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García Duque de Alba Álvarez de Toledo

(ca. 1435-1488)

Spanish Aristocrat, second count of Alba (1464-1469) and first Duke of Alba (1469-1488). He/She was ...

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Gabriel Álvarez de Toledo y Pellicer


Poet and Spanish polygraph of Portuguese descent. He/She was born in Seville and died in Madrid. He/...

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Gabriel Álvarez


Spanish Jesuit, born in Oropesa in 1564 and died in Tarazona in 1645. He/She was a preacher, Profess...

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Gustavo Alvárez Gardeazábal


Storyteller and Colombian politician, born in 1945 in Tuluá (in the Department of Valle del Cauca)....

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Gonzalo Álvarez


Portuguese Jesuit, born in Villaviciosa in the first half of the sixteenth century and died in a shi...

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Gustavo Alvial


Chilean poet, author of the Symphony of gardens (1925) and Olalai books and movies (1929)....

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Gilberto Alzate Avendaño


Lawyer, journalist and Colombian politician, born on October 10, 1910 in Manizales (Caldas) and died...

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Giovanni Antonio Amadeo


Architect and Italian sculptor, documented in Pavia since 1447 and died in Milan in 1522. In the Cha...

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Gaspar de Amaral


Famous Portuguese Jesuit, who wrote a dictionary of the language Annamitica; He/She died in 1645....

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Giovanna Amati


Pilot of Formula 1 Italian, born in 1963 in Rome. Daughter of the owner of a chain of cinemas, their...

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Giuliano Amato


Italian politician, born on May 13, 1938, in Turin, Prime Minister of the Republic on two occasions,...

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Gene Amdahl


IBM project manager and design engineer. Thanks to its designs large machines used in offices and bu...

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Giovanni Amendola


Politician and Italian journalist born in Rome on 15 April 1882 and died in Cannes (France) on April...

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Guillermo Ames


English, Calvinist theologian, Professor of theology in the University of Franeker in the Netherland...

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Gregorio del Amo y González


Intellectual, physician and Spanish patron born in Santoña (Santander) on August 18, 1858 and died ...

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Guillaume Amontons


Physical and mechanical French, who fellow supposed inventor of the Telegraph; He/She was born in 16...

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Guadalupe Amor


Mexican poet, born in Mexico City in 1920 and died in Mexico, D. F., Mexico on May 8, 2000. Author o...

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Guillermo de Saint Amour


Celebrated French theologian, doctor of the Sorbona, Canon of Beauvais and Chancellor of the Univers...

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Guillermo Amuchastegui San Martín


Basque pelota player born on September 28, 1910 in the Basque town of Ondarroa. Amuchastegui represe...

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Gregorio Víctor Amunátegui


Politician and Chilean historian. Brother of Miguel Luis, with whom he/she collaborated in the Spani...

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Gilbert Amy


Composer and French Orchestra conductor, born in Paris on August 29, 1936. He/She studied compositio...

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Géza Anda


Swiss citizen Hungarian pianist. He/She was born in Budapest on November 19, 1921 and died in Zurich...

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Gustavo Andrade Rivera


Colombian playwright, born in Neiva (in the Department of Huila) in 1922, and died in Bogotá in 197...

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Glauber Pedro de Andrade Rocha


Director of Brazilian cinema, known as Glauber Rocha, born in Vitoria's conquest (province of Bahia)...

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Gyula. Conde de Andrassy


Hungarian politician, born March 3, 1823 in Kassa (now Košice), in Slovakia, which was then part of...

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Gudmundo Andreo


Irish writer. He/She was born in 1630 and died in 1654. He/She became known for a treatise on polyga...

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Giulio Andreotti


Italian politician, born in Rome on January 14, 1919, and died in his hometown on May 6, 2013. Leade...

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Guillermo Andreve


Narrator, essayist, journalist, historian, educator, and Panamanian politician, born in Panama City ...

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Girolamo Andrioli

(s. XVII)

Veronese painter of great merit, who lived in the 17TH century. His paintings are exposed in Verona ...

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Guido Comneno Andrónico I


Emperor of Trebizond, died in 1235. It happened in 1222 to Alejo I, whose daughter had married; Afte...

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Giovanni Francesco Anerio

(s. XVI)

Roman musician, brother of Félix Anerio, born about 1567. He/She was maestro di cappella of Sigismu...

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Gonzalo Anes y Álvarez de Castrillón


Economist and Spanish historian, Professor of history and economic institutions at the Faculty of ec...

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Gaspero Angiolini


Dancer, choreographer, teacher of ballet and Italian composer, born 9 February 1731 in Florence and ...

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Giovanni Andrea dell' Anguillara


Famous Italian poet, born in Sutri to 1517 and died probably in the same city to 1570. He/She is esp...

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Genaro Annese

(s. XVII)

Leader of the insurgents of Naples, successor of Masaniello in 1648; He/She called the Duke of guise...

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Gabriele D'Annunzio


Poet, storyteller, playwright and essayist Italian born in Pescara (Italy) on March 12, 1863 and die...

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George Anson


British Admiral, born in 1697. He/She completed the circumnavigation of the world between 1740-1744....

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George Antheil


American composer known as the "bad boy of music" (Bad boy of music) by the type of ultramodern musi...

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Guillermo Antolín


Historian, bibliographer and Spanish writer; born in Paredes de Nava Palencia population in the year...

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Giacomo Antonelli


Italian politician, born in 1806 in Sonnino, and died in Rome in 1876. During the pontificate of Gre...

