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Mercedes Abad


Spanish Narrator, born in Barcelona in 1961.He became known as a writer in the mid-1980s, when his c...

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Manuel Abad y Queypo


Spanish Bishop, born in Villapedre (Asturias) in 1751 and died in Santa María de la Sisla (Toledo) ...

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Miguel Abadía y Méndez


Writer and Colombian politician, born in Piedras, Tolima on June 5, 1867, and died in La Unión, Cun...

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Miguel Abaffi


Prince of Transylvania, who was born at the beginning of the 17TH century and died in Weisemburgo in...

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Magdalena Abakanovicz


Polish sculptor born in Falenty in 1930. Its multiple parts, which combine metals with textile techn...

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Martín Abarca de Bolea y Castro

(s. XVI)

Spanish poet. Several poetic works published, include Las Lágrimas of San Pedro, Orlando El Enamora...

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María Abarca

(s. XVII)

Amateur painter who lived in Madrid in the middle of the 17TH century and stood out in the realizati...

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Mahmud Abbás

(1935 -VVVV)

Lawyer and Palestinian politician, born on March 26, 1935 in Safed, Galilee. He/She was President (r...

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Mauricio Abbot


Director of the East India Company, died in 1640. In 1618 he/she took an active part in the conclusi...

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Movaffik Eddin Abd El Lathyf Abdallatif


Philosopher and Arab physician, who was born in Baghdad in 1162 and died in 1231. He/She studied sci...

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Mohammed Addinawari Abdallh Ebn Moslem Ebn Koteybah


Arab historian, who was born in Baghdad in 828 and died in 890. A genealogical history of the Arabs ...

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Muley. Sultán de Marruecos Abdelaziz


Sultan of Morocco (1894-1908), of true name Abd al - Azwz ibn al - Hasan, born on February 18, 1878 ...

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Muhammad Ben Ahmed Abdelghani


Military and Algerian politician, Prime Minister of Algeria (1979-1984), born in Oran (Algeria), on ...

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Mohamed Ibn Abu-Bakerus o Abdelmelek Ibn-Thophilus


Physician, Grammarian, poet, philologist, jurist and Hispanic, natural Arabic historian of Guadix (G...

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Manuel Abella


Spanish historian, born in Pedrola, Zaragoza, in 1753. He/She studied in the pious schools in Zarago...

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Manuel Abella


Filipino Patriot, born in Catanuan (province of Tayabas, Luzon) in 1828 and died in Bagumbayan (Mani...

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Manuel Abello


Colombian statesman, born in 1812 and died in 1872. Natural state of Magdalena, was distinguished fo...

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Mariatto Abertinelli


Painter of the Florentine school, died to 1512. He/She was a disciple of Cosme Rosegli, and went thr...

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Moshood Abiola


Entrepreneur and Nigerian politician, born in Abekouta (Ogun) on August 24, 1937 and died on July 7,...

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Miguel Abod-Artai


Hungarian scholar, died in 1776. He/She studied philology in Holland, and was until his death, Profe...

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Maximiliano Abos

(1650 -1698)

Bearn sailor, Knight of Malta, brother of Gabriel Abos. Both defended the port of Nio in 1698 with f...

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Marqués de Abrantes


Portuguese noble, born in 1784 and died in 1827. He/She served in the Royal Guard and became close f...

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Mercedes Abrego de Reyes


Heroine of the independence of Colombia. He/She was born in Cúcuta to the year 1750. He/She died th...

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Mario Abreu


Venezuelan painter born on 22 August 1919 in the small town of Turmero, (Aragua State), and fallecii...

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Manuel Abril


Journalist, critic, poet and playwright, born in Madrid. He/She is the author of two books of poems:...

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Mirza Abu Taleb Khan


Indian traveller, who was born in Lucknow in 1752 and died in Calcutta in 1806. After serving in the...

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Mirza Abul-Hasan-Khan


Diplomat and Persian traveller, who was born in Chiraz by the year 1774, and died in Tehran about 18...

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Magdalena Acciajuoli Salvetti

(s. XVI)

End of 16th century Florentine poet. He/She left two volumes of Tuscan ruins, and a poem without con...

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María Josefa Acevedo de Gómez


Poet and writer Colombian, born in Bogotá and died in Pasca (Cundinamarca). Author of historical na...

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Manuel Acevedo


Spanish painter, born in Madrid in 1744 and died in 1800. He/She was a disciple of José Lope, but e...

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Miguel [dibujante paraguayo] Acevedo


Journalist and Paraguayan artist, born in Asunción in 1889 and died in the same city in 1915. Self-...

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Miguel [militar venezolano] Acevedo

(1870- ?)

Prominent military Venezuela army in the war of independence and the Federal war, founder of the fed...

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Manuel María de Acevedo y Pola


Lawyer Spanish born in 1769 and died in 1840, brother of general Vicente Acevedo.It was political ch...

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Mariano Acha


Argentine military. He/She fought alongside Lavalle against President Dorrego, and then roses. He/Sh...

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Marcel Achard


Playwright, journalist, screenwriter and French film director, born in Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon (Rhone D...

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Mario Acilio Glabrio

(s. II a.C.)

Famous Roman of the Acilia family, who lived in the 2nd century b.c. In the year 563 of the Roman ca...

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Miguelina Acosta Cárdenas


One of the first Peruvian women who had a complete university education. Through his intense journal...

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Manuel María de los Santos Acosta Castillo


Doctor and Colombian liberal politician, born on November 1, 1827 in Miraflores (Boyaca) and died on...

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Miguel Acosta Saignes


Essayist, anthropologist, historian, journalist, politician and educator Venezuelan, born in St. Cas...

