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Mercedes Agulló y Cobo


Documentary filmmaker and Spanish historian, born in 1927 in Madrid. His research and professional a...

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Miguel Agustí


Prelate and naturalist Spanish, born in Banyoles (Girona) in 1560 and died in Perpignan (France) in ...

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Matthieu Allersmeyer


German baritone; He/She was born in Cologne on June 29, 1896 and died in Partenkirchen on 23 July 19...

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Mahmud Ahmadineyad


Iranian politician, born in Aradan, Semnan province, on October 28, 1956. President of the Republic ...

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Martti Ahtisaari


Finnish politician, born June 23, 1937 in Viborg, town in the province of Karelia annexed in 1944 by...

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Mohammed Farah Aidid


Military and somali politician, born in 1934 in the region of Belet Uen (Somaliland) and died on Aug...

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Marqués de Aigrefeuille


French aristocrat, who was born in Montpellier in 1745 and died in 1818. It was a very close friend,...

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Maximiliano Manuel Ainmuler


Painter on glass and porcelain; born in Munich in 1807. Restored stained glass windows of the Cathed...

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Martin [padre] Akakia


French physician, who was born in Châlons-sur-Marne at the end of the 15th century, and died in 155...

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Martin [hijo] Akakia


French physician son of Akakia, who was born in 1539 and died in 1588. Mistakenly attributed you a w...

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Marcos Akenside


Physician and English poet, who was born in 1721 and died in 1770. Yield public lessons of Anatomy i...

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Mohamed Omar Akhund


Supreme Leader of the taliban, Muslim ultra-Orthodox faction, and head of the Afghan rebel Governmen...

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María Alacoque


Famous visionary French, who was born in 1647 and died in 1690. He/She took novice habit in the conv...

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Marie-Claire Alain


French organist, born in Saint-Germain-en-Laye on August 10, 1926 and died on February 26, 2013. Com...

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Marco Antonio Alaino


Italian physician, who was born in 1590 and died in 1662. He/She served great in Palermo during the ...

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Manuel o Paco Pica Poco Álamo Alonso


Spanish writer, born in Seville in 1967 and died in Madrid in 1924, best known for his unique litera...

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Moisés Alashkar

(siglos XV-XVI)

African Rabbi, who lived at the end of the fifteenth century and beginning of the 16th. He/She left ...

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Moisés Alatino

(s. XVI)

Medical Jew, born in Spoleto (Italy), who lived at the end of the 16th century. The comments of Gale...

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Miguel Ricardo de Álava y Esquivel


Spanish General, born in Vitoria on 7 February 1771 and died in the resort of Barèges (France) on 1...

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María Albareda de Canessa


Of Spanish origin, he/she was born in Cuba, but his family soon settled in Montevideo (Uruguay). He/...

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Moisés Albelda

(s. XVI)

Greek Rabbi, who lived in the second half of the 16th century in Salonika, where he/she was head of ...

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Martin Albert


German physician born in Nuremberg in 1682 and died in Halle in 1757. He/She first studied theology ...

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Manuel Maximino Alberti


Natural, Argentinean priest of Buenos Aires, born in 1763 and died in 1811. He/She was priest of San...

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Mariotto de Bagio Albertinelli


Florentine painter, disciple of Cosme Roselli, who was born in 1470 and died in 1520. He/She painted...

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Margrave de Brandeburgo Alberto I


German Prince, Duke of Saxony and margrave of Brandenburg, born in 1106 and died 19 November 1170 in...

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Margrave de Brandeburgo Alberto II


Margrave of Brandenburg, who died in 1221. He/She succeeded his brother Otón II in 1206. He/She wan...

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Margrave de Brandeburgo Alberto III


Called the Achilles and Ulysses, margrave of Brandenburg, who was born in 1414 and died in 1486. It ...

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Mardgrave de Turingia Alberto


Called the denatured, Palatine of Saxony, that his father happened to Henry in the mardgraviato of T...

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Martín de Albiz


Spanish religious, born in 1573 in Soria and died at Alcalá de Henares in 1633. First he/she profes...

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Maso degli Albizzi


Italian politician born in Florence in 1343 and died in his hometown of October 2, 1417. As founder ...

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Marietta Alboni


Famous Italian singer, who was born in Cesena, in the Romania in 1824. He/She studied in Bologna wit...

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Michele Alboreto


Pilot Formula 1 Italian, born in Milan on December 22, 1956, and died in Lausitzring (Germany) on 25...

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Madeleine Albright


Nationalized US policy, born in 1937 in Prague (Czechoslovakia, today Czech Republic). His real name...

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Manuel de Albuerne

(s. XIX)

Official and Spanish politician, of which the data concerning the place and date of birth and death ...

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Matías de Albuquerque


Captain and base military engineer, born in Olinda (Pernambuco, Brazil) in 1590 and died in Lisbon o...

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Matías Alburquerque


Portuguese General. He/She took an active part in the revolution which separated the Portugal from S...

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Manuel Alcántara


Poet and Spanish journalist, born on January 10, 1928 in Malaga. Luca de Tena, Mariano Cavia and Gon...

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Mariana Alcázar


Actress and Spanish dramatic author, born in Valencia in 1739 and died in Madrid in 1797. He/She mov...

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Miguel Alcega

(s. XIX)

Spanish military, of which the data concerning the place and date of birth and death are unknown.He ...

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Martín de Alcolea

(ca. 1760-ca. 1784)

Spanish, Madrid, Platero documented between 1760 and 1784. His main and most well known works are th...

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Manuel Alcorlo Barrero


Painter, engraver and Spanish Illustrator, born in Madrid in 1935. He/She studied at the school of A...

