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Luis Abarca de Bolea

(¿1617?-ca. 1653)

Poet and Spanish military, born around the year 1617 in Zaragoza and died after 1650. Belonging to a...

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Luis Pablo Abeille


French economist, born in Toulouse in 1719 and died in 1807. He/She was inspector general of manufac...

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Luis Abelli


French theologian, born in 1603 and died in 1691. He/She was priest of San José in Paris and later ...

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Lascelles Abercrombie


Poet, playwright, literary critic and University Professor British born in Ashton-upon-Mersey on Jan...

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Livio Abramo


Brazilian engraver born in Araraquara (São Paulo) in 1903 and died in Asunción in 1992. Deep socia...

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Luis Antonio de. Vizconde de Carreira Abreu y Lima


Portuguese politician who was born in 1785. Initially followed the arms race and then entered into t...

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Lorenzo Abstemio

(s. XV-XVI)

Italian, natural Sage of Macerata, in the mark of Ancona, born at the end of the 15th century. His r...

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Lucio Accio

(170-ca. 90 a.C.)

Latin dramatic author, born in Umbra Pisauro in 170 BC, in the bosom of a wealthy family. Despite th...

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Luis Alberto Acevedo Acevedo


Chilean Aviator born in Santiago on September 23, 1885 and died in San Pedro, near Concepción, on A...

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Lorenzo de Acevedo de Vasconcelos

(s. XVII)

Portuguese writer of the 17TH century, died in Meson cold, between Douro and Muno province. It was, ...

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Lucas Achtschelling

(s. XVII)

German landscape painter who lived in Brussels in the second half of the seventeenth century; He/She...

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Leonardo Acosta


Essayist, storyteller, journalist, musician and Cuban musicologist born in Havana on August 23, 1933...

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Luis Calisto de Acosta y Faria


Portuguese writer, born in Guarda (Portugal) 14 October 1679. He/She composed several works of poetr...

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Luis Acquisti


Italian sculptor, born in Forlì in 1744 and died in 1824. He/She worked long in Bologna, Rome and M...

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Luis Gustavo Acuña Luco


Poet, musician and literary critic, director in Germany of the Literarische Bogen magazine. He/She i...

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Luis Alberto Acuña


Chilean writer and University Professor. He/She received several literary prizes, among which are th...

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Luis Alberto Acuña Tapias


Colombian painter and sculptor, born in Suaita, Santander and died in Villa de Leyva, Boyacá. He/Sh...

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Lamberto Adam


French sculptor, born in Nancy in 1700 and died in 1759. He/She spent ten years pensioner in Rome, w...

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Louis Adamic


American Narrator of Balkan origin, born in Blato (on the island of Korcula, currently belonging to ...

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Lancelot Addison


English churchman, born in 1632 and died in 1703. It is expatriated under the domination of Cromwell...

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Luis Adimari


Florentine poet, born in 1644 and died in 1708. He/She wrote satires, sonnets and an opera entitled ...

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Larry Adler


Harmonica virtuoso, born in Baltimore (United States) on February 10, 1914 and died 6 August 2001, w...

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Leonardo Admi


Italian philologist, born in Tuscany in 1691 and died in Rome in 1719. Having taken part in an upris...

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Luis Agustín Augusto Affry


Swiss officer in the service of France; He/She was born in Versailles in 1713 and died in 1793. Thei...

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Luis Augusto Felipe Affry


Son of Affry, Luis Agustín Augusto and first great landaman of Switzerland; He/She was born in Frei...

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Lucio Afranio

(ca. 150 a.C.-?)

Latin poet born around 150 a. C. According to data provided by Cicero, it was an admirer and imitato...

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Lucio Afranio Nepote

(s. I a.C.)

Roman Consul, born 59 years b.c. He/She was a supporter of Pompey. He/She defeated César near Léri...

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Leonardo Agostini

(s. XVII)

Italian antiquary of the 17TH century, native of Siena; papa Alejandro VI gave him the office of exa...

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Livio Agresti


History painter; He/She worked at the Vatican by Pope Gregorio XIII order; He/She died in 1580....

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Livio Agripa

(s. XVI)

Physician and astrologer of the Duchy of Montferrat, in the 16th century. Remains of a discourse on ...

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Luis Aguilé


Melodic singer and showman, real name Luis María Aguilera, born in Buenos Aires on February 24, 194...

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Luisa. Aguilera Patiño


Panamanian writer. He/She picked up the Panamanian folkloric tradition, its traditions and legends i...

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Lope de Aguirre


Spanish adventurer, called the traitor, born in 1518 and died in 1561. Of noble family, came to the ...

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Lorenzo Aguirre


Spanish painter born in Pamplona in 1884 and executed in Madrid on 6 October 1942, after two years o...

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Lars Ahlin


Swedish writer, born in Sundsvall in 1915 and died in Stockholm in 1997. Humble family, his training...

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Lorenzo o "Üñümche" Aillapán Cayuleo


Chilean poet of mapuche origin, considered one of the foremost representatives of the culture of the...

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Lucien Aimar


French cyclist, born on April 28, 1941 in Hyères. He/She worked as gregarious of the legendary Jacq...

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Leon Van Aitzema


Dutch historian, who was born in Dockum, Friesland, in 1600 and died in the Hague in 1661. Anseatica...

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Lütfi O. Akad


Turkish filmmaker born in Istanbul in 1916 and died on 19 November 2011. Graduated in economics, Lü...