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Godofredo Antonio

(s. XVI-1618)

Famous German, natural jurisconsult of Westphalia; one of the founders of the University of Giessen;...

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Guillaume Apollinaire


Poet, Narrator, essayist and art critic French, born in Rome on August 26, 1880, and died in Paris o...

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George Owen Wyne Apperley


English painter, born at Vontor (island of Wight, Great Britain) in 1884 and died in Tangier in 1960...

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Giuseppe Aprile


Castrato singer, composer and Italian Professor born in Martina in 1732 and died in Naples in 1813. ...

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Gaspar Aquila


Latin name of German Adler, theologian who was born in Augsburg in 1488 and died in 1560. It adopted...

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Galo Aquilio

(s. I a. C.)

Roman Jurisconsult, lived in the last century b.c. He/She was a friend of Cicero with who divided th...

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Gaspar Arandas

(s. XVII)

Spanish, natural silversmith of Tarragona who lived at the end of the 17TH century. He/She worked th...

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Gonzalo Arango Arias


Colombian poet, founder of the Rentería. Gonzalo Arango Arias was born in Andes (Antioquia) and die...

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Gregorio Araoz Alfaro de Lamadrid


Military Argentine born in Tucumán in 1795 and died in Buenos Aires in 1857. He/She participated in...

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Giuseppe Archimboldo


Rudolf II. Giuseppe Archimboldo.Painter, draftsman and Italian engineer born in 1527 in Milan and d...

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Germán Arciniegas Angueyra


Writer and Colombian diplomat, born in Santa Fe de Bogotá on December 6, 1900 and died in Bogotá o...

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Gregorio de Arcisio


Spanish mercedarian religious, born in Valencia in 1516 and died in the same city in 1562. Great hum...

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Giuseppe Arena

(s. XVIII)

Composer and Italian musician who was born at the beginning of the 18th century; his most notable wo...

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Gabriel Aresti


Natural Spanish writer of Bilbao. Before turning to poetry, he/she worked many years as an accountan...

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Germán Arestizabal Rebolledo


Chilean artist, born in Santiago on 11 May 1943, grower of graphic art and drawing in a very heterog...

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Guido D' Arezzo

(ca. 990-ca. 1033)

Theoretical Italian musical, also known as Guido Aretino or Guido Aretinus, whose ideas favored nota...

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Guiton Arezzo


Famous Italian poet who died in 1294. He/She was one of the poets primitive and founders of Italian ...

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Gregorio Argaiz

(s. XVII)

Spanish writer of the 17TH century, native of Logroño, was a Benedictine monk in Valladolid and was...

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Giulio Carlo Argan


History of architecture and art critic. It belongs to the young generation that was powered by the R...

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Gonzalo Argote de Molina


Scholar and Spanish historian, born in Seville in 1548 and died in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 159...

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Gómez Arias

(s. XVIII)

Costumbrista writer in the line of Quevedo and Torres Villarroel. His works include moral, political...

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Gabriel Arias-Salgado y de Cubas


Spanish politician, born in Madrid, on 3 March the year 1904, and died in the same city, on 26 June ...

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Gabriela Aribau de Telles

(s. XIX)

Dramatic Spanish writer of the 19th century, whose life any data is not known. It is known, however,...

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Gabriel de Aristazábal


Commanding general marine in the Philippines, born in 1743 and died in 1805. He/She was sent to Cons...

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Gonzalo Ariza Vélez


Watercolourist and Colombian landscape painter, born in Bogotá on February 3, 1912 and died in 1995...

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Giorgio Armani


Italian fashion designer, born on July 11, 1934 in Piacenza. Son of Ugo Armani and María Raimondi, ...

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Giuseppe Armellini


Italian astronomer born in Rome on October 23, 1887 and died in the same city on July 15, 1958. Prof...

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Gustavo Mauricio Armfeldt


Swedish General, was born in 1757 and died in 1814. He/She was Governor of Stockholm, Ambassador in ...

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Gilliam Armstrong


Australian film director, born in Melbourne on December 18, 1950. After education at Swinburne Colle...

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Gabriel Arnao


Cartoonist and Spanish screenwriter, born in Madrid in 1922 and known as Gabi Arnao. Published in 19...

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Günther Arndt


Director of German choir, born in Berlin on April 1, 1907 and died in the same city on December 25, ...

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Guillermo Arnone

(s. XVI)

Composer, the 16th century Italian musician, organist of the Cathedral of Milan. He/She composed sev...

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Gonzalo Aróstegui y Herrera


Military and Spanish politician born in Havana (Cuba) in 1771 and died 10 August 1828 in Guanabacoa....

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Gerald Arpino


Dancer, choreographer, teacher and artistic director American, of Italian descent, born in Staten Is...

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Guillermo Arragos


French physician; He/She was born in 1513 and died in 1610. It was, as they say, medical detail from...

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Gonzalo de Arredondo y Alvarado

(Siglos XV-XVI)

Religious Benedictine and writer, born perhaps in the Valle de Ruesga (Santander) and died in the mo...

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Gonzalo de Arriaga


Spanish theologian, Dominican friar, born in Burgos in 1593 and died in Madrid en1637. He/She was pr...

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Gerardo Arrubla


Historian, conservative politician and Colombian writer, born in Santafe de Bogota in 1872 and died ...

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Giovanni Maria Artusi

(ca. 1540-1613)

Theoretician and Italian composer born in Bologna around the year 1540 and died in the same city 18 ...

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Graziadio Isaia Ascoli


Philologist, linguist and Italian orientalist, born in Gorizia in 1829 and died in Milan in 1907. Pr...

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