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Miguel de Acuña de Mendoza

(s. XVII)

Portuguese writer born in Lisbon, who lived at the beginning of the 17TH century. He/She wrote sever...

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Manuel Acuña


Mexican romantic poet, born in Saltillo (Coahuila) in 1849 and died in the city of Mexico on Decembe...

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Manuel Acuña y Malvar

( 1757-1845)

Religious and Spanish politician, born in San Martino de Salcedo (Pontevedra) April 16, 1757 and die...

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Mahomed-Ibn-Mura Ad-Demiri


Arabic naturist apedillado Kemalu 'ddin (complement of the faith) and known also with the name of Ab...

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Marqués de Ivrea Adalberto


Marquis of Ivrea, father of Berenguer II, King of Italy, died in the 925. The marquisate, which comp...

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Mac Adams


British photographer born in Wales in 1943. Despite starting his studies of art in their homeland - ...

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Martín Adán


Peruvian writer, literary pseudonym of Rafael de source Benavides....

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Michel Adanson


Botanical and French traveler, descended from a Scottish family, born in Provence in 1727 and died i...

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Marvin Lee Aday


American singer, most known com Meat Loaf (Cacho meat), born in Texas in 1948. He/She grew up in a f...

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Miguel Adelburner


Mathematician and German physician, born in 1702 and died in 1779. In 1743 he/she was appointed Prof...

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Man Mohan Adhikari


Nepalese politician, Prime Minister between 1994 and 1995, born in 1920 in Lazimpat (Kathmandu) and ...

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muchachos Adios

(Película, 1987)

Franco-German-Italian film of the year 1987. Original title: Au revoir, les enfants.ArgumentIn a Fre...

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Max Adler


Philosopher and Austrian sociologist born in Vienna in 1873 and died in his hometown in 1937. He/She...

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Mortimer Jerome Adler


American philosopher, born in New York on December 28, 1902 and died on June 28, 2001. He/She studie...

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Marcello Adriani


Florentine noble, probably born in 1553 and died in 1604; He/She taught poetry and rhetoric in their...

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Marcello Virgilio Adriani


Professor of poetics and rhetoric and Chancellor of the Republic of Florence; He/She was born in 146...

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Miguel Affillan


French musician who died at Versailles in 1708. Wrote a book that had great acceptance, whose title ...

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Mateo Afflitto


Italian Juriconsulto, was born in Naples for years of 1448 and died in 1524. He/She was Professor of...

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Maria Gaetana Agnesi


Ingeborg, philosopher and mathematical, which formed part of the Institute of Bologna. Maria Gaetana...

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Marcela Agoncillo


Philippine revolutionary, born in Taal on June 24, 1860 (other sources indicate the year 1859) died ...

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Miguel Agosti


Spanish agronomist, who was born in Banyoles, near Girona in 1560 and died in 1630. He/She served wi...

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Marie d' o Stern Daniel Agoult


French intellectual, Countess of Flavigny, also called Daniel Stern. He/She was born in Frankfurt, w...

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Marco Federico Agrate

(s. XV)

Italian sculptor, lived at the end of the 15th century. His masterpiece is the famous marble statue ...

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Matías Agricio

(s. XVI)

Prussian writer, author of a praise of the Aurora, printed in Trier in 1588. It seeks to aurora is t...

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Martin Agricola


Composer and theoretician German, born in Swiebodzin (today Poland) January 6, 1486 and died in Magd...

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Miguel Agrícola


Finnish theologian born in Pernaga at the beginning of the sixteenth century and died in Kuolomajarv...

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Marco Julio Agripa

(12 a.C.-?)

Son of Marcus Vespasian Agrippa, and brother of Gaius, was born the year 12 BC and was adopted by Au...

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Marco Vespasiano Agripa

(63-12 a.C.)

Politician and Roman military; He/She was born in the year 63 BC and died in 12 BC in Campania. Of m...

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Menenio Agripa

(s. VI a.C.)

Roman Consul in 503 BC, born at uncertain date; it beat the Samnites and Sabines, and first received...

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Miguel Aguayo

(s. XVI)

Spanish Franciscan friar, who lived at the end of the 16th century. Cites a work yours entitled of s...

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Martín Agüero Ereño


Bullfighter Spanish, born in Bilbao on February 3, 1902, and died in his hometown on June 10, 1977.A...

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Manuel Aguiar y Acuña


17TH century Spanish military. He/She distinguished himself in the insurrections of Catalonia and Po...

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Miguel Águila


Spanish painter, died in 1736. His paintings are painted in the style of Murillo, have good color an...

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Manuel Aguilar Chávez


Poet, Narrator, journalist and Salvadoran politician, born in San Salvador on March 20, 1913, and di...

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Manuel Aguilar Chacón


Costa Rican politician, born in San José on August 12, 1797 and died on June 6, 1846. He/She was Pr...

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Marcos de Aguilar


Spanish administrator. Mayor of Santo Domingo, joined with Ponce de León Mexico in 1526, and to his...

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Marià Aguiló i Fuster


Poet and Spanish scholar born in Palma de Mallorca on May 16, 1825 and died in Barcelona on June 6, ...

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Marcos Aguinis Krutiansky


Narrator, essayist, physician and Argentine psychoanalyst, born in Córdoba in 1935. Came to be know...

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Manuel Francisco Aguirre Araya


Medical and Chilean military, born in Pocuro, los Andes Department, in 1857 and died also in the And...

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Manuel Aguirre


Military Spanish, born in Munguia (Vizcaya), in 1748. It was an officer of the Bourbon Cavalry Regim...

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Manuel Agustín Aguirre


Poet, essayist and Ecuadorian politician, born in Loja in 1904 and died in Quito in 1992. Cultivator...

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