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Samuel Alexander


English neo-realist philosopher. He/She was born in Sydney (Australia). He/She taught for some time ...

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San Alfonso María de Ligorio


Aristocrat and Catholic theologian, born in Naples in 1696 and died, already nonagenarian, in 1787. ...

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Samuel-Ben-Isaac Algazi

(s. XVI)

Rabbi of the sixteenth century, native of Condia. It is the author of several works, including a tit...

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Sergio Algora


Poet and Spanish musician, born in Zaragoza in 1969 and died on July 9, 2008. He/She broke into the ...

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Sahim Ali


Indian zoologist. He/She was born and died in Bombay. He/She studied economy and Zoology, and specia...

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Salvador Allende Gossens


Chilean politician, leader of the Socialist Party, he/she also co-founded in 1933. He/She was Presid...

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Sara Allgood


American actress, born on October 15, 1879 in Dublin (Ireland) and died on September 13, 1950 in Woo...

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Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema


British painter of Dutch origin. He/She was born in Dronrijp, Leeuwarden, in 1836 and died in Wiesba...

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Sebastián de Almonacid

(s. XV-XVI)

Spanish sculptor. He/She lived in late 15th century and early 16th. In 1500, he/she made statues for...

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San Alonso Rodríguez


Spanish Jesuit, born in Segovia in the year 1531 and died in Palma de Mallorca in 1617. Their parent...

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Sidney Altman


Chemical Canadian, born in Montreal in 1939. Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded the in 1989 along ...

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Salvador Alvarado


Political and military Mexican, Culiacan (Sinaloa)-born in 1897 and died in Tabasco in 1924.In 1910 ...

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Sebastián. Alvarado y Alvear


Was born in Burgos; He/She was Professor of rhetoric and published in Burgos a paraphrase of Dido to...

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Serafín Álvarez Quintero

(1871-1938) y Joaquín

Spanish comediografos born in Utrera (Seville) and deceased in Madrid. Serafin (1871-1938) and Joaqu...

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Santiago Álvarez


Director of Cuban cinema, born in Havana (Cuba) on May 8, 1919 and died on May 20, 1998 at the hospi...

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Santiago Álvarez


Revolutionary and Philippine independence military, born in Imus (Cavite, Luzon) on July 25, 1872 an...

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San Álvaro de Córdoba


Spanish Saint born in the Córdoba Caliphate of the 9th century, also known by the name of Paulo Ál...

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Sancho Alvear

(s. XVI)

Spanish historian, author of the genealogy of the Kings of Navarre, who wrote for the years of 1520 ...

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san Amable

(s. V)

Healing of Riom, Auvergne in the fifth century and patron of the town. They have had great power ove...

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Saray Amador Hernández


Narrator and Costa Rican publicist, born in 1945 in San José. He/She grew up during his childhood i...

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Sixtino Amama

(s. XVI-1629)

Protestant theologian, was born in West Friesland in the mid-16th century, and died in 1629. He/She ...

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San. Obispo de Burdeos Amando

(s. V)

Bishop of Bordeaux, which happened at the headquarters to San Dolphin year 402 or 403. That church w...

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San. Obispo de Tongres Amando


Bishop of Tongres in Belgium; He/She was born in 594 and died in 684. In the 7th century the mission...

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San Ambrosio de Sena


Italian religious, was born in the castle of the Sansedoni, in the Italian town of Sena, in the year...

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San Ambrosio


It is considered one of the most important Latin Church fathers. Born in Trier, in the bosom of a fa...

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Santa Amelia


Belgian Nun from the 7th century. Amelia, also known as Amelberga, was the niece of Pepin the elder....

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Santiago Amengual Balbontín


Military chileno, known as the one-armed man. He/She was born in Quillota in 1815 and died in 1898. ...

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Santiago Amersfoordt


Dutch philologist, who was born in Amsterdam in 1786 and died in 1824. He/She was one of the founder...

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Samir Amin


Egyptian Economist born in Cairo in 1931, which has stood by its struggle for development in the cou...

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Sir Kingsley William Amis


British writer, novelist, poet, literary critic, and Professor. Born in London on April 16, 1922, an...

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Scipione Ammirato


Italian historian, who was born in Lecce in 1531 and died in Florence in 1601. After an adventurous ...

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Samuel Ampzing

(s. XVII)

Dutch poet, who lived in the first half of the seventeenth century; It was Protestant pastor in Harl...

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Samuel Amsler


Swiss engraver. He/She was born in 1791 and died in 1849. He/She was a Professor of the Academy of f...

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Shelomoh An-Ski


See Samuel Rapaport....

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Santa Ana María Taigi


Woman of great patience, always accompanied her husband to the entertainment and theatre. He/She bor...

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Santa. Ana


Mother of the Virgin María. San Epifanio is the first father of the Church, which mentions his name...

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Santa Anastasia


Martyr of Christian faith, pupil and disciple of Saint Crisógono; was burned alive in 304 by order ...

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San Anatolio


Bishop of Laodicea, mathematician, and theologian born in Alexandria in the year 230, with preferenc...

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Santiago Francisco Ancelot


French dramatic author born in Le Havre in 1794. His works are notable: Warbeck; Luis IX; the warden...

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Simón de Anda y Salazar


Oidor of the Royal audience of Manila, captain general and Spanish Governor-General of the Philippin...

