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San Aaron


Saint who suffered martyrdom during the persecution of Domitian; his body is buried in fall-Leon, me...

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San Aaron

(s. VI)

Saint who lived at the beginning of the 6th century, in Britain, where he/she founded the first mona...

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Samuel Owon o Aba


Brother-in-law of San Esteban, and first Christian King of Hungary, elected in 1041 after having bee...

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Sani Abacha


Politician and Nigerian military, born in the State of Kanu on September 20, 1943 and died on July 8...

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Sha de Persia Abbas I


Fifth sovereign of Persia belonging to the dynasty Safawi, called the great, born January 27, 1571 a...

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Santiago Abbatucci


French General, father of Carlos Abbatucci, born in 1726 and died in 1812. He/She was one of the lea...

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Shadi Abbdessalam


Film director born in Alexandria (Egypt) on March 9, 1930 and died in Cairo in 1986.LifeAfter studyi...

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Samuel Abbot


English painter, born in 1762 and died in 1803. It applied exclusively to the painting of portraits....

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Sultán Otomano Abdul Medjid I o Abdulmecit I


Ottoman Sultan born April 25, 1823 and died on June 25, 1861. He/She was the son of sultan Mahmud II...

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Sir Frederick Augustus Abel


Chemical English inventor of the cordite, a type of explosive, born in London on July 17, 1827 and d...

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San Abelardo


Also called Adelardo and Alardo, was grandson of Carlos Martel and nephew of King Pipino the brief. ...

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San Abilio


Apostle in Egypt and the Pentapolis, in the second half of the 1st century. As well, he/she worked i...

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San Abraham


Cenobite in Syria, died in the year 472. He/She was prisoner by the Saracens to go to Egypt to visit...

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Shalom Jaaqov o Mendele Mokher Sefarim Abramowich

(ca. 1835-1917)

Narrator and Russian essayist of Jewish origin, born in Kopyl (in Minsk, Belarus) around 1835 (his v...

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Sultán de Granada Abu al-Hassan Ali


Real name Abu Al - Hassan Ali Ibn Nasr, twentieth Nasrid sultan of Granada (1464-1482, 1483-1485). H...

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Salah Abu Seyf


Film director, born in Cairo (Egypt) on May 10, 1915 and died in that same city in June 1996.LifeFig...

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San Abundio


Cordovan priest, martyred in the year 854. He/She studied in Córdoba, a city in which was ordered p...

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Santiago Accaisi


Italian scholar born in Bologna; He/She was Professor of rhetoric at Mantua, and died as Bishop of V...

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Salvatore Accardo


Italian violinist, born in Turin on September 26, 1941. He/She studied with Lugi d'Ambrosio at the N...

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Sebastián Fabián Acernus


The Latinized name of Polish Klonowicz. Latin and Polish, poet named the Ovid sarnata, born in the P...

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Septimio Acindino

(s. IV)

Roman Consul by the 340 years after J.C. being Governor of Antioquia, made to fire a man who did not...

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Soledad Acosta de Samper


Colombian writer, born on May 5, 1833 and died on March 17, 1913 in Santafe de Bogota. He/She studie...

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San Adalberto

(ca. 956-997)

Bishop of Prague, born about the year 956 in Libice (Bohemia) and died in 997. Son of Slacnik, came ...

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Santiago Adam


German printmaker who lived in Vienna in late 18th century and early 19th. Among his best works are ...

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Serafín Adame


Journalist and Spanish writer born in Madrid in 1901 and died in the same city on January 4, 1979. I...

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Samuel Adams


Samuel Adams.American politician, born in Boston (Massachusetts) September 27, 1722 and died in his...

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Santa Adela

(s. XI)

Princess and religious Italian, born in the middle of the 11th century. The death of the Prince of S...

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Santa. Emperatriz del Sacro Imperio Adelaida


Daughter of the King of Burgundy, Rodolfo II, born towards the year 940. Very young he/she married a...

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Santiago Adlung


Organist of the Lutheran Church of Erpurt, born in 1699 and died in 1762. A guide to musical science...

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San Adolfo

(s. XIII)

Bishop of Osnabrück, Westphalia, from 1202 to 1222. He/She founded several charitable institutions....

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San Adon


Archbishop of Vienna in the Dauphiné, chronicler and sacred, born in the 799 and died in the 875. H...

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St. Aethelwold

(ca. 908- ca. 984)

Writer and translator English, born in Winchester towards the year 908 and died in lathe to the 984....

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Sexto Afranio Burro


Roman general, tutor of Nero, whose perverse character contained for some time, aided by Seneca; but...

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Sesto Julio Africano


Griego-cristiano historian; born in Emmaus, Palestine, in the middle of the second century, and died...

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Salomón Agilgon


Rabbi, died in the 1728. He/She was successively head of the synagogue in Amsterdam and London. He/S...

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Spiro Theodor Agnew


American politician, born in Baltimore, on November 9, 1918. He/She was the son of an owner of a res...

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Shemuel Yosef Agnon


Jewish writer born in Buczac (Polish Galicia) in 1888 and died in Tel-Aviv (Israel) in the 1970s, wh...

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Sofonisba Agnosciola


Famous Italian painter, who was born in Cremona in the middle of the 16th century, and died in 1620....

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Silvano Agosti


Director of Italian cinema, born in Brescia on March 23, 1938.Life.Perhaps it was one of his most au...

