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Gerrit Achterberg


Dutch poet, born on May 20, 1905 in Langbroek and died on January 17, 1962 in Oud Leusden. After be ...

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Gayo Acilio

(siglos III-II a.C.)

Roman historian and Senator (end of the 3rd century a. c.-beginning of the 2nd century BC) represent...

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Gabriel Acosta


Portuguese theologian, born in the mid-16th century and died in 1616. He/She was Chancellor and Prof...

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Gerry Adams


Irish politician born in Belfast, Ireland of the North, in 1952. Destined to follow in the footsteps...

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Gustavo Adams Greene


Chilean writer, who was for many years correspondent of the press in various foreign countries. You ...

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Guillermo Adams


English Navigator, born in 1575 and died in 1621. He/She made his first trip as a pilot to the Molus...

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Geoge Adams

(s. XVIII)

The name of two English instrumentalists, (born around 1704 and died in 1773) father and son (born i...

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Guillermo Ader

(s. XVII)

French physician of the seventeenth century who composed a book entitled: Aegrotis et evangeliis mor...

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Godmundo Jorge Adlerbeth


Swedish man of letters, born in 1751 and died in 1818. He/She held several public positions, and acc...

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Gabriel. Dux de Génova Adorno

(s. XIV)

Genoese merchant, elected Doge in 1356. It was from a family of Jurists, and the Genoese, fleeing to...

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Graciliano Afonso y Naranjo


Philosopher, poet, and Spanish politician born in La Orotava (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) on August 12, ...

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Gregorio Aglipay y Labayán


Filipino Catholic priest born in Batao Municio (Ilocos Norte, Philippines) on May 7, 1870 and died i...

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Giovanni [abuelo] Agnelli


Italian businessman, founder of the Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (FIAT). He/She was born in P...

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Giovanni [nieto] Agnelli


Italian businessman, Honorary President of the Fiat Spa and Juventus and President of the financial ...

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Giovanni del Agnello


Italian politician born in Pisa in the first half of the 14th century and died in Genoa in 1387. In ...

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Guido Agosti


Composer and Italian pianist, born in Forlì on August 11, 1901 and died in Milan in 1989. He/She st...

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Giacomo Agostini


Italian motorcyclist, has the palmares broadest ever in the speciality, with sixteen world titles, s...

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Guillaume Agoult

(s. XII)

Provencal poet of the 12th century. Among other compositions himself lost, cited one that was entitl...

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Gustavo Agrait


Poet and Narrator Puerto Rican, born in Germán in 1904. Author of a brilliant literary production t...

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Georgius Agrícola


German scholar, whose real name was Landmann; born in Saxony in 1494 and died in 1555. He/She studie...

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Gaspar Honorat de Aguilar


Playwright and Spanish poet, born in Valencia, city that wrote several works custom, both comedies a...

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Gaspar Marqués de Benalúa Aguilera y Contreras


Military and Spanish politician born in Madrid on April 12, 1795, and died on December 25, 1856.Brot...

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gobernador de Murcia Ahmed ibn Abú Yafar

(ca. 1050-1100)

Governor of Murcia, Murcia-born to 1050 and died in his hometown in 1100.Ahmed belonged to the impor...

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Guerasp Ahmed-Ibn-Arabhah


Arab historian, died in Damascus in 1450. He/She wrote a history of Timur or Tamerlane in the florid...

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Giovanni Santini Aichel


Bohemian architect of Italian origin; born in Prague, in 1667, and died in 1723. It was formed in It...

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Gregorio Aichinger

(siglos XVI-XVII)

Famous German organist which bloomed in late 16th century and early 17th century. He/She published s...

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Guillermo Aikman


Scottish painter; He/She was born in 1682 and died in 1731. He/She studied in Italy and then there w...

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Gran Visir de Turquía Aindjy Solimán

(s. XVII)

The Dukes of Lorraine and of Bavaria defeated Grand Vizier of sultan Mohamed IV, who defeated in 168...

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Guillermo Francisco Ainsworth


Physician and English geologist, who was born in 1807. He/She did geological excursions in the Pyren...

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George A. Akerlof


American economist born in New Haven (Connecticut) on June 17, 1940. Dedicated during his entire pro...

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Guillermo Akersbot

(s. XVII)

Painter and Dutch printmaker who lived in Horlan in the first half of the 17TH century. Among his be...

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Guillermo Alabaster


Anglican theologian, who was born in Hadleigh in 1567 and died in 1640. Became Catholic during a tri...

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Gustavo Alamon


Uruguayan painter, born in Tacuarembó in 1935. He/She began his apprenticeship in his hometown and ...

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Guillermo Alan


English Cardinal, who was born in Lancaster County in 1552 and died in 1594. He/She was an ardent de...

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Gaspar de Alarcón


Spanish expeditionary. He/She participated as a cosmographer in the 1602 voyage led by Sebastián Vi...

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Genaro Alas Rodríguez


Spanish architect. He/She was born on April 29, 1926 in Madrid. He/She studied from the Madrid Schoo...

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Galcerán de Albanell


He was born in Barcelona in 1561, and was master of literature of Felipe IV. He/She wrote a panegyri...

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Gran Condestable de Nápoles Alberico I

(s. XIV)

Great Constable of Naples, created in the 14th century in Italy, under the company name of San Jorge...

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Gran Condestable de Nápoles Alberico II

(s. XIV)

Son of Alberico I, and successor of this as Grand Constable of Naples. It was allied initially of th...

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Girolamo Albertucci de Borzelli


Italian chronicler, who was born in Bologna in 1432 and died in 1497. He/She entered the order of St...

