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Hans Von Aachen


German painter born in Cologne from May 5, 1552 and died at Prague April 4, 1615. He/She received hi...

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Hans Aanrud


Narrator and Norwegian playwright, born in Vestre Gausdal in 1863 and died in Oslo in 1953. Born in ...

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Héctor Abad Gómez


Colombian physician specialist. He/She was born in Jerico municipality, Antioquia, and died in Medel...

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Hermann Abert


German musicologist born on March 25, 1871 in Stuttgart and died in the same city on August 13, 1927...

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Harold Abrahams


British athlete born in Bedford (England) on December 15, 1899 and died in London on January 14, 197...

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Héctor Abreu


Journalist and Narrator died in Seville by 1929. Between his narrative work can be cited the sword (...

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Herbert Achternbusch


Writer, actor, and German filmmaker born in Munich in 1938. He/She spent his childhood and youth in ...

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Hugo Achugar


Poet and Uruguayan essayist, born in Montevideo in 1944. Author of a brilliant lyric production char...

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Helenio Acron

(s. IV)

Escoliasta who lived at the end of the fourth century, judging by your comment on Terence. His main ...

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Hernando de Acuña


Spanish poet, born in Valladolid in 1518, and died in Granada in 1580. For many years, was considere...

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Hernando de Acuña

(ca. 1456-1495)

Aristocrat, military and Spanish poet, born to 1456 and died in 1495. Do not confuse with the eponym...

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Henry Adams


American historian, born in Boston (MA) in 1838 and died in 1918. third son of Charles Francis Adams...

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Héctor Pablo Agosti


Essayist, journalist, and Argentine politician, born in Buenos Aires in 1911 and died in his hometow...

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Heinrich Cornelius Agripa de Nettesheim


Philosopher, physician and German alchemist; born in Cologne in 1486 and died in Grenoble in 1535. H...

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Hernando Aguilera

(s. XVI)

Spanish astronomer, born and died in date unknown, who served as his teaching at Salamanca to 1560.T...

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Humberto Aguirre Doolan


Chilean politician, born in Magallanes on August 1, 1857 and died in Santiago on February 25, 1983.S...

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Heinrich Ahrens


Philosopher German, disciple and follower of the work of Krause. Born in Salzgitter in 1808. He/She ...

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Howard Hathaway Aiken


Mathematician and American engineer born on March 9, 1900 in Hoboken, New Jersey, and died on March ...

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Hernando Alarcón

(s. XVI)

Spanish navigator of the 16th century, to whom the first accurate knowledge of the configuration of ...

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Hans Albers


Film actor German born in Hamburg on September 22, 1891 and died on July 24, 1960 in Kempfenhausen. ...

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Hans Albert


Philosopher and German sociologist, who taught philosophy at the University of Mannheim since 1963. ...

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Hipólito Albertini


Italian physician, who was born in 1662 and died in 1738. He/She was a Professor of medicine at Bolo...

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Henry Aldrich


Theologian, architect and English musician, who was born in Westminster in 1647, and died in Oxford ...

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Henri Alekan


Director of photography born in Paris on February 10, 1909 and died in Auxerre on June 15, 2001.Of B...

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Hannes Olof Gosta Alfvén


Astronomer and Swedish physicist, Nobel Prize in 1970, awarded for his research on plasmas (gases co...

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Harcourt Algenaroff


Dancer, choreographer and ballet master British, born in London in 1903 and died in Robinvale (Austr...

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Horatio Alger


American writer of children's books of adventure, born in Revere, Massachusetts, and educated at Har...

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Hermanos. Alinari


Natural, Italian photographers of Florence; Giuseppe (1836-1890), Leopoldo (1832-1865) and Romualdo ...

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Henry 'Red' Allen


American jazz trumpeter born on 7 January 1908 in New Orleans and died in New York on April 17, 1967...

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Hervey Allen


Narrator, essayist and American military, born in Pittsburgh in 1889 and died in Miami in 1949. From...

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Herminio Almendros


Scholar and pedagogue Cuban of Spanish origin, born on October 10, 1898 in Almanza, Albacete, and di...

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Hilario Alonso de Cuevillas y Remón


Military Spanish, born in Miranda de el Ebro on January 14, 1801 and died in 1856, the son of the gu...

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Herb Alpert


Composer, trumpet player, music producer American and co-founder of the record label A & M Recor...

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Héctor Alterio


Argentine actor, whose full name is Héctor Benjamín Alterio Onorato, born September 21, 1929 in Bu...

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Horacio Altuna


Argentine comics artist, born in Córdoba (Argentina) on November 24, 1941.LifeFond of drawing from ...

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Huberto Alvarado Arellano


Poet, essayist, journalist, and Guatemalan politician, born in Quezaltenango in 1927 and died on the...

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Hernando de Alvarado Tezozomoc


Indigenous Mexican chronicler, born in 1525 and died in 1610. Very few biographical data which, with...

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Hernando Álvarez de Toledo

(s. XVI)

Military and Spanish writer, was born in Seville. He/She fought in Flanders and went to America wher...

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Héctor Alberto o "Héctor A. Murena" Álvarez


Poet, Narrator, essayist, playwright and translator Argentine, born in Buenos Aires in 1923 and died...

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Henri Frédéric Amiel


Writer and Professor Swiss, born in Geneva in 1821, and died in his home town in 1881. He/She was a ...

