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Isaac Berabbi-Jacob Alfez


Moroccan Rabbi, born in Fez in 1013 and died in Lucena in 1103. He/She composed a work on the Talmud...

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Irvin Allen


Producer and director of American cinema, born in Warsaw (Poland), on November 24, 1906, and died on...

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Irwin Allen


Director, producer and screenwriter of American cinema, born on June 12, 1916 in New York and died o...

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Isabel Allende


Isabel AllendeStoryteller, playwright and Chilean journalist, born in Lima (Peru) on August 2, 1942...

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Ignacio María de Allende y Unzaga


Military insurgent Creole born in the town of San Miguel el Grande (Guanajuato) January 21, 1769 and...

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Ignacio Alonso de Cuevillas y Remón


Military Spanish, son of the guerrilla independence Ignacio Cuevillas Alonso and his first wife Cata...

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Ignacio Alonso de Cuevillas


Guerrilla and Spanish military, born in Cervera del Río Alhama 1 February 1764 and died December 6,...

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Ignacio Manuel Altamirano Basilio


Mexican writer, born in Tixtla (warriors) in 1834 and died in San Remo in 1893. He/She is considered...

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Isidoro Álvarez


Isidoro Álvarez.Entrepreneur Spanish, born in Borondes (Asturias) in 1935, who is President of El ...

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Ignacio Álvarez Thomas


Military and Argentine politician born in 1787 in Arequipa (Peru) and died in Buenos Aires in 1857. ...

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Inmaculada Alvear Valero de Bernabé


Essayist, philologist, historian and Spanish researcher, born in Madrid in 1960. Dumped from his ear...

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I Duque de Saboya Amadeo VIII


First Duke of Savoy, son of Amadeus VII, born 4 December 1383 in Chambéry and died January 7, 1451 ...

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Isabel Amalia


Hesse-Carsel Landgravina; He/She was born in 1602 and died in 1651. It was wife of landgrave Guiller...

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Ignacio Amestoy Egiguren


Playwright, journalist and Spanish teacher, born in Bilbao in 1947. Interested from an early age by ...

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Idi Amín Dadá


Military and Ugandan politician. He/She was born in 1925 into a family of peasants "kakwa", to the N...

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Ib Andersen


Dancer, choreographer and teacher of Danish ballet, born in Copenhagen on December 14, 1954.He studi...

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Ignacio Andrade


Military and Venezuelan politician, son of general José Escolástico Andrade and Juana Troconis, bo...

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Ivo María Andre


French philosopher and theologian, born in 1675 and died in 1764. He/She entered the Jesuit order an...

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Isabel Andreini


Italian actress, wife of Francisco Andreini was born in Padua in 1562 and died in Lyon in 1604. He/S...

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Ivo Andric


Bosnian writer in Serbo-Croatian language. He/She was born in Dolac, Travnik, and died in Belgrade. ...

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Inocencio Ansaldi


Painter and Spanish man of letters, was born in 1734 and died in 1816. He/She made pictures for many...

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Isidoro Antillón y Marzo


Geographer, astronomer and Spanish politician, born in Santa Eulalia de el Campo (Teruel) may 15, 17...

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Ion Antonescu


Romanian military and politician. He/She participated in the first world war. He/She was arrested fo...

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Isidoro Gilart Aparici


Titular bishop of Croya, who was born in Benifaraig, province of Valencia in 1669. After successfull...

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Ibn o Abenarabi Arabi


Spanish philosopher, born in Murcia in 1164, and died in Damascus in 1240. When he/she was still ver...

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Ildefonso de Aragón y Abollado


Spanish engineer. It was born in Andalusia for the years from 1760. He/She received the office of As...

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Isaac Ben Moses Arama


Thinker and Jewish preacher born in Zamora. He/She was called as Rabbi to Calatayud, where he/she wr...

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Ismael Enrique Arciniegas


Writer, poet, and Colombian politician was born on January 2, 1865 in Curiti (Santander), and died i...

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Ignacio Sánchez de Arévalo


Spanish, natural priest of Rioseco, who was born in 1405 and died in Rome in 1475, after having been...

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Inés Argüelles Salaverría


Spanish diplomat born in 1948, who held various positions of responsibility in the administration of...

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Imanol Arias


Imanol Arias.Spanish actor of film, theatre and television born in Riaño (León) on April 26, 1956...

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Inocencio Arias


Inocencio AriasPolitician and Spanish diplomat, whose full name is Inocencio Felix Arias Llamas, bo...

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Irina Arjipova


Irina Arkhipova. Photo: ASSOCIATED PRESS | 02-18-2010Russian mezzo-soprano, born in Moscow on Janua...

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Inés Arredondo


Storyteller and Mexican essayist, born in Culiacán (Sinaloa) on March 20, 1928 and died in Mexico C...

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Isidoro Arredondo


Spanish painter; He/She was born in Colmenar de Oreja in 1633 and died in Madrid in 1702. He/She was...

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Ignacio Fernando Arteaga y Bazán


Spanish navigator, born in the town of Aracena (Huelva), 17 February 1731. He/She began to serve as ...

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Isaac Asimov


Narrator, scientist, journalist and American University Professor of Russian origin born in Petrovic...

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Ignacio Jordan de Asso del Rio

(s. XVIII)

Jurisconsult and Spanish naturalist of the 18th century. He/She was born in Zaragoza in 1742, and al...

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Irma Isabel Astorga


Chilean, winning writer in 1970 from the Municipal Prize of Santiago with its novel magic gate. His ...

