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Otto Abetz


German politician, born in Schwetzingen in 1903 and died in Längenfeld in 1958, as a result of an a...

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Obispo de Amida Acacio


Bishop of Amida on the Tigris, for 420 years. He/She sold the sacred vessels to rescue seven thousan...

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Obispo de Cesarea Acacio

(¿-366 d.C.)

Bishop of Caesarea (Palestine), nicknamed el Tuerto (monophthalmus), born somewhere in the current A...

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Obispo de Perea Acacio


Bishop of Perea, in Syria. He/She was a friend of San Epifanio, who addressed a letter urging him to...

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Olga Acevedo


Chilean poet, author of books such as the edges of the mountain (1927), seven words (1929), the rose...

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Otto Ackermann


Romanian Orchestra conductor, nationalized Swiss, born in Bucharest on October 18, 1909, and died on...

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Olof Acrel


Olof Acrel, father of Swedish surgery.Swedish surgeon, born in the outskirts of Stockholm in 1717 a...

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Obispo de Ávila Ademaro

(s. XIII)

Bishop of Ávila, of the order of Santo Domingo. He/She was sent by the King D. Alonso el Sabio with...

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Obispo de Metz Adhemar de Monteil

(s. XIV)

Bishop of Metz in the 14th century. Often handled sword in several wars with Raúl, Duke of Lorraine...

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Obispo de Puy-en-Velay Adhemar de Monteil


Bishop of Puy-en-Velay, who died in Antioch in 1098. He/She attended the Council of Clermont that ur...

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Osmín Aguirre Salinas


Military and Salvadoran politician. After overthrowing Menéndez, was temporarily President of the R...

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Otto Aicher


Benedictine monk of Salzburg, which was successively Professor of grammar, poetry, rhetoric, moral, ...

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o Viamont Diego de Álava y Beaumont

(ca. 1555-?)

Lawyer and Spanish engineer, born in Vitoria to 1555 and died in Valladolid in date unknown. He/She ...

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Obispo de Livonia Alberto


Bishop of Livonia, who was born in 1160 and died in 1230. He/She was originally from Germany and sto...

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Obispo de Lincoln Alejandro


Bishop of Lincoln, born in Blois and died the year 1147. He/She was consecrated Bishop in 1112. He/S...

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Odysseas Alepoudhelis o Elytis


Poet and essayist Greek, born in Iraklion or Candia (on the island of Crete) in 1911, and died in At...

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Onofre Almodovar

(s. XVI)

Spanish poet, born in Valencia. His works gave him a great reputation in his time, as well as also t...

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Olav Juan Alnander


Swedish antiquarian and bibliographer. He/She lived to the end of the 17TH century and early 18th. T...

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Odón Alonso


Spanish Orchestra conductor; He/She was born in La Bañeza (León) February 28, 1925 and died in Mad...

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Octaviano d' Alvimar

(s. XIX)

Painter and military French, whose life is unknown except for his participation in the emancipation ...

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Octavio Amórtegui Rojas


Writer, poet, storyteller and Colombian playwright. He/She was born on February 19, 1901 in Bogotá ...

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Onésimo Anciones


Painter, draftsman and Spanish Illustrator, born in Medina de Rioseco (Valladolid) in 1938 and died ...

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Olegario Víctor Andrade


Argentine journalist and poet. He/She was born in 1839 in Alegrete (Brazil) and died in Buenos Aires...

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Onofre Andrea

(s. XVII)

Neapolitan poet died towards 1647; He/She is considered as one of the best poets of the 17TH century...

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o de Ascalón Antíoco de Ascalona

(150-67 a.C.)

Philosopher Greek, belonging to the new Academy. The exact dates of his birth and death are unknown....

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Obispo de Tolemaida Antíoco


Bishop of Ptolemais, died in the year 408. He/She distinguished himself as a preacher and was a riva...

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Omero Antonutti


Italian actor, born in Udine on August 3, 1935, whose full name is Omero Antonutti Basilian.LifeA ca...

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Orlando Araujo


Poet, Narrator, essayist, journalist and Venezuelan Economist, born in boilers (in the State of Bari...

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Octavio Archangelo

(s. XVII)

Natural Italian poet of Catania, who lived at the beginning of the 17TH century. He/She left some Si...

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Osvaldo César Ardiles


Footballer and Argentine coach, born in Córdoba (Argentina) on August 3, 1952. In 1973 he/she was h...

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Octavio Arizmendi Posada


Lawyer and Colombian educator, born in Yarumal (Antioquia) on July 29, 1934. He/She is currently Pro...

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o di Cambio Arnolfo di Lapo


Architect and Italian sculptor; He/She was born in Colle di Val d'Elsa, near Florence, to 1240, and ...

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Oton Arntzen


Brother of Juan Enrique Arntzen, German humanist, who was born in 1703 and died in 1763; He/She was ...

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Otilia Arosemena de Tejeira


Essayist, educator and humanist Panamanian politics, born in Panama City in 1905 and died in the las...

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Otto Arosemena Gómez


Ecuadorian politician. He/She was born in 1922 in Guayaquil and died in Salinas, Ecuador on April 20...

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Olga Arratia


Chilean writer, author of plays such as the drama Cain (1940) and the great chain (1941); He/She has...

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Omar Andrés Asad


Argentine footballer, born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) on April 9, 1971, also known as El Turco. He/...

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Octavio Asinori

(s. XVI)

Italian poet, who lived in the second half of the 16th century. There is a tragedy his entitled Il T...

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Octavio Assarotti


Founder of a school of deaf-mutes in Genoa, born in this city in 1758 and died in 1829. He/She wrote...