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Hafizullah Amín


Afghan politician. He/She was Prime Minister in 1979 and President of the Republic from September to...

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Hans Christian Andersen


Hans Christian AndersenDanish writer, born in Odense on April 2, 1805 and died in Copenhagen on Aug...

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Hipólito Andreasi


Natural, Italian painter of Mantua, who lived at the end of the 16th century and early 17th century....

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Harry Andrews


British film, full name actor Harry Fleetwood Andrews, born on November 10, 1911 in Tonbridge (Kent,...

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Huberto Pascual Aneilhon


French scholar, Member of the Academy of inscriptions, and Librarian of Paris for fifty-two years; H...

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Hermenegildo Anglada Camarasa


Spanish painter, born in Barcelona, and died in Pollensa, Mallorca. He/She studied at the school of ...

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Higinio Anglés


Musicologist and Spanish priest, born in Maspujols (Tarragona) in 1888 and died in Rome in 1969. He/...

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Hubert Aquin


Novelist, journalist and playwright Canadian French, born in Montreal, Canada, in 1929 and died in 1...

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Hermelo Arabena Williams


Chilean writer, municipal award of trial in 1946. Among his titles are books of poetry hour of the a...

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Hernando de Aragón


Religious reformer and Spanish politician, born in Zaragoza in 1498 and died in the same city from J...

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Homero Arce


Chilean poet, author of the books intimate metals (1963) and the tree and other sheets (1967). In 19...

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Hannah Arendt


Philosopher and German political thinker, of Jewish origin. In 1945, pursued by the nazi Government,...

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Hugo Argüelles


Mexican playwright born in Veracruz in 1932 and died in the city of Mexico on December 23, 2003. In ...

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Hernando o Hernandarias de Saavedra Arias de Saavedra


Spanish conquistador born in Asunción (Paraguay) in 1564 and died in Santa Fe in 1634. Of Creole or...

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Harmodio Arias Madrid


Politician, diplomat, lawyer, and Panamanian essayist, born in Penonomé (capital of the province of...

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Homero Aridjis


Poet, Narrator, diplomat and Mexican University Professor, born in 1940 in Contepec (in the State of...

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Harold Arlen


Composer of jazz, vocalist, arranger and American performer born February 15, 1905 in Buffalo (New Y...

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Henry Armstrong


American boxer of color, born in Columbus (Ohio) on December 12, 1912 and died in Los Angeles (Calif...

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Horacio Arrighi Landini


One of the best Italian poets of the eighteenth century; born in Florence in 1718; He/She traveled i...

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Hermenegildo. Conde de Arruga Arruga Liró


Ophthalmologist Spanish, born in Barcelona on March 15, 1886 and died in the same city in 1972, cons...

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Hans Carl Artmann


Austrian writer, born in Vienna in 1921 and died in Vienna, Austria on December 4, 2000. After servi...

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Hilario Ascásubi


Poet, journalist, and Argentine politician, born in Buenos Aires in January 14, 1807 and died on 17 ...

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Hal Ashby


Director of American cinema, born in Ogden (Utah) in 1929 and died on 27 December 1988.LifeHal Ashby...

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Hanan Ashrawi


Policy and Palestinian diplomatic, spokesman for the Palestinian delegation in peace talks with Isra...

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Hans Asperger


Psychiatrist and Austrian paediatrician, born in Vienna, on February 18, 1906 and died on October 21...

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Herbert Henry Asquith


British politician born in Morley (Yorkshire County) on September 12, 1852 and died in Sutton Courte...

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Hèfiz al- o Asad Hafez al- Assad


Syrian politician, born on October 6, 1930 in Qardaha (Latakia) and died in Damascus on June 10, 200...

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Herodes Ático


Rhetorical Greek born in Marathon in the year 110. He/She was master of the emperors Marcus Aurelius...

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Hugo Aubriot


Provost of Paris, born in Dijon and died in 1382. In order to be a bulwark against the English, he/s...

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Hartmann von der Aue


German writer, born in Swabia around 1160 and died around the year 1210 who belongs to the large fam...

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Hernando de Ávila

(s. XVI)

Painter and Spanish sculptor, lived in Toledo in 1560. He/She was painter of Felipe II, and painted ...

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Héctor Azar


Poet, Narrator, essayist, playwright, lawyer and Mexican University Professor, born in the State of ...

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Héctor Babenco


Born in Buenos Aires on 7 February; nationalized Brazilian in 1970.LifeHis early years passed betwee...

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Henk Backer


Comic artist Dutch born in Rotterdam (Netherlands) on December 15, 1898 and died on June 5, 1976 in ...

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Hermann Bahr


Austrian writer born in Linz in 1863 and died in Munich in 1934. He/She studied economics, law and c...

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Hedi Bakuch Mohamed


Tunisian politician born in Hammam-Sousse, on January 15, 1930. Degree in letters from the Sorbonne ...

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Hans Baldung Grien


Painter and German engraver of the time of the Reformation. He/She was born around 1484 in Gmund, Sw...

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Hugo Ball

(1886 -1927)

German writer, born in Pirmasens in 1886 and died in Sant' Abbondio in 1927. Catholic family, Hugo B...

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Hugo Ballivián Rojas


Military boliviano, born in La Paz on July 7, 1901 and died on July 15, 1993. He/She was head of the...

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Hans Urs Von Balthasar


Theologian and philosopher Swiss (Jesuit from 1929 until 1948), who studied philosophy and Patristic...

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