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Luis Almodóvar


Spanish baritone, born in Aspe (Alicante) on June 29, 1888 and died in Milan on August 2, 1961. He/S...

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Luis Alonso Luengo


Writer and Spanish scholar born in 1907 and died in Madrid on April 20, 2003. Magistrate, journalist...

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Lorenzo de Alopa

(s. XV)

Venetian printer, exercised his art in Florence at the end of the 15th century. He/She published esp...

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LLhar-Ed-Din-Abu-Chudja Alp-Arslan


Second sultan of the dynasty of the selymidas of Persia. He/She was born in 1028 and died in 1072. H...

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Lluís Enric Alpera Leiva


Poet, essayist and Spanish philologist, born in Valencia in 1938. Dump from his early youth to the s...

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Luc Alphand


French skier, born in Briançon on August 6, 1965, the modalities of downhill and supergiant slalom ...

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Luis Altamirano


Military and Chilean politician, President of the Republic between 1924 and 1925, born in Concepció...

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Louis Althusser


French philosopher of Algerian origin born on October 16, 1918 in Birmandreis (Algeria), and died in...

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Luigi Alva


Peruvian tenor; He/She was born in Lima on April 10, 1927. His full name is Luis Ernesto Alva Talled...

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Lisandro Alvarado


Physician, naturalist, historian, Ethnologist and linguistic born in El Tocuyo (Lara) on September 1...

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Luis Álvarez Catalá


Spanish painter; He/She was born in the monastery of Helmo (Asturias) in 1836, although some sources...

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Luis Álvarez


Portuguese Jesuit, who was born in the village of Saint Rome, Bishop of Coimbra, in 1618 and died in...

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Luis Alberto Álvarez


Priest and film critic, born in Medellín in 1945 and died in the same city on May 23, 1996. He/She ...

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Luis Fernando Álvarez


Poet, Narrator, journalist and Venezuelan diplomat, born in Caracas on December 28, 1901, and died i...

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Luis Walter Álvarez


American physicist, born in San Francisco in 1911 and died on August 31, 1988.It belonged to the Uni...

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Luis Álvarez Piñer


Spanish poet born in Gijón in 1910 and died in Madrid, on 26 July 1999. Was member of the so-called...

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Luis César Amadori Ricciotti


Argentine filmmaker, born in Pescara (Italy) on May 28, 1903 and died Buenos Aires shortly after ret...

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Lope de Amaniel

(siglo XIV)

Brother Pedro Ibastard and ballestero of King Enrique II of Castile....

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Lucio Turpio Ambivio

(s. II a.C)

Actor and theatrical entrepreneur in the 2nd century BC, in ancient Rome, which happened to be one o...

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Lucio Ampelio

(s. III)

Roman writer, author of a small work in fifty chapters, entitled Liber Memorialis, dealing with astr...

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Lorenzo Andersen


Gustavo Wasa Chancellor, was born in Sweden in 1480 and died in 1552. He/She introduced the Lutheran...

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Laurie Anderson


Laurie Anderson.Multifaceted artist, born in Chicago (USA), in June 1947. Established in New York, ...

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Lea Anderson


Dancer and choreographer British born in London (England) on June 13, 1959. He/She studied dance at ...

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Lindsay Anderson


Film and theater director and screenwriter, born in Bangalore, Mysore (India), on April 17, 1923 and...

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Lou Andreas-Salomé


German writer, born in Petersburgo in 1861 and died on February 5, 1937 in Göttingen. Daughter of a...

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Leonid Nikoláyevich Andréiev


Narrator and Russian playwright, born in Oriol in 1871 and died in Mustamaggi (Finland) in 1919. Alt...

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Luis Andreoni


Italian engineer born in Vercelli (Italy) October 7, 1853 and died in Montevideo on May 20, 1936. He...

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Lucuas Andrés

(s. II)

Jew of Cyrene, nicknamed Lucuas by Eusebius, and lights by Abulfaradje man; fanatic who lived at the...

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Lanzarote Andrews


English theologian. He/She was born in 1565 and died in 1626. His preacher talent caught the attenti...

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Luis María Andriani y Escoffett


Military Spanish Barcelona-born 24 September 1773 and died in 1856, in unknown location.Son of briga...

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Luis Angeloni


Italian publicist. He/She was born in 1758 and died in 1842. At the time of the revolution he/she wa...

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Luis Anhalt-Coethen


Prince of Anhalt-Coethen. He/She was born in 1579 and died in 1650; He/She served in the war of thir...

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Leopoldo Federico Francisco Anhalt-Dessan


Prince of Anhalt-Dessan, who was born in Dessau in 1740, and died in 1817. He/She served in his earl...

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Leopoldo I de Anhalt-Dessan


Prince of Anhalt-Dessan, who was born in 1676, and died in 1747. It was feld-Marshal of the Prussian...

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Leopoldo Maximiliano de Anhalt-Dessan


Son of Leopold I of Anhalt-Dessan, who was born in 1700 and died in 1751. He/She served very young i...

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Lucio Anicio

(s. II a.C.)

Roman praetor living 169 years before J. C. gave battle to Géncio, King of Illyria, which underwent...

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Luis Anjos

(s. XVI-1625)

Portuguese sacred from the 16th century, died in Coimbra in 1625. He/She published a book recognized...

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Lucio Anneo Séneca

(4 a.C-65 d.C)

Writer and Spanish philosopher of the 1st century of our era. Son of a famous rhetor (known as Senec...

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Luis Pedro Anquetil


French historian, Canon regular of St. Genevieve, director of the Seminary of Reims, prior of severa...