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Obispo de Ancira Atanasio

(s. IV)

Bishop of Ancira, who lived in the second half of the 4th century. He/She attended the Council of An...

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Orazio. Marqués de Santangelo Attelis


Italian politician born in Campobasso (Naples) in 1774 and died in Civitavecchia on January 10, 1850...

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Olav Aukrust


Norwegian poet, born in Gudbrandstal in 1883 and died in Lom in 1929. By its successful use of nynor...

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Onofre Avellino


Italian painter, born in Naples in 1674 and died in Rome in 1741. He/She was a pupil of Lucas Jordá...

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Oswald Theodore Avery


Physician and American bacteriologist who identified the genetic material of the chromosomes, bacter...

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Obafemi Awolowo Chief


Nigerian politician, born in Ikenne in 1909 and died in the same city in 1987. Leader of the yoruba ...

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Orazio Bagnasco


Entrepreneur and Italian writer, born in Genoa in 1927. Although his university training allowed him...

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Octavio Balbo

(s. I a. C.)

Contemporary of Cicero and famous Roman jurist by his paternal love. Outlawed by the Triumvirs 42 BC...

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Orozimbo Barbosa Puga


Famous military chileno, born in Chillán in 1838, died in front of the troops of the army loyal to ...

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Orfila Bardesio


Uruguayan poet born in Montevideo in 1922 and died on October 14, 2009, author of the books going (1...

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Octavio G. Barreda


Writer, journalist and Mexican cultural animator born in 1896 and died in 1964. In his role as a lit...

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Obdulino Barthe


Paraguayan writer and politician. He/She was born in Encarnación (1903) and died in Buenos Aires (1...

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Otto Bartning


German architect, born in Karlsruhe in 1883 and died in Darmstadt in 1959. He/She began his training...

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Omar Hassan Ahmad al- Bashir


Military and Sudanese politician, current President of the Republic, born on 1 January 1944.With the...

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Otto Bauer


Austrian politician, born in Vienna in 1881 and died in Paris in 1938. Socialist militant since 1905...

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Osvaldo Bazil Leiva


Poet, Narrator, essayist, journalist and Dominican diplomat, born in Santo Domingo on 9 October 1884...

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Oscar Becker


German philosopher of science, was Assistant to Husserl from 1923. He/She devoted himself to the stu...

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Octavia Guichard de Belot


French Ingeborg, born in 1719 and died in 1804. His best known works are: reflections on Rousseau di...

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Olmedo Beluche V.

(ss. XX-XXI)

Essayist, journalist, sociologist, political scientist and Panamanian University Professor, born in ...

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Osvaldo Bere


German physician, natural of Frankfurt, who was born in 1742 and died in 1867. He/She taught and pra...

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Otto Julius Bierbaum


German writer, born in Grünberg in 1865 and died at Kötzschenbroda in 1910. He/She wrote all his w...

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Olavo Brás Martins dos Guimarães Bilac


It is the best known poet of the Brazilian parnasianismo, born on December 16, 1865 in Rio de Janeir...

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Osama Bin Laden


Osama bin LadenMan of business and a Muslim leader, born in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) in 1957 and died ...

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Otto Binswanger


Physician and neurologist Swiss, born in 1852 in Munsterhingen. He/She studied medicine in Switzerla...

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Olav Kristian Birkeland


Norwegian physicist born in Oslo in 1867 and died in Tokyo in 1917. He/She studied at the universiti...

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Otto Von Bismarck


German diplomat and politician. He/She was born on 1 April 1815 in Schönhausen (old Prussian), and ...

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Otis Blackwell


Composer and singer of rock 'n' roll born in 1931 in New York and died on May 6, 2002 in Nashville. ...

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Olga Blinder


Painter, draughtsman and Paraguayan recorder, representative of the American side of the social real...

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Oriol Bohigas i Guardiola


Oriol BohigasSpanish architect born in Barcelona on December 10, 1925. He/She studied at the school...

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Orlando Aníbal u Orlando Fresedo Bolaños


Salvadoran poet, born in San Salvador on August 30, 1932, and died in his hometown on March 18, 1965...

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Omar Bongo


Politically, Gabonese, President of the Republic since 1968, born December 30, 1935, in Lwai (France...

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Osvaldo Bonnet


Theatre Director, playwright, actor, essayist, and Argentine pedagogue, born on September 30, 1918 a...

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Orazio Borgianni


Italian painter, born in Rome in 1578 and died in the same city in 1616. Formed in the Mannerist tas...

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Osmond Borradaile


Director of photography, Canadian born in Winnipeg (Manitoba) on July 17, 1898 and died on 23 March ...

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Olav Borrichius


Danish wise. He/She was Professor of Philology, chemistry and botany at the University, and founder ...

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Omar Nelson Bradley


US General, born in Clark (Missouri) on February 12, 1893 and died in New York on April 8, 1981, who...

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Otokar Brezina


Pseudonym of the Czech poet Václav Ignác Jebavý, born in Pocatky (South Bohemia) and died in Jaro...

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Oleg Briansky


Dancer, teacher and artistic director Belgian, born in Brussels on November 9, 1929, son of Russian ...

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Oluf Bromel


Medical and Swedish botanist, born in 1639 and died in 1705. His most notable work is entitled: Chlo...

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Otón Brunfels

(ca. 1480-1534)

Botanical and German physician born in Mainz and died in Bern. He/She embraced the reformation of Lu...

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Odón de Buen y Del Cos


Spanish scientist, born in 1863 in Zuera (Zaragoza) and died in Mexico in 1945.He studied natural sc...

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