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Friedrich August von Alberti


German geologist born in Stuttgart in 1795 and died in in 1878 Heilbrong, highlighted by the contrib...

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Francisco Augusto Carlos Manuel Alberto


Prince of Saxe Coburg Gotha, husband of Victoria, Queen of Great Britain, who was born in 1819 and d...

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Fray Ramon Alberto


Military Spanish born in Barcelona. He/She was general of the order of la Merced, passing four times...

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Felipe Francisco Mauricio Albignac


French General, who was born in 1775 and died in 1824. He/She emigrated in 1792 and was in the servi...

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Francisco José Albini


German diplomat. Came into the political career in Würzburg, where he/she was appointed in 1774 Adv...

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Franco Albini


Italian architect. Born in Robbiate (as) and died in Milan in 1977. He/She studied at the Polytechni...

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Fortunato Albrand


Orientalist and French traveler, who was born in 1795 and died in 1827. He/She made some discoveries...

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Federico Rodolfo Albrecht


Archduke of Austria, born in Vienna in 1817. He/She was the son of the famous Archduke Carlos, and w...

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Familia Albret


French family in the region of Gascony that descends from Amanieu I, Lord, in 1050 the fortress that...

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Francisco Alcaforado

(s. XIV-XV)

Traveller of Portuguese origin, end of 14th century and early 15th; He/She was master of the horse o...

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Fray Luis de Alcalá

(s. XVI)

Spanish Economist from century XVI whose dates of birth and death are ignored. It belonged to the fr...

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Fray Pedro de Alcalá

(s. XVI)

Religious and Spanish philologist of the 16th century. After the taking of Granada, he/she was sent ...

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Francisco "Paco Alcalde" Alcalde Morcillo


Bullfighter Spanish, born on November 4, 1951 in Alamillo (Ciudad Real). On the planet of the bulls,...

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Francisco de Paula Alcántara


Venezuelan General, who fought in the war of the independence of America....

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Francisco José Alcántara


Spanish novelist born in Haro (Logroño) and died in La Coruña, Spain on October 11, 1999. Winner o...

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Fray Pedro de Alcántara


Religious mystical trend writer born at Alcántara (Cáceres) and died in Arenas de San Pedro (Ávil...

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Fray Bernardo de Alcobaza

(s. XV)

Monk Cistercian, which has translated into Portuguese the life of excelling in latin written by Rodo...

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famila Alconstantini


Important family of courtiers Jews from the Crown of Aragon which for some time, came to occupy the ...

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Francisco de Aldana


Spanish poet, son of parents from Extremadura, born in Italy (probably in Naples) in 1537, and died ...

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Florentino Aldobrandino

(s. XIII)

Italian physician of the thirteenth century. He/She wrote notes about Avicenna and Galen and Hippocr...

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Felipe Alegambe


Jesuit scholar born in Brussels, in 1592, and died in Rome in 1651. He/She was Secretary of the Duke...

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Francisco Javier Alegre


Poet, historian, humanist and religious hispano-mexicano Jesuit, born in Veracruz in 1729 and died i...

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Fray Domingo Alegre


Spanish religious, of the order of predicadore. He/She was born in Alcácer (Valencia), August 22, 1...

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Fernando Alegría


Chilean writer born in Santiago. He/She studied in the United States, where with psoterioridad taugh...

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Francisco Alemán Sáinz


Journalist and broadcaster, born and died in Murcia, has also been the author of essays; Tales, when...

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Fernando de Alencastre Noroña y Silva


Spanish colonial administrator born in 1640 (unknown place) and died in the city of Mexico June 3, 1...

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François. Duque de Anjou Alenzon


Prince of the Netherlands, brother of Francisco II, Carlos IX and Enrique III. He/She was born in 15...

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Francisco Aleson

(s. XVIII)

Spanish historian of the 18th century. He/She wrote the history of the Kingdom of Navarre since the ...

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Felix Alessandri


Composer, born in Rome, born in 1742 and died in 1810. He/She lived for some time in Petersburgo and...

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Francisco Alessandri


Italian physician, born in 1529 and died at the end of the 16th century. He/She was doctor of Manuel...

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Franz Alexander


American psychiatrist of Hungarian origin, born in Budapest on 22 January 1891 and died in Palm Spri...

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Fray Alonso de Alfama


Carmelite friar, who was born in Lisbon. He/She wrote a treatise under the name of Doctrinale patriu...

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Franco Alfano


Italian composer born in Posillipo (Napoli) on March 8, 1875 and died in San Remo (Italy) on October...

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Francisco [jurisconsulto español] Alfaro

(ca. 1575-?)

Spanish jurist born about 1575 in Seville and Madrid died in date unknown. He/She acted in several I...

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Francisco [platero español] Alfaro

(s. XVI)

The second half of the 16th century, native of Seville Spanish Platero. In 1586 he/she made a silver...

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Felipe Alfau


Spanish writer in English and Spanish, born in Barcelona on August 24, 1902 and died on February 18,...

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Francisco Alfonso


Cuban playwright, born in Havana in 1906 and died in his hometown in 1990. In the Cuban artistic and...

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Francisco Algarotti


Venetian writer, born in 1712 and died in 1764. He/She studied in Rome, Venice and Bologna. He/She m...

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Fray Luis de Aliaga

(ca. 1555- ca. 1626)

Spanish religious of the order of Santo Domingo of Guzmán born about 1555 in Aliaga (Zaragoza) and ...

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Fray Antonio Alicante


Spanish religious, he/she was born in Valencia and took the habit of cappuccino in 1607. He/She wrot...

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Francisco Aliot

(s. XIX)

Valencian engraver. A unique performance as a painter is known: helping the teacher don Vicente Cast...

