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Ramón D' Abadal i Vinyals


Historian and Spanish politician, born in the town of Vich (Barcelona), on 1 October of the year 188...

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Ramón Abascal Heredero


Bullfighter Venezuelan, born in Madrid (Spain) in 1937. When Ramon was nine years old, his family mo...

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Roberto Abbot


English theologian, born at Ghildford in 1560 and died in 1617. King James appointed him his chaplai...

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Rodolfo Abercromby


English General, born in Scotland in 1734 and died in Egypt in 1801. He/She participated with much s...

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Ralph David Abernathy


Pastor of the Baptist Church and leader of the civil rights movement of the black population of the ...

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rey de Judá Abiyyah

(913-911 a.C.)

(A-bi-ia-a-ma). Second King of Judah. Son and successor of Rehoboam and Mikayah (or Maakah), was abl...

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Roque Blanco Ablán


Patriot and leader Philippine guerrilla, born in Laoag (province of Ilocos Norte, Luzon) in 1906 and...

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Ramón Aboy Miranda


Puerto Rican photographer, born in Río Piedras on December 16, 1950 and died in 1986. He/She did hi...

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Ranerio Acciajuoli


Ruler of Athens in 1420; He/She was nephew of Nicolás Acciajuoli. He/She conquered Athens, Corinth,...

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Rafael Acedo y Rico


Military Spanish, born in Madrid on May 20, 1816 and died in Ciudad Real on February 17, 1891.He par...

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Ramón Aceña Durán


Poet, storyteller, playwright and Guatemalan journalist, born in Guatemala City in 1898 and died in ...

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Ramón Acha Caamaño


Puerto Rican military, Captain of artillery, and one of the protagonists of the war, Spanish-America...

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Raúl "Rovira" Acha Sanz


Bullfighter of Peruvian nationality, born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) on March 3, 1920 and died in C...

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Rogerio Acherley

(s. XVIII)

English jurist who lived in London in the first half of the 18th century. His main work is the Briti...

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Rodolfo Ackermann


Publicist and industrial Saxon, born in 1764 and died in 1834. After travelling around France and Be...

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Rosemarie Ackermann-Witschas


German, jumping athlete's height, born in 1952 in Lhosa (Germany). Until 1976 he/she competed with h...

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Rosana Acquaroni


Philologist and Spanish writer, born in Madrid in 1964. His early literary vocation led her to study...

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Roy Acuff


Violinist, singer and American composer of country music born on September 15, 1903 in Maynardsville...

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Rodrigo de. Arzobispo de Lisboa Acuña

(s. XVII)

Archbishop of Lisbon. One of the enemies more fierce which took in Portugal the Spanish domination. ...

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Rosario Acuña y Villanueva de la Iglesia


Writer, journalist, politics and Spanish Aristocrat, Countess of Acuña, born in Madrid in 1851 and ...

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Robert Adam


Distinguished Scottish architect, born in 1728 and died in 1792. After travelling some time around E...

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Robert Adamson


Scottish photographer born in Edinburgh in 1821 and died in Glasgow in 1848.Robert learned the photo...

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Robert Adamson


Scottish philosopher born in Edinburgh in 1852, and died in Glasgow in 1902. He/She was Professor of...

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Rafael Adimari

(s. XVI)

Italian historian, born in Rimini at the end of the 16th century. He/She wrote a history of his coun...

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rey de Suecia Adolfo Federico de Holstein-Gottori-Eutin


Bishop of Lübeck, and later King of Sweden, born in 1710 and died in 1771.5 April 1751 he/she was e...

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rey amorreo Aduna-Addu

(ca. 1770 a.C.)

(A-du-or-Ad-du) Amorites King of the country of Idamaraz, probably located on the eastern side of th...

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Rodrigo Mauricio Aganduru

(siglos XVI-XVII)

Spanish missionary, who lived at the end of the 16th century and early 17th century; his religious z...

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Rosa Agazzi


Educationist and Italian essayist, Volongo (Cremona)-born in 1866 and died in his hometown in 1951. ...

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Robert Agneaux

(s. XVI)

Natural, French man of letters from Normandy, who lived in the second half of the 16th century. In c...

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Rafael Agredano


Painter Spanish, born in Córdoba in 1955, who develops his artistic activities between the cities o...

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Rodolphus Agricola


Dutch philologist, dubbed in some occasion Frisian; He/She was born in Bafflo, near Groningen, 1443,...

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Raúl Agudo Freytes


Essayist, journalist and Venezuelan literary critic, born in Barquisimeto (in the State of Lara) in ...

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Rodrigo Aguiar y Acuña


Father of Manuel Aguiar and Acuña, Minister of Indias, wise jurist. He/She died in 1629. He/She wro...

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Rafael Aguilar


Dancer, choreographer and artistic director Spanish, born in Quito (Ecuador) in 1929 and died in Mad...

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Rafael Aguilar Santillán


Geographer and naturalist Mexican, born in 1863 and died in 1940. Professor of Mineralogy and geolog...

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Rafael María de Aguilar y Ponce de león


Spanish Governor of the Philippines, who died in Manila on August 8, 1806, which exerted the mandate...

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Rosa Aguina Cáceres

(ss. XX-XXI)

Essayist, historian, and Panamanian University Professor, born in the province of Chiriqui in the fi...

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Roberto Aguirre Luco


Medical and Chilean military, born in Santiago on 7 June 1871 and died in the same city on February ...

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Raúl Gustavo Aguirre


Poet, essayist, translator, literary critic and University Professor Argentine, born in Buenos Aires...