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Louis Anquetin


French painter born in Entrepagny on January 26, 1861 and died in Paris on August 19, 1932, belongin...

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Luis María Anson Oliart


Writer, essayist and Spanish journalist, born in Madrid on February 8, 1935. Since very young he/she...

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Laura Antonelli


Italian film actress born on November 28, 1941 in Pola (Italy; today Pula, Croatia). His real name i...

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Leonardo Antonelli


Cardinal, Bishop of Velletti and of Ostia, Dean of the Sacred College; He/She was born in 1720 and d...

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Lucio Antonio

(s. I a.C.)

Younger brother of the Triumvir Marco Antonio, lived for 45 years before J.C. Was named the Asian Gl...

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Louis Aparicio


Baseball player Venezuelan, born in Maracaibo on April 29, 1936, who held the record of parties in t...

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Lucio Aproniano

(s. IV)

Prefect of Rome in the year 339. One of the acts of his administration was the rigor that deployed a...

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Lucio Apronio

(s. I)

Roman Consul of the year 8. He/She served at the orders of Drusus against the rebel regions of Panno...

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Luis Aprosio


Augustinian, critic and bibliographer in Italian, also known with the name of the father of Vintimil...

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Lucio Apuleyo de Madaura


Rhetorical and Roman writer, born at Madaura, near the current Algiers, towards the 125 and died to ...

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Luis Aquin


French organist, was born in 1698 and died in 1772; it deployed an extraordinary talent at a young a...

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Louis Aragon


Louis Aragon.Poet, Narrator, essayist, journalist and French translator, born in Paris on October 3...

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Luz Aragón

(s. XIX)

Writer and Spanish religious of the 19th century, of whose life and work are not known other data th...

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Luis Aragonés


Luis AragonesSpanish footballer and football manager, born on July 28, 1938 in Hortaleza, Madrid, a...

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Lucrecia Arana


Singer Spanish tiple-contralto, born in Haro (La Rioja) on November 23, 1871 and died in Madrid on M...

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Luis. Arana y Goiri


Basque nationalist politician and, along with his brother Sabino Arana, first theoretician of rising...

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Luis Aranda


Spanish musician, born in Granada. It was maestro di cappella in the Cathedral of his home town in t...

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Luis Ángel Arango


Lawyer and Colombian financial, was born in Medellín in 1903 and died in Santa Fe de Bogotá on Jan...

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Luis Araquistain y Quevedo


Spanish politician and writer. He/She was born in Bárcena de Pie de Concha (Santander) and died in ...

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Luis Araújo Costa


Lawyer, writer and Spanish journalist born in Madrid on October 25, 1885 and died in the same city o...

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Loipa Araújo


Dancer and Cuban ballet teacher, born in Havana in 1943. He/She studied at the school of Ballet soci...

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Licenciado Juan Arce y Solórzano

(s. XVII)

He was born in Madrid. He/She wrote in verse Evangelical history of the life and death of Christ; Tr...

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Luis Esteban Arcere


French historian and priest of the oratory that was born in 1698 and died in 1782. He/She was Profes...

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Luis Miguel Arconada


Spanish goalkeeper, born in San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa) in 1954. He/She started in the quarry of the...

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Luis Arduini


Italian agronomist who was born in Padua in 1759 and died in 1833. He/She was a Professor of rural e...

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Luis María Argaña Ferraro


Paraguayan politician, Chancellor, Vice President of the Republic and leader of the movement of reco...

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Leonardo Argüello


Physician, writer and Nicaraguan politician born in León (Nicaragua) in 1875 and died on 15 Decembe...

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Lippa Ariosta

(s. XIV)

Manceba de Obizzon, Marquis and Ferrara; He/She worked as such rule over it, which finally got to re...

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Ludovico Ariosto


Italian poet who was born in Reggio Emilia on September 8, 1474 and died in Ferrara in 1533.His fath...

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Luis de Armagnac


Duke of Nemours. French captain, son of Santiago of Armagnac , who accompanied Carlos VIII on the co...

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Luis de Armiñán Odriozola


Journalist, politician and Spanish writer born in Madrid in 1899 and died in the same city in 1987.H...

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Lance Armstrong


Armstrong with the leader's Jersey of the Tour on the Champs-Élysées [Paris, 2003].American profe...

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Louis Armstrong


Louis Armstrong.Born with the century, in 1900 - while others give the date July 4, 1898 and 1901-,...

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Luciano Emilio Arnault


French dramatic author, was born in Versailles in 1787. Dedicated initially to the administrative ca...

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Ludwig Achim von Arnim


By this name, it is known the German writer Karl Ludwig Friedrich Joachim von Arnim, born in Berlin ...

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Luis Arpajon


The 17TH century French General, died in 1679. He/She attended thirty-two cities taking, and submitt...

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Luis. Marqués de Arpajon


French General, grandson of the Duke Luis Arpajon, who was born in 1736. He/She distinguished himsel...

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Lorenzo Arrazola y García


Politician and Spanish jurist, born in the town of Czech (Guadalajara) on August 10, 1795, and died ...

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Luis Arribas Castro


Catalan disc jockey of the 1960s, known by the nickname of Mr Don Pollo, born in Barcelona in 1934 a...

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León de Arroyal


Writer born in Gandia (Valencia) and died in Madrid. Author of the politico-economic letters to the ...

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Lorenzo de Arvieux


French traveler, born in Marseille in 1635 and died in 1702. He/She stayed for twelve years in lift ...

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