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Honoré de Balzac


Honoré de Balzac.Narrator and French playwright, born in Tours on May 20, 1799 and died in Paris o...

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Hastings Kamuzu Banda


Politician and physician malavi, born on May 14, 1906 and died on 25 November 1997. Your birth date ...

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Herman Joachim Bang


Poet, Narrator, playwright, essayist, and Danish journalist, born in Adersballe (on the island of Al...

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Hugo Bánzer Suárez


Military and Bolivian politician, born in Santa Cruz on May 10, 1926, in a middle-class family of Ge...

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Henry Barakat


Film director born in Cairo (Egypt) on June 11, 1914 and died in the same city in May 1997.LifeDegre...

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Hugo D. Barbagelata


Essayist, storyteller and Uruguayan literary critic, born in Montevideo in 1885 and died in Paris (F...

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Horacio Barbato

(s. V a. C.)

Roman Patriot, was one of the most ardent opponents of the second decemvirato. The death of Virginia...

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Henri Barbusse


French writer, born at Asnières-sur-Seine in 1873 and died in Moscow in 1935. During the first worl...

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Henry Barraud


French composer, born in 1900 in Bordeaux and died on 27 December 1997. He/She studied music with Pa...

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Heinrich Barth


Explorer of German origin, born in Hamburg on February 16, 1821 and died in Berlin on November 25, 1...

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Hipólito Bartleman o Barthelmont


Violinist and composer of English music. He/She left written several operas, among them: the judgeme...

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Hanok Bartov


Prose writer, dramatist and israeli Jewish journalist. He/She was born in Petah Tiqwá, near Tel Avi...

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Héctor Basaldúa


Painter and Argentine production designer born in Pergamino (Buenos Aires) in 1895 and died in Bueno...

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Hugo Bassi

(s. XIX)

Italian patriot and religious. When the revolution of 1848 broke out, he/she preached in several cit...

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Henri Bataille


Poet, playwright, and French artist, born in 1872 in Nîmes and died at Malmaison (Seine-et-Oise) in...

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Henry Walter Bates


Naturalist and British entomologist, born on February 18, 1825 in Leicester and died in London on Fe...

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Hilmar Baunsgaard


Politician and Prime Minister of Denmark, born on February 26, 1920 in Slagelse and died on June 30,...

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Harry Baur


Actor of theatre and cinema French born in Montrouge on April 12, 1880 and died in Paris on April 8,...

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Hippolyte Bayard


French photographer born in Oise Nemours in 1801 and died in Seine-et-Oise in 1887.Following the foo...

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Herbert Bayer


Photographer and Austrian painter born in Hagg in 1900 and died in Montecito (USA).UU.) in 1985.Mult...

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Hervé Bazin


Poet and French Narrator, born in Angers in 1911 and died in Gennes in 1996. His real name was the J...

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Humberto de Beaujeu


Constable of France. Felipe Augusto and Luis VIII served in the war against the Albigensians. He/She...

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Harry Beaumont


Director of American cinema, born in Abilene (Kansas) on February 10, 1888, and died on December 22,...

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Herman August Bebel


Politician and German Socialist writer, born in Deutz, near Cologne, on February 22, 1840, and died ...

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Hans Beck


Dancer, choreographer, teacher of ballet and Danish director, born in Haderslev on May 31, 1861 and ...

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Harold Becker


Director of American cinema, born in New York in 1950.LifeHe studied art history at Columbia Univers...

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Henry-François Becque


French dramatist, born in Paris on April 18, 1837 and died in his hometown on May 12, 1889. Author o...

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Henri Konan Aimé Bédié


Economist, politician and President of Ivory Coast, born in 1934 in Dadieko, a city located in the c...

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Harriet Beecher Stowe


Natural, American writer of Lichtfield, daughter of a Protestant pastor of a Presbyterian Church in ...

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Hans Beimler


German politician. Member of the Central Committee of the party Communist German and member of the R...

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Harry Belafonte


Harry BelafonteMultifaceted character, Harry Belafonte was born on March 1, 1927 in Harlem New York...

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Helmuth Bellingrodt Wolf


Sportsman champion shot a wild boar and Colombian architect. He/She was born in 1949 in Barranquilla...

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Hilaire Belloc


Poet, essayist, biographer, Narrator and parliamentary British, born in La Celle Saint-Cloud (Paris)...

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Hércules Bentivoglio


Italian poet born in 1512 and died in 1573. Its ease and grace put him almost to the height of Arios...

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Hans Berger


Psychiatrist and German neurologist, born in Bavaria in 1873 and died in Jena in 1941, which was the...

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Hjalmar Bergman


Swedish writer. He/She was born in Örebro and died in Berlin. He/She got the Swedish culture opens ...

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Henri-Louis Bergson


French philosopher called the philosopher of intuition, Bergson seeks the solution to the metaphysic...

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Hendrik Petrus Berlage


Dutch architect, born in Amsterdam in 1857 and died in the Hague in 1934. He/She studied architectur...

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Hector Berlioz


French composer born December 11, 1803 in Côte-Saint-André (France) and died on March 8, 1869 in P...

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Heraclio Bernal


Mexican guerrilla, born in Santiago Papasquiaro (1855) and died in Cosala (1888). Known with the nic...

