Biographies that begin by the letter: T Approximately 862 results

Tomas Abaisi

(s. XV)

Modena sculptor who lived in the mid-15th century. In 1451 he/she made several statues of wood for t...

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Thomas Abbt


German man of letters, born in Ulm in 1738 and died in Buckebourg in 1766.He studied theology at the...

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Tunku Abdul Rahman


Malaysian politician born on February 8, 1903 in Alor Star (Kedak) and died on 6 December 1990 in Ku...

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Tomás Abigton


English historian, father of Guillermo Abigton, born in the County of Surrey in 1560 and died in 164...

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Tiberio. Emperador de Bizancio Absimario


A mercenary who became emperor of Byzantium in the year 698. Sent with a squadron against the Sarace...

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Teodoro Abucara

(s. VI)

Bishop of Haran, disciple of San Juan Damasceno; became notable for the year 770 by his writings aga...

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Trinidad Aceves y Laredo

(s. XIX)

Spanish dramatist of the 19th century, of which only other biographical data that those referred to ...

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Tomás Joaquín Acosta y Pérez de Guzmán


Historian, geologist and Colombian military engineer, generally known as Joaquín Acosta. He/She was...

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Theo Adam


Low German, born in Dresden on August 1, 1926. He/She began his musical studies in the choir of the ...

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Teodorico Adamaeus


German philologist, born about 1470 and died in 1540. The following works are known: Christiani orbi...

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Tom Adams


Barbados politician, President of Government between 1976 and 1985, born on September 24, 1931 in Sp...

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Tomás Adams


Lord Mayor of London in 1645, known for their adherence to Carlos I. During the exile of this King s...

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Teodoro Adelgiso

(s. IX)

Prince of Benevento. He/She succeeded his brother Radelgario in 854. He/She fought against the Sarac...

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Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno


Philosopher, sociologist and German musicologist, born in Frankfurt and died in Brig (Switzerland). ...

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Tomás Affichard


French man of letters, born in 1698 and died in 1753. He/She wrote pieces for several Paris theatres...

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Tadeo Agezio

(s. XVI)

Physician and astronomer of the Emperor Maximiliano in the 16th century. He/She was the first who wr...

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Tomás Aguiar

(médico español del s. XVII)

Spanish doctor, Professor of the University of Alcala, who lived in the 17TH century. He/She wrote a...

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Tomás de Aguiar

(pintor español del s. XVII)

Spanish painter, who lived in Madrid in the middle of the 17TH century. He/She was a pupil of Velazq...

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Tomás Aguiló


Novelist, poet and pianist, born in Palma de Mallorca. His works include the novels of historical am...

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Teresa Agustín


Spanish writer, born in 1962 in Teruel. Dedicated from an early age to the cultivation of literature...

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Torcuato de Airear


Argentine politician. He/She was Mayor of Buenos Aires....

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Tatiana Álamos


Chilean artist, born in Cachinal de la Sierra (Antofagasta) on January 6, 1938, author of works in d...

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Tótila Albert Schneider


Chilean sculptor, born in Santiago on November 20, 1892 and died in his hometown on September 27, 19...

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Tomaso Albinoni


Italian composer born in Venice from June 14, 1671, and died in the same city January 17, 1751.LifeS...

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Tito Albucio

(s. I)

Epicurean philosopher who lived in Rome in the first century of ours was. So he/she devoted to Greek...

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Tito Cayo Albucio

(s. I)

Famous rhetorical and Roman orator, who was born in Novara in the time of Augustus. He/She was mayor...

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Theo Alcántara


Spanish Orchestra conductor, born in Cuenca on April 16, 1941. His early studies were made at the Ro...

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Terencio Alciati


Jesuit and Roman theologian. It was very appreciated by Pope Urban VIII that promised the Cardinal's...

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Tomás Alcock


British surgeon, who was born in 1784 and died in 1893. Among his works, deserves special mention th...

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Tomasa Aldana

(s. XVII)

Lover of King Felipe IV of Spain. It was Lady of the Queen and King had a son who became Bishop of O...

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Tallec Alderoti


Practical physician, who was born in Florence in 1213 and died in 1295. His popularity was injured w...

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Trinitat Aldrich I Pagès


Spanish poet, born in Vullpellach (Girona) on November 4, 1863, and died in La Bisbal d' Empordà (G...

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Tiberio Alejandro

(s. I)

Prefect of Judea in the year 46 of our era. He/She did crucify Santiago and Simon, sons of Judas the...

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Tomás Alfaro Calatrava


Venezuelan poet, born in El Chaparro in 1922 and died in Barcelona (Venezuela) in 1953. Author of a ...

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Tomás Alghisi


Florentine surgeon, born in 1669 and died in 1713. He/She acquired a great reputation as an operator...

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Tariq Alí


British writer of Pakistani origin, born in Lahore in 1944, whose essays and narrative work advocate...

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Thierri Alix


Lorenes historian, born in 1534 and died in 1597. He/She left several manuscript works, such as: Tre...

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Tomás Allan


Scottish mineralogist, born in Edinburgh in 1777 and died in 1833. He/She visited the Dauphiné, the...

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Thomas Allen


English baritone, born in Seaham Harbour (Durham) on 10 September 1944. After studying singing and o...

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Teodoro Almeida


Religious of the Congregation of the oratory, scholar, critic and naturalist. He/She was born in Lis...

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Teodoro van Almeloveen


Physician and Dutch Publisher, born in 1657 and died in 1712. He/She was Professor of Greek literatu...