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Luis Alagon


French diplomatic agent, who was born in Nerargues, in Provence, in the middle of the sixteenth cent...

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Lucas Alamán y Escalada


Historian, politician and diplomat, son of Juan Vicente Alamán and María Ignacia Escalada, was bor...

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Luigi Alamanni


Italian poet, born in Florence in 1495 and died in Amboise in 1556. Florence freedom advocate, parti...

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Lamberto Alard


Historian and German writer, who was born in the Holstein in 1602 and died in 1672. It was a Protest...

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Luis María José Alard


French physician, who was born in Tolosa in 1779 and died in Paris in 1850. He/She served in the arm...

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Leopoldo Alas


Poet, Narrator and Spanish essayist, born in Arnedo (La Rioja) in 1962. Belonging to a family of acc...

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Leopoldo "Clarín" Alas


Novelist and literary critic born in Zamora, Spanish on April 25, 1852 and died in Oviedo on 13 June...

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Leocadia Alba


Spanish actress born in Madrid in 1866 and died in the same city in 1952. Member of one of the most ...

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Lorenzo M. Albacete Cintrón


Puerto Rican religious, ninth President of the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, born o...

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Laureano Albán


Costa Rican poet, born in Santa Cruz de Turrialba (in the province of Cartago) on January 9, 1942. C...

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Licia Albanese


Licia AlbaneseItalian, nationalized American soprano, born in Bari on 22 July 1913. He/She studied ...

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Luisa María Carolina. Condesa de Albany


Woman of the suitor of England Carlos Estuard, who was born in 1753 and died in 1824. Rid of her hus...

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Luisa Alberca Lorente


Writer and Spanish journalist, born in 1920 in Alcázar de San Juan (Ciudad Real). In some of the ma...

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Luis de Albert de Ailly


Chemist and French archaeologist, Duke of Chaulnes, son of Ailly Albert Fernando, who was born in 17...

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Luis José Albert


Grandson of the Constable Luynes, who was born in 1672 and died in 1758. Found at the Philipsburgo s...

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Leone Battista Alberti


Leone Battista Alberti.Architect, theoretician of art and Italian writer, Alberti built the theoret...

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Luis Alberti

(siglos XVIII-XIX)

Traveller of Italian origin, who lived at the end of the 18th century and early 19th Centuries. It w...

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Luigi Albertieri


Dancer, master of ballet and Italian Professor, born in 1860 and died in New York on August 25, 1930...

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Laure Albin-Guillot


French photographer born in Paris in 1899 and died in the same city in 1962.In the 1920s, he/she led...

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Lucio Albinio

(s. IV a.C.)

Roman citizen of patrician family, which to flee from Rome the year 390 before J. C. for not falling...

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Lluis Alcanyís

(ca. 1440-1506)

Spanish doctor born in Játiva around 1440 and died in Valencia in 1506.Alcanyís was the son of a n...

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Luis Alcázar


Spanish Jesuit, who was born in 1554 and died in 1613. He/She spent his life in comment on the revel...

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Luis. Alcívar Elizalde


Ecuadorian athlete, South American swimming champion. Born in Guayaquil, he/she began his career of ...

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Luis Alcoriza


Actor, writer and director of Mexican cinema, born in Badajoz (Spain) on September 5, 1921, and died...

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Louise May Alcott


Louise May Alcott.American storyteller, born in Germantown (suburb of Philadelphia) on November 29,...

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Lorenzo de Aldana


Spanish conquistador born in Extremadura (exact date and place unknown) and died in Arequipa, in 155...

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Lucette Aldous


Dancer and teacher New Zealand, born on February 26, 1938 in Auckland (New Zealand).He began his stu...

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Luis Aldrete y Soto

(s. XVII)

Spanish scientist, that unknown is his date of birth and death, important for his studies of Alchemy...

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Luis Aldunate Carrera


Politician and Chilean diplomat who was born in Santiago in 1842, and died in Viña del Mar in 1908....

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Luis Alegre Núñez


Recorder and Spanish artist born in Madrid in 1918 and died in the same city in 1969. Professor at t...

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Leopoldo Carlos Alejandro


Archduke of Austria, Palatine of Hungary. He/She was born in Florence in 1772 and died in Vienna in ...

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Leandro Nicéforo Alem


Argentine politician. One of the founders of the Radical Civic Union. He/She captained the movement ...

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Luis Alemán


Bishop of Arles, and Cardinal, born in 1390 and died in 1459. He/She was successively Bishop of Magu...

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Luis Valerio Alembek


Poet panegyrist Polish, natural of Belgium, born in 1620 and died in 1690. His poems, which are many...

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Leonardo Alenza Nieto


Spanish Romantic painter who cultivated the traditional themes with satirical slant most of the time...

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Luis Alibaud


Regicide French, who was born in Nîmes in 1810 and died in Paris in 1836. He/She served as a volunt...

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Leone Allacci


Italian man of letters, born in the island of Chio in 1586 and died in Rome in 1669. Pope Gregory XV...

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Lewis Allen


British film director, born in Wellington (England), on December 25, 1905 and died in 1986.LifeGave ...

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Luis Allier


Historian and Numismatic French, named Hauteroche. He/She was born in Lyon in 1766 and died in 1827....

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Lorenzo Almeida


Military Portuguese, son of Francisco Almeida, called the Portuguese Macabeo. He/She took part in th...

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Luis Herscher de Almendingen


French Jurisconsult, born in 1766 and died in 1827. He/She was Minister of Hesse-Darmstadt in Paris....

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