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Sherwood Anderson


American novelist, born in Camden (Ohio) in 1876 and died in Colon (Panama) in 1941. He/She belonged...

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Sophie Anderson


French painter, née Sophie Gengembre, wife of the English painter Walter Anderson, born in 1823 and...

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Salomon August Andrée


Explorer and Swedish aeronautical engineer, born on October 18, 1854 in Gränna (Sweden) and died in...

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San Andrés Avelino


Teatino regular clergyman, who was born in Naples in 1521 and died in 1608. Practiced the profession...

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San Andres-Huberto


French priest, founder of the Institute of daughters, María. Andrés-Huberto Fournet born in the Fr...

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San Andrés Apóstol


Apostle and Holy, named in the list of the twelve, according to Matthew and Lucas, in second place a...

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Stefan Andres


German writer, born in Breitwies in 1906 and died in Rome, 1970. Son of a family of Millers, Stefan ...

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Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen


Portuguese poet, born in Porto on November 6, 1919 and died in Lisbon on July 2, 2004, which is cons...

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Salvador Andreu i Grau


Salvador Andreu GrauPharmacist, entrepreneur and philanthropist Spanish, born in Barcelona in 1841 ...

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San Anfiloco


Bishop of Icona, native of Cappadocia. He/She became notable for his zeal against the Arians and oth...

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santa Ángela de la Cruz


Religious Spanish founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of la Cruz. Born in Seville on January ...

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Santa Ángela de Merici


Italian nun born in Desenzano. He/She traveled to the Holy Land, and on his return, he/she founded t...

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Sabino Angelo


Also called Angelo Gnaeus Quirino Sabino, born probably in Corese in date unknown and perhaps died i...

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San. Obispo de Orleans Aniano


Bishop of Orléans, died in 453. He/She asked relief Aecio against Attila, which was forced to lift ...

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San. Arzobispo de Colonia Annón o Anno

(ca. 1010-1075)

Archbishop of Cologne and Saint of the Catholic Church, born in Swabia (Germany) towards 1010 and di...

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San Ansberto


Bishop of Rouen; He/She was born in the first half of the 7th century, and died in 698. He/She atten...

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San Anscario


Pious male, usually called the Apostle of the North; He/She was born in Picardy in 801 and died in 8...

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San Anselmo de Canterbury


Philosopher and theologian Italian, San Anselmo was highest aspiration is to harmonize faith and rea...

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San Anselmo


Bishop of Luca, born at the beginning of the 11th century and died in 1086. Having wanted to reduce ...

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Shloime Ansky


Shloime Ansky is the pseudonym used by Solomon Seinwil Rapoport. Poet, writer of short stories and a...

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Susan Brownell Anthony


American feminist, born February 15, 1820 in Adams (Massachusetts). It was, along with Elizabeth Cad...

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San Antíoco

(s. II)

Doctor, Saint and martyr, who lived in the time of the Emperor Adriano; natural age of Mauritania; H...

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san Antipas

(s. I)

Martyr of Pergamon during the reign of Domitian; was burned alive inside a bronze ox; in revelation ...

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Simón Antoni Paván


Politician, political scientist, and Venezuelan lawyer, born in Carúpano, Sucre State, on May 29, 1...

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Sor Antonia María de Oviedo


Writer and 19th-century Spanish nun, born on March 16, 1822 and died in place and date ignored. He/S...

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Silvio Antoniano


Cardinal and Italian poet, born in Rome in 1540 and died in the same city in 1603. At age 16 he/she ...

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San Antonino


Archbishop of Florence and Catholic moralist. He/She was born in Florence in 1389 and died in Montug...

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San Antonio Abad


Founder of the Christian monastic movement, known as St. Anton the hermit. He/She was born in Coma, ...

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San Antonio de Padua


Franciscan Saint of Portuguese origin, priest and doctor of the Church, born in Lisbon on 15 August ...

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San Antonio María Claret


Spanish religious, Sallent (Barcelona)-born 23 December 1807 and died at Fontfroide in 1870. Coming ...

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San Antonio María Zaccaria


Italian religious, who was born in Cremona (Lombardy) in 1502, and died in the same city in 1539. He...

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San Antonio


Martyr of Wilna in 1328, convicted with his brother Juan Olgar, Grand Duke of Lithuania, in punishme...

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Santiago Antúnez de Mayolo


Engineer and scientist Peruvian, born in the village of Aija (Ancash) on January 10, 1887, and died ...

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Said Aouita


Saïd Aouita, Olympic champion in 5,000 m [Los Angeles, 1984].Moroccan athlete born on November 2, ...

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San. Obispo de Rávena Apolinar

(s. IV)

First bishop of Ravenna. The date of his birth is unknown, and it is believed that he/she died towar...

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San. Obispo de Valenciennes Apolinar


Bishop of Valenciennes, alongside the Rhone; He/She attended the two Councils, and ruled his diocese...

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Santa Apolonia


Virgin and martyr of the Egyptian city of Alexandria in the 3rd century, who was in charge in the Ch...

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Sebastián Aponte


Spanish sculptor, whose age is not known exactly; his hand is the Medina del Campo church choir stal...

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Samuel Apostoul


Dutch Anabaptist theologian, was born in 1538 and died at the beginning of the 18th century. Their d...

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Sebastián Aquilano


Italian, natural doctor of Achilles and Professor at the University of Padua; He/She died in 1513 le...

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