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Teodora Alonso


Filipina heroine, born in Manila on November 9, 1827 and died in the same city on August 16, 1911. F...

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Thomas Jonathan Jackson Altizer


Philosopher and American theologian born on September 28, 1927 in Cambridge (Massachusetts). He/She ...

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Theo Altmeyer


German tenor born in Eschweiler (Aachen) on May 16, 1931. He/She studied in Cologne and started his ...

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Tulio Álvarez de Lugo


Pioneer of cinema in Venezuela and photographer, born in San Esteban, Carabobo State, Venezuela, on ...

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Tomás Álvarez

(s. XVI)

Medical Spanish, natural of Seville, who commissioned the King of Portugal, don Sebastián, monitor ...

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Tomás Álvarez


Spanish baritone born in Madrid on January 24, 1926, and died in Madrid, Spain on June 18, 2004. Int...

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Tarsila do Amaral


Brazilian painter born in Fazenda São Bernardo, municipality of Capivari (Sao Paulo), on September ...

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Teseo Ambrosio


Italian orientalist who was born in 1469 and died in 1539. Leo X commissioned him to publicly teach ...

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Tito Flaviano Ampio

(s. I)

Roman consular character, who lived to the year 70. During the war between Vitellius and Vespasian, ...

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Teodoro de Anasagasti


Spanish architect, born in 1880 and died in 1935. He/She studied at the school of architecture of Ma...

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Tomás Manuel de Anchorena


Argentine politician. He/She was Secretary of Belgrano and Minister in the first Government of roses...

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Tomás Andrés de Gusseme

(s. XVIII)

Numismatic 18th-century Spanish, Member of the Academy of history and the fine letters in Seville. H...

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Theo Angelopoulos


Director, screenwriter and film producer Greek born in Athens (Greece) on April 17, 1935 and died on...

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Teodoro Ankarcrona


Swedish Admiral, who was born in 1687 and died in 1750. It served initially to the Dutch company of ...

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Tomás de Añorbe y Corregel


Poet and playwright natural in Madrid, was Chaplain of Felipe V. His poetic compositions are collect...

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Tomás Aparici


Spanish theologian, was born in Valencia in 1700 and died in 1771. His works have the title: virtue ...

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Timoteo Aparicio


Military Uruguayan born in 1814 and died in 1882. He/She led the revolution of the lances of 1870.On...

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Tirano de Casandra Apolodoro

(s. III a. C.)

Cassandra tyrant, famous for his cruelty; He/She lived in the 3rd century b.c. conspired to conquer ...

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Toribio Ara y Cáceres


Peruvian politician. He/She was born in Tacna in the year 1750. His parents were the chieftain of Ta...

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Tulia Aragon


Famous Neapolitan poet, born in 1515 and died in 1565. It was the natural daughter of the Archbishop...

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Telesforo de Aranzadi Unamuno


Spanish naturalist born in Vergara (Guipúzcoa) on January 4, 1860 and died in Barcelona on February...

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Tristão de Alencar Araripe Júnior


Narrator, essayist, lawyer, Brazilian literary and political critic, born in (in the State of Ceará...

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Thoinot Arbeau


Theoretician and historian of the dance and vicar general of the Diocese of Saint Hammes, born in Di...

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Thomas Archer


English architect who died in 1743. It is the only English Baroque architect who studied the baroque...

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Teodoro Ardemans


Painter and Spanish architect, born in Madrid in 1664 and died in 1726. He/She was a disciple of Cla...

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Tomás Arends


Dutch poet who was born in Amsterdam in 1652 and died in 1700. Although educated in the trade, his v...

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Tomás Arezzo


Italian cardinal who was born in Tuscany in 1756 and died in 1832. It was vice-legado in Bologna and...

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Tudor o Ion Teodorescu Arghezi


Poet and Narrator Romanian, born in Bucharest in 1880 and died in his hometown in 1967. Although his...

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Tito Aristón

(s. I-II)

Roman jurist who lived in Rome at the end of the century I and early 2nd. Pliny the younger says you...

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Thomas Augustine Arne


English violinist and composer. He/She studied at Eton College, where was prepared for Prosecutor. T...

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Tom Arnold


American actor, born on March 6, 1959 in Ottumwa (Iowa, United States).LifeThe professional beginnin...

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Trinidad Arroyo Villaverde de Márquez

(ss. XIX-XX)

PhD in medicine and Spanish writer, born in the mid-19th century and died in place and date unknown....

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Tomás Arundel


Archbishop of Canterbury, lord Chancellor, born in 1353 and died in 1413 and Yorck. He/She often res...

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Tiberio Claudio Aselo

(s. II a.C.)

Roman Knight who lived around 142 BC Scipio Africanus degraded him, by which he/she accused him late...

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Ticiano Aspetti


Sculptor and Italian founder, born in Padua in 1565 and died in 1607. He/She studied at Venice, and ...

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Tobias Michaël Carel Asser


Dutch jurist, born in Amsterdam in 1838 and died in the Hague, in 1913. Specialist in international ...

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Tito Pomponio Ático

(110 a.C.-32 a. C.)

Roman Caballero, born in the year 110 BC and died at 32 a. C. It is famous for the friendship which ...

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Tito Quincio Atta

(s. I a. C.)

Roman dramatic poet, who lived about 80 years B.c., wrote comedies of character, called comaediae to...

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Thomas Attwood


English organist and composer. He/She was a Chorister of the Chapel Royal and then continued his mus...

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