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Francisco de Aarsens


Dutch diplomat, born in the Hague in 1572 and died in 1641. In 1599 he/she was appointed resident Mi...

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Francesc Abad


Spanish painter, born in Terrassa (Barcelona) in 1944. He/She studied at the school of Arts and craf...

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Francisco "Chaleco" Abad


Spanish guerrilla, born in Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real) from April 24, 1788 and died in Granada on Sept...

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Fray Antonio Abad


He was born in Cardona, and took the habit of the order of preachers in Barcelona from October 10, 1...

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Fray Buenaventura Abad


Friar of the order of children, born in Cardona. He/She studied at the school of Marseille, where he...

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Fray Matías Abad


Religious Spanish Franciscan, town of Cueto, province of Santander (Spain), whose date of birth is u...

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Fray Manuel Abad Illana


Spanish religious, born January 1, 1716 in Valladolid. At the age of thirteen he/she took the habit ...

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Francisco Javier Abadía Como

(ca. 1770-1830)

Spanish General, born in Valencia in to 1774 and died in 1830.He joined as a cadet in the Toledo inf...

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Francisco Juan Villemain Abancourt


French man of letters, born in Paris in 1743 and died in 1803. He/She published several works, inclu...

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Fermín Abanzit


French scholar, born at Uzès in 1679 and died in Geneva in 1777. He/She was versed in all the scien...

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Fray Agustín Íñigo Abbad y Lasierra


Spanish religious, born in Estadilla (Huesca) 19 April 1745 and died 13 October 1813 in Ribarroja (V...

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Fray Manuel Abbad y Lasierra


Spanish religious, born in Estadilla (Huesca) in 1729 and brother of fray Iñigo. He/She studied at ...

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Farhat Abbas


Pharmacist and Algerian politician born on August 24, 1894 in Taher, near Constantine, and died on D...

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Francis Ellingwood Abbot


Philosopher and American thinker, whose most important works are: Religion and Science (1874), Scien...

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Francisca Abington


Famous English actress born in 1731 and died in 1815. It arose for the first time at the Haymarket T...

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Fernando Abramo


Argentine military officer who fought in the American war of independence....

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Federico Abrech


German philologist, born in Hesse-Hausburgo in 1699 and died in 1782. He/She studied literature in t...

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Felix Abreu


Juriconsulto Spanish, Knight of the order of Santiago and a member of the Spanish Academy, died in 1...

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Fernando Abril Martorell


Politician and Spanish businessman, born in Valencia on August 31, 1936 and died in Madrid on Februa...

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Felipe Acciajuoli


Musician and Roman poet, born in 1637 and died in 1700. After traveling the world, he/she surrendere...

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Francesco Accolti

(ca. 1416-1483)

Italian Jurisconsult, born in Arezzo to 1416 and died in Siena in 1483. He/She is brother of Bernard...

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Federico Accum


German chemist, born in Buckeburgo in 1769 and died in Berlin in 1838. He/She went to London in 1793...

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Francisco Accursio


Italian jurisconsult of the 13th century, of the school of the glossators. It is believed that he/sh...

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Félix Álvarez Acevedo

(s. XIX)

Spanish General, who after having distinguished during the Peninsular War under the command of the M...

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Federico Carlos Achard


Naturist and German chemist, born in Berlin in 1753 and died in 1821. He/She was director of the kin...

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Franz Ackermann


German painter born in 1963 in Neumarkt St. Veit.He studied fine arts in Munich and Hamburg, and his...

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Fray Felipe Acosta

(s. XVII)

Speaker and humanist born in Seville. He/She took the habit in the order of Santo Domingo. He/She wr...

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Federico Acosta Noriega


Poet, Narrator, playwright, journalist, and Spanish judge born in Jaén on September 23, 1908 and di...

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Francesco Acri


Italian spiritualist philosopher, advocate a Christian Platonism, born in Catanzaro and died in Bolo...

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Francisco Acuña de Figueroa


Uruguayan poet, born in Montevideo in 1790 and died in 1862, who is considered the founder of the na...

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Fray José Rosauro Acuña


Religious and Chilean physician, born in Santiago August 29, 1769 and died on the island of Juan Fer...

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Fray Miguel Acuña


Religious Colombian Franciscan, born in Zapatoca, province of Socorro (Santander) 8 May 1788 and die...

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Fleur Adcock


New Zealand poet, born in Papakura. Five years after he/she left his country and went to England, wh...

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Federico Adelung


German man of letters, born in Stettin 13 February 1768, and died in Petersburgo in 1843. Having ent...

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Felipe Adler


German engraver, called Patricus, and corruption Paticina, born in Nuremberg in 1848. His works are ...

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Felix Adler


Educator and American reformer of German origin, born on 13 August 1851 in Alzey (Germany) and died ...

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Françoise Adret


Dancer, choreographer and ballet master French, born in Versailles on August 7, 1920.He was student ...

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Fray Domingo Advan

(s. XVII)

Religious Dominican, was born in Valencia. He/She wrote a Prosody, book one, Valencia, 1626, in eigh...

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Félix de Adzaneta


Prelate Spanish, born in the Castellón town of Adzaneta del Maestre in 1691 and died in Castellon d...

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Flavio Aecio de Mesia

(ca. 390-454)

Roman general. He/She was born at Durostorum, Illyria, around the year 390 and died in Ravenna from ...

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Franz Ulrich Theodor Aepinus


German physicist, was born in Rostock on December 13, 1724 and died at Dorpat on August 10, 1802.Som...