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Sor Teresa Agramunt


Religious of Santo Domingo, Valencia-born 4 August 1664. Manuscript left a book of nuns who died in ...

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Sebastián Ágreda


Military and Bolivian politician born in Potosi in 1791 and died in La Paz in 1872. Joined the troop...

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Sor María de Jesús de Ágreda


Spanish religious and mystical writer, declared Venerable by Clement X. He/She was born and died in ...

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santa Águeda


Virgin and martyr Sicilian, born in Catania to the 230 and about died in 251, in the same city. Prom...

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Sergi Aguilar


Spanish sculptor, born in Barcelona in 1946. Between 1962 and 1967 he/she studied at the Massana sch...

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sor Vicenta Rita Aguilar


Religious agustina, born in Valencia in April 23, 1716. He/She left manuscripts several notebooks an...

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Sebastián Aguirre del Pozo


Poet and playwright, born in Calatayud, around 1590. His work is collected in a miscellany entitled ...

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Severo Aguirre


Spanish jurist. Born in Soria around 1768 and died in Zaragoza to 1803. He/She was Professor of law ...

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Sor Margarita Agulló


Religious Franciscan, born in Játiva in 1536, enjoyed fame of sanctity. By order of their confessor...

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San Agustín de Canterbury


Holy regarded as the Apostle of England. The date of his birth is unknown and it is believed that he...

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San Agustín de Hipona


San Agustín.Called by some the first modern man and the last old wise, San Agustín was the genius...

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Schad-Duri-Duran Ahmad-Sahah


Founder of the Afghan monarchy or Empire Durani; He/She was born by the years of 1724, between the H...

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San. Obispo de Lindisfarne Aidán


Ecclesiastical and English Saint born in date and place unknown and died 31 August 651 at Bamhoraugh...

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San Aidano


Monk, Apostle and Irish Bishop in the first half of the 7th century. Aidano embraces the religious l...

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Salvatore Aiello


Dancer, choreographer, teacher of ballet, and American director, born in Herkimer, New York (New Yor...

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Sir George Biddel Airy


Geophysical and English astronomer, born in 1801 and died in 1892. Proposed a model isostatic for th...

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Sebastián Ajello


Famous Neapolitan physician of you sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. He/She published in 1575 a r...

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Serguéi Timoféyevich Aksakov


Russian novelist, born in Ufa in 1791, and died in Moscow in 1859. He/She was a writer of late vocat...

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Sebastián Alarcón


Director of Chilean cinema, born in Santiago de Chile in 1949. He/She has worked in his country, Fra...

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Sealtiel Alatriste


Mexican Narrator, born in Mexico City in 1949. Author of a brilliant narrative production characteri...

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Sermena Alba


Spanish writer of the 19th century, possibly born in Catalonia, of which further details are not kno...

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Santiago Alba y Bonifaz


Spanish politician, born in Zamora on December 24, 1872 and died in 1949. He/She was Secretary in th...

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San Albano

(s. IV)

First martyr of England, called the proto-martyr par excellence. He/She received a secular education...

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Salomón Alberti


Anatomic German, who was born in Namburgo in 1540 and died in Dresden in 1600. He/She was Professor ...

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San. Príncipe Obispo de Lieja Alberto I


Prince Bishop of Liège, who died in 1192. He/She was the son of Godofredo the bouncy, Duke of Braba...

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San Alberto Magno


San Alberto Magno.German theologian and philosopher. Known as Bollstadt Alberto or Cologne and San ...

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San Alberto


Religious Italian, born in Sicily, entered the order of Carmelites and was canonized by Sixto IV in ...

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Sigismundo Albicus


Archbishop of Prague, who died in 1427. He/She had studied medicine and was Venceslao IV in Bohemia,...

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Santa Albina

(s. III)

Christian Virgin born in Forni who was martyred at Caesarea at the time of the Emperor Decius. His f...

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San Diego de Alcalá


Friar, Franciscan, born in Sevilla and famous for his virtue, who died in 1463, and was canonized by...

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Sebastián Alcántara

(s. XVI)

Spanish stonemason from the 16th century. He/She was a disciple of Siloé Diego. He/She worked at th...

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Simón de Alcazaba Sotomayor


Explorer and Portuguese Governor of the date and place of birth are unknown and who died in 1535, in...

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Santiago Alcobé Noguer


Writer and Spanish anthropologist born and died in Barcelona. He/She studied medicine and natural sc...

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sor Mariana Alcoforado


Religious Portuguese Franciscan, known under the pseudonym of a religious Portuguese, which was born...

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Santa Aldegunda


Princess of the family of the Kings of France born in 630 Hainaut and died in 684 in a convent of nu...

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St. Aldhelm

(ca. 639-709)

English writer, born about the year 639 and died in the year 709.Educated under the tutelage of Theo...

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Silvestre Aldobrandini


Jurist born in Florence in 1499, and died in Rome, in 1558. It was from a famous family of Tuscany w...

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San Aldrico


French, originally from a German family, prelate died in the 836. He/She spent his early years in th...

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San. Patriarca de Alejandría Alejandro


Patriarch of Alexandria, who died in the 326. He/She gathered a Council of all the Bishops of Egypt,...

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Sulpicio Alejandro

(s. IV)

French or franco of the 4th century historian. He/She wrote a story in that it portrays the nation o...

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San Alejo

(ca. 350-?)

Italian Saint born in Rome around the year 350 A.d. and died in date unknown.A member of a noble and...

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