived in the 1st century BC initially made the war with Mithridates agai...

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el Físico Arquelao

(s. V a. C.)

Greek philosopher of the Ionian school, pupil of Anaxagoras and teacher of Socrates, who lived in th...

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Eduardo Arranz-Bravo


Painter and Spanish sculptor, born in Barcelona in 1941. He/She studied at the Escuela de Bellas Art...

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Emilio Arrieta


Spanish composer, born in Puente la Reina (Navarra) in 1823 and died on February 11, 1894.He studied...

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Enrique Arrighetto

(s. XII)

Latin poet of the 12th century, born in Sentimello, near Florence. He/She took orders, and obtained ...

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Eduardo Arroyo


Painter and Spanish writer born in Madrid on 26 February 1937. In 1957, he/she finished his studies ...

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Emperador de Bizancio Artabazo

(s. VIII)

Emperor of Byzantium in the 742. It was the general principle of León the Isaurio, and ruled the pr...

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Etheria Artay

(s. XX)

Spanish writer of the 20th century, that there are no known other data than those referred to the on...

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Esteban de Arteaga


Spanish Jesuit dedicated to aesthetics. He/She was born in Moraleja de Coca (Segovia), and not in Ma...

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Emil Artin


Austrian mathematician born on March 3, 1898, in Vienna and died on December 20, 1962, in Hamburg, w...

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Emilio Magno Artorio


French Jurisconsult, born in 270 in the vicinity of Dax and Bayonne, and died in Constantinople towa...

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Enriqueta Arvelo Larriva


Venezuelan poet, Barinitas, Barinas State, born in 1901 and died in Caracas, December 10, 1962.The c...

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Elena Arzak Espinola


Cook Spanish born in San Sebastián in 1969. Daughter of the great Basque chef Juan María Arzak, is...

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el Bello Asdrúbal Barca

(¿-221 a.C.)

Carthaginian General, son-in-law of Hamilcar Barca , and brother-in-law of the famous Aníbal, found...

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Eduardo Asenjo


Liberal politician, poet and playwright. He/She was director of La América (1857-1870) and El Unive...

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Eusebio Asenjo


Politician, journalist, poet and playwright. He/She was the founder of usual collaborator, director ...

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Eugenio Asensio


Philologist, historian and bibliophile, born in Murieta (Navarra) and died in Pamplona. Renowned spe...

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Eduardo Ash


English physician, died in 1829. It showed for the first time electricity developed by contact, disc...

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