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Isaac Athias

(s. XVII)

Spanish Jewish writer who lived in Amsterdam in the 17TH century. He/She wrote among other works: tr...

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Isidoro Atondo y Antillón

(s. XVII)

17TH century Spanish marine. It was commissioned in 1667 of an expedition to California to undertake...

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Infante de Portugal Augusto


Portugal born in the Palace of Infante das Necessidades from Lisbon on November 4, 1847 and died in ...

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Isaac Axel

(s. XVI)

Swedish philosopher of the sixteenth century; He/She was Secretary of King Gustavo Adolfo, and left ...

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Isidro Ayora Cueva


Politician, physician and Ecuadorian Professor, interim President of the Republic (1926-1929) and co...

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Ignacio Azevedo


Portuguese Jesuit, who was born in 1527 and died in 1570. Appointed Procurator of his order in the B...

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Isaac Felipe Azofeifa Bolaños


Poet, essayist, politician and Costa Rican educator, born in Santo Domingo (in the province of Hered...

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Ibrahim Babangida


Nigerian politician, President of the Republic between 1985 and 1993, born in Minna (Niger State) on...

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Isaak Emmauilovich Babel


Soviet writer, of Jewish origin, born in Odessa in 1894. He/She was the first writer of talent that ...

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Ingeborg Bachmann


Austrian writer, born in Klagenfurt in 1926 and died in Rome in 1973. Between 1945 and 1950, he/she ...

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Iodocus Badius


Father of Conrad Badius. Born in Assche (Ghent) in 1462, and died in Paris in 1535. It was satirical...

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IV Sultán mameluco Baibars o Bibars


Fourth sultan of the dynasty of the Baharitas Mamluks nicknamed the father of Victorias. He/She was ...

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Iolanda Balas


Athlete Romanian, born in Timisoara on December 12, 1936, specialist in high jump, and considered on...

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Italo César Balbo


General and Italian Aviator, born in Ferrara on June 5, 1896 and died in Tobruk (Libya) in 1940.He s...

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Israël Baline


American composer known as Irving Berlin....

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Ibrahim Bamadji

(s. XVIII)

Renegade Hungarian, founded in Constantinople in 1728 with Seid Effendi a Turkish and Arabic printin...

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Iain Banks


British novelist, born in Fife (Scotland) on February 16, 1954 and passed away on June 9, 2013.Only ...

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Ignacio Barbosa Machado


Historian and Portuguese priest, born in Lisbon in 1686 and died in 1734.He was the brother of Diego...

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Isis de Bárcena Echeveste


Pianist and musicologist Paraguayan born in Montevideo in 1912 and died in 2000. Daughter of a disti...

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Irina Baronova


Dancer and British Professor of Russian origin, born in Petrograd on March 13, 1919 and died in Byro...

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Isidro Barradas

(s. XVIII)

Military responsible for bringing to Cuba the decree abolishing the constitutional regime and retake...

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Ignacio Barraquer Barraquer


Spanish ophthalmologist. Son of José Antonio Barraquer ophthalmologist. He/She developed new surgic...

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Isaac Jesús Barrera Quiroz


Essayist, scholar, and Ecuadorian historian, born in Otavalo (in the province of Imbabura) in 1884 a...

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Isabel Barreto

(ca. 1567-ca. 1610)

Discoverer and Spanish sailor born to 1567 in Galicia (the exact location is unknown) and died in 16...

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Isaac Barrow


Isaac Barrow.Geometer and English theologian, Professor of mathematics of the University of Cambrid...

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Isabel Barton

(s. XVI)

Called the Holy of Kent, he/she was executed by having announced that Enrique VIII would lose his Cr...

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Ignacio. Conde de Bathyani


Wise Hungarian prelate Bishop of Transylvania. He/She left a work entitled: ecclesiastical laws of t...

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Ignacio Bayón Mariné


Politician and Spanish businessman born in Madrid on 14 February 1944. He/She was head of the Minist...

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Isaac de Beausobre


Celebrated French theologian, father of Carlos Luis Beausobre. He/She was born in 1659 and died in 1...

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Isaac Bebber


Dutch physician. He/She was born in 1636 and died in 1668. Wrote a work entitled: the true and solid...

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Isaac Beimiran

(s. XI)

Medical Jew, contemporary Avicenna and Constantino Africanus. His works are known: De elementis et d...

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Isabel de Bekker


Dutch literata who was born in 1733 and died in 1804. It was very versada in the classics of his cou...

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Isaac. Bellet


French physician, Member of the Academy of Bordeaux and inspector of mineral waters of France. His b...

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Igor Belsky


Dancer, choreographer, teacher and artistic director Russian, born in Leningrad on March 28, 1925 an...

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Isaac Benítez


Panamanian painter, born in Panama City on September 5, 1927 and died on November 6, 1968 in place o...

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Inés María Bennet


Famous English novelist in the 18th century. His main novels are: Rosa or girl begging; Ana or the h...

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Isaac Benserade


French poet, born in 1612 and died in 1691. It enjoyed great favour at the Court of Luis XIII and wa...

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Ingmar Bergman


Director and writer of Swedish cinema, also director of theatre, whose full name is Ernst Ingmar Ber...

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Ingrid Bergman


Ingrid Bergman.American cinema, of Swedish origin, and theatre actress born in Stockholm (Sweden) o...

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Irving Berlin


Stage name of Israel Baline, American composer of Russian origin born in Temun (Siberia, Russia) on ...

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Isaiah Berlin


Philosopher and historian of Jewish origin, born on June 6, 1909 in Riga (Latvia), when it belonged ...

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