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Henry Bernstein


French dramatist, born in Paris in 1876 and died in his hometown in 1953. Author of a fertile and br...

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Harry Bertoia


American furniture designer and sculptor whose most famous creation is his series of chairs, metal g...

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Henri Montan Berton


Composer and French professor. Member of a family of musicians, being most successful got. He/She st...

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Henry Sir Bessemer


Engineer and industrial English, born in Charlton (Great Britain), January 19, 1813, was the discove...

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Hans Albrecht Bethe


German physicist, later naturalized American, born in Strasbourg on July 2, 1906 and died in Ithaca,...

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Hayim Nahmán Bialik


Jewish poet born in the village of Radi, near Zhitomir (Ukraine), one of the most prominent of the n...

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Héctor Bianciotti


Argentine storyteller, born in Córdoba on March 18, 1930 and died in Paris, on June 11, 2012. Autho...

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Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber


Born in Bohemia, Austrian violinist and composer. It was probably a disciple of J. H. Schmeltzer in ...

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Herbert J. Biberman


Screenwriter and director of North American cinema, born in Philadelphia (United States) on March 4,...

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Horst Bienek

(1930 -1990)

German writer, born in Gleiwitz in 1930 and died in Munich in 1990. After the war he/she moved to Po...

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Hidelgarda Von Bigen


Medical, mysticism and German santa. He/She was born in Bermersheim and died in the convent of Ruper...

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Hildegarda de Bingen


German Abbess, visionary mystic and author of various treaties of medicine, as well as numerous musi...

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Hiram Bingham


Archaeologist and American politician, born in Honolulu (Hawaii) on November 19, 1875, and died in W...

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Harrison Birtwistle


English composer. He/She began his musical training in Manchester, where he/she was with Peter Maxwe...

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Hermanos. Bisson


French photographer born in Paris (in 1814 Louis Auguste and Auguste Rosalie in 1826) and died in th...

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Henry Marie Ducrotay de Blainville


French naturalist. He/She was born in 1777 and died in 1850. He/She was a disciple of Cuvier, whose ...

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Hugh Blair


British philosopher, Professor of rhetoric and fine arts at Edinburgh, his hometown, set out to give...

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Hugo Blanco Galdós


He was born on November 15, 1935 in Paruro province, in the Department of Cusco. He/She completed hi...

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Hyalmar Blixen


Uruguayan writer born in Montevideo and died on February 17, 2007. He/She was Professor of literatur...

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Héctor Pedro Blomberg


Poet, Narrator, translator, playwright and Argentine journalist, born in Buenos Aires on 18 March 18...

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Harold Bloom


Literary critic and American author born in New York in 1930 into a Jewish family, that had yiddish ...

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Hermann Boerhaave


Physician and Dutch teacher born in Voorhout (Netherlands) on December 31, 1668 and died in Leiden S...

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Hugo Boero Rojo


Bolivian filmmaker born in Cochabamba in 1929 and died in 1997, specializing in documentary films, w...

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Humphrey Bogart


Humphrey Bogart together with Ingrid Bergman in a scene from Casablanca.Actor of American film, who...

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Henry Saint-John. Vizconde de Bolingbroke


Man of English State, man of letters and one of the most eloquent speakers of the House of Commons. ...

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Humberto "Barana Chico" Bolio Hernández


Famous chopper bulls Mexican, born in Mérida (Yucatán) on November 10, 1912, and died in the Mexic...

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Heinrich Böll


German writer, born in Cologne in 1917 and died in Langenbroich in 1985. After a happy childhood in ...

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Herbert Eugene Bolton


American historian, born in Wilton Township (Wisconsin) on July 20, 1870 and died in Berkeley (Calif...

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Helena Bonham-Carter


British film actress born in Golders Green (London) on May 26, 1966.LifeBorn in one of the families ...

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Hubert Cecil Booth


British engineer, inventor of the vacuum cleaner. In 1900, Booth showed a few friends that they were...

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Henry Bordeaux


French writer. Born in Thonon, Haute-Savoie, and died in Paris. His literary production focuses on d...

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Hércules Bottrigari


Mathematician, poet and Italian musician. His most notable works are: tried to the description of th...

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Hippolyte Bouchard


French sailor in the service of the struggle for the independence of Argentina and naval hero of the...

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Hassiba Boulmerka


Hassiba Boulmerka, world champion in the 1,500 m [Gothenburg, 1995].Despite being one of the most i...

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Hugo Boulter


English philanthropist, Anglican Archbishop of Armagh, in Ireland. It has become famous for his char...

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Henry Joseph Lord Boulton Schimmel


Businessman and Venezuelan merchant, born in Maiquetía, Vargas Department, on December 30, 1829 and...

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Hugo Bourne


Founder of the Christian sect of the primitive Methodists. He/She was born in Strafford and began hi...

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Honoré Bouvet

(ca. 1343-1405)

French writer, born about 1343 and died in 1405. Today is security on the surname Bovet or Bouvet, w...

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Herbert Wayne Boyer


American biochemist. He/She studied in Pittsburgh and in 1976 he/she was appointed Professor of Bioc...

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Hugh Henry Brackenridge


Novelist, poet and trend Republican American politician, born in Campbelltown (Scotland) in 1748 and...

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