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Fulgencio Afán de Ribera

(s. XVIII)

The 18th century Spanish writer, probable pseudonym of Fray Manuel de Ribera. Whoever that it may be...

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Fortunio Affaitati


Italian physicist, was born in Cremona at the end of the 15th century and died in 1550. He/She conqu...

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Fray Miguel de Agia

(s. XVI)

Spanish religious, born in Valencia, took the habit of the order of San Francisco; in 1563 he/she we...

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Filippo d' Aglié


Dancer, choreographer, writer, musician and ballet master Italian, born in 1604 and died in 1667, wh...

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Federico Agnelli


Italian engraver, was born in Milan in 1604. There are the several portraits and a view of the Cathe...

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Fray José Agramunt


Religious Spanish Dominican, who was born in Valencia on the 12 November 1657. He/She was Professor ...

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Francisco Agrícola

(s. XVI-1621)

German theologian, born at Suñén, in the Duchy of Juliers, in the middle of the 16th century, and ...

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Francisco Aguado


Spanish Jesuit, born in Torrejón de Ardoz in 1572 and died in Madrid in 1654. He/She was preacher o...

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Fray Pedro Aguado


Spanish Franciscan church, born in Baldomero (Spain). Although the date of his birth and his death i...

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Fermín Aguayo


Spanish painter, born in Sotillo de la Ribera (Burgos) in 1926 and died in Paris in 1977. During the...

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Francisco Antonio Agüera e Infanzón


Marino designed as pilot of the Navy in the Department of Cartagena, amounted to frigate Ensign in 1...

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Frédéric Aguessy


French pianist, born in Paris on April 3, 1956. Began his piano studies at the age of four with Jacq...

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Fray Fernando de Aguiar

(s. XV)

Portuguese religious, Abbot of the monastery of the Alcotaza. Manuscript left a Flos Sanctorum of th...

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Francisco Aguilar Barquero


Costa Rican politician born on May 21, 1857 and died in San José on 11 October 1924. He/She was Pre...

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Florestán Aguilar


Cuban doctor, born in Havana in 1872 and died in Madrid in 1934. He/She first studied in Madrid and ...

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Francisco Aguilar

(s. XVI)

Spanish physician, who lived in Valencia at the end of the 16th century. He/She wrote for the doctor...

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Francisco de Aguilar


Writer and religious Spanish, who came to Mexico to participate in the conquest and, after living th...

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Fray Juan Bautista Aguilar


Trinitarian religious, born in Valencia, February 2, 1655. He/She wrote several works of poetry and ...

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Francisco Aguilera Egea


Military and Spanish politician, born in Ciudad Real, the year 1857, and died in Madrid, in 1931.fra...

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Francisco Vicente Aguilera


Lawyer and Colonel in the Cuban army, born in Bayamo on June 23, 1821 and died in New York in 1877, ...

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Fernando o Hernando Aguilera y Zurita


Religious and Chilean writer, born in the city of La Imperial in 1561 and died in Cuzco (Peru) in 16...

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Francisca Aguirre


Poet Spanish born in Alicante on October 27, 1930. Writer of late vocation, not became known as a po...

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Francisco de [jesuita belga] Aguirre


Belgian religious, born about 1567. He/She entered the society of Jesus, where became known as excel...

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Francisco de [conquistador español] Aguirre


Conqueror and Spanish military, born in 1508 in the town of Talavera de la Reina and died in 1581 in...

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Francisco de [pintor español] Aguirre

(s. XVII)

17TH century Spanish painter, pupil of Eugenio Caxés. The paintings of the Chapterhouse of Toledo r...

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Francisco Agulló


Spanish painter, born at Cocentaina, province of Valencia, in 1538. He/She painted and gilded in 163...

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Fakhruddin Alí Ahmed


Indian politician born on May 13, 1905 in New Delhi and died on February 11, 1977, in the same city....

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Fray Mateo Aimerich


Spanish Jesuit, born in Bordils, province of Girona, in 1715 and died in Ferrara in 1779. He/She ent...

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Fernando Aínsa


Uruguayan writer, born in 1937, whose studies of utopia have been published in various countries.He ...

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Francisco de Aix

(s. XVII)

Parliament's lawyer and jurist from Marseille, towards the middle of the 17TH century. He/She wrote ...

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Fray Francisco de Ajofrín


Spanish religious, who was born in Ajofrín, Toledo, May 20, 1719. He/She was baptized with the name...

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Federico Akerel


Swedish writer who was born in 1748 and died in 1804. There are portraits, maps and landscapes very ...

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Faraón de Egipto Akhenatón o Akenatón o Amenofis IV

(1364-1347 a.C.)

(Imn-htpw; Akh-n-Itn) tenth King of the 18th Egyptian dynasty, son and successor of Amenhotep III an...

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Fray Miguel de Alaejos

(s. XVI)

Spanish religious, prior of San Lorenzo de el Escorial, who refers to having been consulted by Felip...

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Fray José Alapont


He was born in Vallada (Valencia), and took the habit of San Francisco. He/She wrote several works, ...

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Fabián Alarcón


Ecuadorian politician, Acting President of Ecuador from 1997 to 1998, born in Quito on April 14, 194...

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Fernando Alarcón


Captain of the 15th and 16th century Spanish, Knight of the order of Santiago, called the Lord of Al...

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Francisco Alard

(s. XVI)

Theologian of the sixteenth century, originating from a family of Brussels. Persecuted as a heretic ...

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Flavio Álava


Ecuadorian painter born in Guayaquil, in 1957. He/She studied at the school of fine arts Juan José ...

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