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Francesc Allegre

(s. XV)

Spanish humanist, born in Barcelona in the second half of the 15th century. He/She was consul and Ro...

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Francisco Allegrini


Italian painter who was born in Gubaio in 1587 and died in Rome in 1663. There are a large number of...

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Franz Allers


Director of Orchestra Czech born American; He/She was born in the city of Carlsbad on August 6, 1905...

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Floyd H. Allport


American psychologist, born in Milwaukee in 1890. For his work in Social Psychology, he/she is consi...

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Félix Almagro González


Bullfighter Spanish, born in Torrijos (Toledo) on June 11, 1909, and died in the Bullring of Madrid ...

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Fray Rafael Almanza Riaño


Colombian Franciscan priest. He/She was born on August 2, 1840 in Santafe de Bogota. He/She died in ...

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Francisco de Almeida


Portuguese Admiral. He/She participated in the conquest of Granada. It happened to Tristán da Cunha...

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Fray Cristóbal Almeida


Augustinian friar, was born in the village of Gollega, Portugal. Great lawyer and one of the most ce...

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Fray Fernando Almeida


Celebrated composer and Portuguese musician, born in Lisbon. He/She was one of the best disciples of...

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Francisco Almela y Vives


Writer, journalist and Spanish anthropologist, in Castilian and Catalan languages, Vinaroz (Castell...

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Fray Miguel Almenara

(s. XVII)

Spanish religious, born in Valencia in the 17TH century. He/She was a Franciscan friar and for the e...

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Fray José Almonacid

(s. XVII)

Cistercian monk, preacher of Felipe IV and Carlos II. He/She wrote several works of mysticism, publi...

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Felipe van Almonde


Vice-Admiral Dutch who was distinguished for his bravery and talent in the wars which held its homel...

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Fernando [bailarín] Alonso


Dancer, teacher and director of Cuban ballet, brother of Alberto Alonso, born in Havana on December ...

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Ferdinand Alquié


French philosopher, born in Carcassonne in 1906 and died in Montpellier in 1985. He/She was Professo...

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Felipe de. Conde de Flandes Alsacia

(s. XII)

Count of Flanders, son of Thierry and successor in 1169; It acquired the Vermandois by marriage in 1...

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Francisco Altés y Casals

(¿ - 1838)

Spanish writer died in Marseilles on October 27, 1838, of which are unknown to the place and the dat...

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Francisco Alunno

(s. XV)

Italian mathematician and philosopher 15th century, native of Ferrara. There are the following works...

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Fernando de Alva Ixtlilxochitl

(1578- ca.1650)

Historian and Mexican translator, born in Teotihuacan in 1578 and died around 1650. A descendant of ...

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Fray Antonio Alvarado

(s. XVII)

Spanish Benedictine monk. He/She wrote several works of mysticism that were printed in Valladolid by...

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Fray Francisco de Alvarado y Téllez


Religious dominico, philosopher and Spanish writer, born in Marchena (Sevilla) on April 25, 1756 and...

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Fernão Álvares do Oriente

(ca. 1540-ca. 1600)

Writer and Portuguese military which are known few secure data and who thought that maybe born in th...

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Frei João Álvares


Intellectual, religious, and Portuguese writer born on date unknown and who died in 1484. He/She wor...

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Fernando Álvarez Cabral


Portuguese physician born in the city of Santarém. One of the most celebrated of his profession, ab...

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Francisco Álvarez-Cascos Fernández


Francisco CascosPolitician and Spanish engineer, Secretary general of the PP (1989-1999), first Vic...

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Fernando Álvarez D'Oriente

(s. XVI o XVII)

Portuguese poet, who was born in Goa. He/She published in imitation of the Diana of Jorge de Montema...

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Francisco Álvarez de Ribera


Spanish jurist born in 1530 and died in 1605. He/She served in the army, and then was President of t...

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Fernando Álvarez de Sotomayor


Spanish painter, born in Ferrol (La Coruña) in 1875 and died in Madrid in 1960. Galician noble line...

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Fadrique. II Duque de Alba Álvarez de Toledo


Spanish caudillo. He/She fought in the wars of Granada and signed the capitulation of the city; in 1...

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Fadrique. IV Duque de Alba Álvarez de Toledo


Fourth Duke of Alba, son of Fernando Álvarez de Toledo, third Duke of Alba. During the tenure of hi...

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Fernando III Duque de Alba Álvarez de Toledo y Pimentel


Spanish nobleman born in Piedrahíta (Ávila) from October 29, 1507 and died in Lisbon on December 1...

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Francisco Álvarez de Toledo y Figueroa


Noble and Spanish administrator born in the castle of Oropesa (Toledo) from July 10, 1515 and died i...

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Francisco Álvarez de Villanueva

(s. XVIII)

Spanish religious, born in Asturias, and died in Madrid. It belonged to the Franciscan province of C...

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Francisco Álvarez

(ca. 1465-ca. 1540)

Famous traveller, Explorer and missionary of Portuguese origin, born in Coimbra in 1465 and died aro...

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Francisco Álvarez

(s. XVI)

Madrid silversmith of the sixteenth century; built in 1568 the silver monstrance of the parish of Sa...

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Fray Juan Álvarez Sotelo


Jesuit, born in Perrelos, in the Limia (Galicia), lived at the end of the 17TH century and early 18t...

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Felipe Alvensleben


Man of Prussian State, born in 1745 and died in 1802. He/She served diplomatic missions in Bavaria, ...

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Francisco de Paula Rodrigues Alves


Politician and Brazilian lawyer, born on July 7, 1848 in Guaratinguetá (São Paulo) and died in Rio...

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Fernando Alvia de Castro


Late 16th century and early 17th century Spanish writer, supplier of the marina on the shores of Can...

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