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rey de la taifa de Zaragoza Ahmed I al-Muqtadir

(ca. 1020-ca. 1082)

Taifa King of Zaragoza born about 1020 and died to 1082. His reign was the longest among the Kings o...

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Roberto Ainsworth


English Grammarian, who was born in 1660 and died in 1745. Wrote a Treaty of grammatical institution...

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Robert Grant Aitken


American astronomer born on December 31, 1864 in Jackson, California, and died on October 29, 1951 i...

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Roberto Aizenberg


Painter and Argentine cartoonist born in 1928 and died in 1996. Disciple of the surrealist painter J...

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rey arameo Akhuni

(890-855 a.C.)

Aramean King of the State of Bit Adini, with capital at Til Barsip (Tell Ahmar), successor of King A...

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rey filisteo Akish

(ca. 1012 a.C.)

(Akisha or Achis) Sovereign - or satrap - philistine, son of Ma'ok, King of Gath. He/She received in...

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Raimundo Alafont


Valencian Jesuit, Professor of rhetoric at the University of Valencia; He/She was born in 1732 and d...

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Romelia Alarcón de Folgar


Poet, Narrator and Guatemalan journalist, born in Cobán (capital of the Department of Alta Verapaz)...

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Roberto Alarcón Lobos


Writer and Chilean journalist, founder of the magazine runs fly. Wrote the novel the forbidden fruit...

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Rodiana Alberini


A poet of Parma, who was born around 1530. It is distinguished for the elegance of his Latin and Ita...

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Ramón Albert


Counselor of Jaime II of Aragon who died in Valencia in 1330....

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Rino Albertarelli


Strip cartoonist Italian, born in Cesena (Italy) on June 8, 1908, and died in Milan (Italy), on Sept...

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Rafael Alberti


Rafael Alberti.Poet and dramatist Spanish, born in el Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz) on December 1...

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Romano Alberti

(s. XVI)

Natural, Italian painter from the village of Borgo-san-Sepolcro, Secretary of the drawing Academy fo...

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rey de Bélgica Alberto II


Alberto II of BelgiumSixth King of the Belgians, third and last son of Leopold III and Queen Astrid...

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Ricardo Albius

(s. XVII)

17TH-century English Jesuit. Dedicated with preference to mathematics, and wrote a treatise of geome...

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Reinaldo Albizzi

(s. XIII)

Grandson of Pedro Albizzi, who on the death of Nicolás Uzzano disputed the sovereignty of Florence ...

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Raúl Alcalá


Mexican cyclist, born in 1964. His sporting career as a professional began at the age of eighteen ye...

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Richard Aldington


British writer. He/She was born in Portsmounth, in 1892, and died in Bruges, in 1962. Married to the...

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Robert Aldrich


Director of American cinema, Granston, Rhode Island (United States), born on August 9, 1918 and died...

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Ricardo Alegría


Essayist, anthropologist and Puerto Rican University Professor, born in San Juan in 1921 and died in...

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Roberto Alemán

(s. XVI)

Spanish sculptor, called the master Ruberto, who the Catholic monarchs ordered a Virgin with child, ...

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Rodrigo Alemán


Sculptor active in Castile in the last years of the fifteenth century and beginning of the sixteenth...

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Rafael Alers


Puerto Rican composer, born in Aguadilla on October 16, 1903 and died on 20 March 1978. He/She recei...

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Ricardo Joaquín Alfaro Jovane


Panamanian polygraph of international renown, Doctor in law and political sciences, was President of...

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Rufina Alfaro

(ca. 1799-?)

Panamanian heroin, born in Las Peñas (in the District of Los Santos) in date unknown (although, pro...

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Raúl Ricardo Alfonsín Foulkes


Argentine politician born in Chascomús (Buenos Aires) on March 12, 1927 and died in Buenos Aires on...

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Ricardo Alfonzo Rojas


Research scientist, born in the Sabana de Uchire, Anzoátegui State, Venezuela, in 1878 and died in ...

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Ruben Alfredo


Literary pseudonym of Rubén Alfredo Leitão Andresen, Portuguese writer who continued the trend of ...

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Ramiz Alia


Albanian politician, born in Shkodër on October 18, 1925 and died in Tirana, October 7, 2011. He/Sh...

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Ramón Allende Padín


Chilean physician, born in Valparaiso in 1845 and died in 1884. Considered one of the best Chilean c...

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Ricardo Allestre


English theologian, born in 1619 and died in 1684. He/She took up arms during the civil war to defen...

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René Allio


Theatrical decorator and French filmmaker, born in Marseille (France) on March 8, 1924 and died on M...

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rey hitita Alluwamnas

(ca. 1500 a.C)

(To el-lu-wan-nash) Hittite King acceded to the throne on the death of Telepinus, given that the son...

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Rafael Alonso Ochoa


Spanish actor born in Madrid, in 1920 and died in the same city, on October 24, 1998. Finished high ...

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Rodolfo Alonso


Argentine poet, born in Buenos Aires in 1934. Author of an interesting poetic production that explor...

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Ramón de Alós y de Bru

(ca. 1740-1817)

Military Spanish born in Villena (Murcia) about 1740 and died April 24, 1817 in Barcelona.Son of the...

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Richard Alston


Dancer, choreographer and artistic director British, born in Stoughton on October 30, 1948.He studie...

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Rafael Altamira y Crevea


Legal Adviser, teacher and Spanish historian, born in Alicante in 1866 and died in exile in 1951. Pr...

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Rudi Altig


German cyclist. Considered one of the best runners of their nationality of all time, began to reap s...

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Robert Altman


Director, screenwriter and film producer, born in Kansas City on February 20, 1925 and died in Los A...

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