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Gil Álvarez de Albornoz


Archbishop of Toledo, Cardinal and statesman. He/She was born in Cuenca (1300) and died in Viterbo (...

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Guillermo Albrecht


Renowned German agronomist, who was born in 1786 and died in 1848. He/She taught in a rural economy ...

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Girolamo Aleandro


Italian Cardinal, called the elder or the eldest, born in 1480 and died in 1542. One of the men was ...

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Georgij Aleksandrov


Russian philosopher, born in 1908 and died in 1961. It was great defender, in times of Stalin, histo...

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Giancarlo Alessandrini


Italian Strip cartoonist, born in Jesi (Italy) on March 20, 1950.LifeAfter studying at the art schoo...

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Giulio Alessandrini


Italian physician, born in 1506 and died in 1590, in Trento. He/She was defender of the doctrines of...

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Goffredo Alessandrini


Italian film director, born in Cairo (Egypt) on September 9, 1904 and died in Rome (Italy), in 1978....

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Galeazzo Alessi


Italian architect, born in Perugia in 1512 and died in his hometown in 1572. He/She received his tra...

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Giuseppe d' Alessi


Goldsmith and Italian revolutionary, born in Polizzi Generosa (Sicily, province of Palermo) in 1612 ...

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Grigori Vasilievich Alexandrov


Soviet filmmaker born in Ekaterinburg on January 23, 1903 and died in Moscow in 1983. Real name Grig...

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Guillermo Alexis

(s. XV)

French Benedictine, called the religious good, who lived at the end of the fifteenth century and beg...

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Gregorio de Alfaro

(ca 1516-1616)

Spanish Benedictine monk, born in Córdoba to 1516 and died in Ona in 1616. Professed in the colegio...

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Gaspar Alfonso


Sailing of Portuguese origin, born in Serpa and died in 1618. He/She entered the society of Jesus in...

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Gueidar Aliev


Azerbaijani politician, President of the Republic between 1993 and 2003, born on May 10, 1923 in the...

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Gregorio Allegri


Composer Italian musician, born in Rome in 1580 and died in 1640. He/She was a singer and composer o...

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Geri Allen


Born June 12, 1957 in Detroit, American jazz pianist.Amateur from very small to Charlie Parkerthat h...

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Grant Allen


Naturalist and English novelist, born in Kingston (Canada) in 1848 and died in Surrey in 1899. He/Sh...

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Guillermo Alley


English prelate, born in 1500 and died in 1571. As a supporter of the reformed religion, had to seek...

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Gordon W. Allport


American psychologist and philosopher. He/She was born in Indiana and studied at Harvard; He/She spe...

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Guilherme de Almeida


Poet, essayist, translator, advocate and Brazilian journalist, born in Campinas (São Paulo) on July...

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Giorgio Almirante


Italian politician, born in Salsomaggiore Terme in 1914, and died in Rome in 1988. Linked to the fas...

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Gabriel Alomar


Writer, essayist, poet, politician and Spanish diplomat. He/She was born in Palma de Mallorca and di...

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Gabriel Alonso de Herrera

(ca. 1480-ca. 1539)

Spanish naturalist born in Talavera de la Reina (Toledo) near 1480 and died around 1539. Little info...

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Guillermo Alonso Monroy


Spanish painter, born in 1954 in Vigo (Pontevedra) and died in the same city in 1982. His early deat...

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Gerónimo Alphen


Dutch poet, born in 1746 and died in 1803. He/She was Attorney general at the Court of Utrecht and g...

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Gerardo de. Conde de Alsacia


See Gerardo, count of Alsace and Duke of Lorraine....

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Gabriel Altilio

(s. XV)

Italian poet, born in the first half of the 15th century and died at the end of this century or in t...

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Gregorio Álvarez Armellino


Military and Uruguayan politician, President of the Republic between 1981 and 1985, born on November...

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Gaspar Álvarez de Losada Machado


Portuguese writer, born in Braga. He/She wrote several historical works, which include the Treaty of...

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Gabriel de Álvarez de Mendizábal e Iraeta


Spanish military that exact birth and death date and place are unknown. He/She was a Knight of the o...

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García Duque de Alba Álvarez de Toledo

(ca. 1435-1488)

Spanish Aristocrat, second count of Alba (1464-1469) and first Duke of Alba (1469-1488). He/She was ...

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Gabriel Álvarez de Toledo y Pellicer


Poet and Spanish polygraph of Portuguese descent. He/She was born in Seville and died in Madrid. He/...

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Gabriel Álvarez


Spanish Jesuit, born in Oropesa in 1564 and died in Tarazona in 1645. He/She was a preacher, Profess...

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Gustavo Alvárez Gardeazábal


Storyteller and Colombian politician, born in 1945 in Tuluá (in the Department of Valle del Cauca)....

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Gonzalo Álvarez


Portuguese Jesuit, born in Villaviciosa in the first half of the sixteenth century and died in a shi...

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Gustavo Alvial


Chilean poet, author of the Symphony of gardens (1925) and Olalai books and movies (1929)....

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Gilberto Alzate Avendaño


Lawyer, journalist and Colombian politician, born on October 10, 1910 in Manizales (Caldas) and died...

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Giovanni Antonio Amadeo


Architect and Italian sculptor, documented in Pavia since 1447 and died in Milan in 1522. In the Cha...

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Gaspar de Amaral


Famous Portuguese Jesuit, who wrote a dictionary of the language Annamitica; He/She died in 1645....

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Giovanna Amati


Pilot of Formula 1 Italian, born in 1963 in Rome. Daughter of the owner of a chain of cinemas, their...

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