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Miguel Aldama


Cuban politician, born in Santiago in 1821 and died in New York in 1888, which was one of the most p...

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Mark Alexándrovich Aldanov


Narrator, essayist and Russian scientist of Ukrainian origin, born in Kiev in 1889 and died in Nice ...

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Manuel de Alday y Aspée


Prelate of the Catholic Church born in 1712 in Concepción (Chile) and died in Santiago in 1789. He/...

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Marco Antonio Aldegati

(s. XV)

Natural, Italian poet of Mantua, and Professor in Ravenna for the years from 1483. He/She left sever...

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Manuel Aldunate Avaria


Chilean architect, born in Santiago in 1822 and died in the same city in 1904. In 1857 he/she was ap...

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María Elena Aldunate


Partner, Chilean writer in several publications and librettist of radio. He/She is the author of the...

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Marcos Antonio Alegre de Casanate


Spanish Carmelite born in Tarazona, in 1590, and died in 1658. He/She preferred to live retired to i...

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Manuel Alegre


Portuguese poet, exiled in Paris in 1964 by his disagreements with the Salazar regime, and subsequen...

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Margarita Aleixandre


Actress, Director, and Spanish film producer born in León on July 3, 1923. Of French descent, via h...

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Manuel Alejandro


Composer of huge success and great production, Spanish born in Jerez de la Frontera in 1935 with the...

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Mateo Alemán

(1547- ca.1615)

Cover of 'The life of the rogue Guzmán de Alfarache'.Spanish writer, born in Seville, in the Colle...

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Miguel Alemán Valdés


Lawyer and Mexican politician, born in Sayula in 1900 and died in the city of Mexico in 1983. He/She...

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Mateo Pedro Aleso


Painter and sculptor Roman, disciple of Miguel Ángel. He/She spent most of his life in Spain and di...

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Mohamed-Ben-Ketyr Alfergani

(s. IX)

The 9th century Arab astronomer. It was one of those who reviewed the tables of Ptolemy and also wro...

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María Luisa Algarra


Writer and Spanish journalist, born in Barcelona on January 23, 1916, and died in Mexico in 1957.Lif...

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Mohamed o Alimuddin Alí Muddín

(siglo XVIII)

Sultan of Sulu archipelago, born on this island at the beginning of the 18th century and died in dat...

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Muhammad o Cassius Clay Alí


Cassius Clay, better known as Muhammad Ali.American boxer, born on January 17, 1942 in Louisville (...

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Mustafá-Ben-Amed-Ben-Abdelmollah Ali


Famous Turkish historian, born in Gallipoli in 1542 and died in 1599. He/She entered the body of jan...

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Miguel Angel Aliprandi

(s. XVI)

The 16th century Italian painter, disciple of Paul Veronese. There are pictures and cool his very de...

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Mohamed-Ibn-Nuza-Abujafar Alkhowarezmi

(s. IX)

Arabic mathematician, born in khorasan (Jurasan). He/She lived at the beginning of the 9th century. ...

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Mohamed-Ibn-Mohamed Alkodhai

(s. XIII-1308)

Arabe-hispano writer, born in Estepona in the 13th century and died in 1308. He/She was Professor of...

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Maité Allamand


Chilean writer, author of several books of short stories, among them things of field (1935), old hea...

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Maude Allan


Canadian dancer, born in Toronto on August 27, 1883 and died in Los Angeles on October 7, 1956, also...

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Marie Allard


French dancer, born in Marseille on 14 August 1742 and died in Paris on January 14, 1802, whose son ...

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María Gay Allart


French Ingeborg, born in 1750 and died in 1821. Knowing several languages, he/she translated several...

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Magdalena Allegranti

(s. XIX)

Famous Italian singer, dead at the beginning of the 19th century. He/She made his first outing in Ve...

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Marc Allégret


Director of Swiss cinema, born in Basel (Switzerland), on December 22, 1900, and died in Paris on No...

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Mark Allen


American athlete, born in 1958 in Glendale, California (United States). In the beginning was lifegua...

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Manuel Allendesalazar y Muñoz


Spanish politician, born in Guernica (Vizcaya) on 24 August 1856 and died in Madrid on March 13, 192...

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Merzak Allouache


Director of Algerian cinema, born in 1944 in Algiers. Trained at the Institut National du Cinéma of...

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Moslema-Ibn-Amed Almadjeritti


Mathematician and astronomer Arab, named Abulcacim and Madjeritt, today Madrid native. He/She died a...

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Martín Almagro Basch


Archaeologist and Spanish historian, born in Tramacastilla (Teruel) on April 17, 1911 and died in Ma...

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Manuel Almagro de la Vega


Anthropologist and Cuban writer born in Matanzas on October 8, 1834 and died in Havana on October 23...

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Melchor Almagro Sanmartín


Diplomat, historian, writer, journalist, novelist, author of short stories and literary critic. He/S...

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Manuel Almeida


Portuguese Jesuit, born at Viseo in 1580 and died in Goa in 1646. He/She was the provincial of his o...

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Manuel Antônio de Almeida


Brazilian novelist, born in Rio de Janeiro in 1831 and died in the wreck of the steam to Hermes, whi...

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Miguel Almendro


Famous banderillero Spanish, born in Carmona (Sevilla) on December 4, 1859, and desperate died in th...

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Marc Almond


1963-born British pop singer. His real name is Peter Marc Almond.Almond began his career in the worl...

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Martín Almonte


Italian painter, born in Naples in 1657 and died in 1745. He/She lived in the Court of Juan Sobiesky...

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